Bloop! Nene Leakes Kills Fashion Police Relaunch Appearance

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Nene Leakes on Fashion Police

The battered E series, Fashion Police, returned Monday night, with a rather delayed, but still amusing dissection of Sunday night’s, VMA awards. The show’s vibe is different, without the outrageous antics of the deceased Joan Rivers, but with the addition of guests Margaret Cho and ex Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Nene Leakes, the show was still a fun, snarky romp into the world of self-absorbed, celeb fashion choices.   

Rivers’ daughter, Melissa, has taken over as host, and while some may have found her flat, I found her deadpan humor a nice balance to Cho’s and Leakes’ hilariously outrageous commentaries. I must say…Nene KILLED this gig, and proved herself a complete natural on the Fashion Police couch. Wait, did I just say that?

While I didn’t always agree with Leakes’ fashion jabs, what I did LOVE, is that she hasn’t been brainwashed by Hollywood into spouting what she is SUPPOSED to believe looks fabulous.  News flash, Fashion Police crew…Rihanna doesn’t look to-die-for in ripped up cutoffs and a fishnet bikini top, just because she IS RihannaNene even had the guts to “bye Felicia” the almost always flawless style of media darling, Taylor Swift, for her hideous sequined workout inspired ensemble. GO NENE! 

If Nene is ever invited back, I hope she NEVER changes! Cho was also hilarious, and humorously jabbed at the past FP race scandal, triggered by the thirsty ex-panel member, Kelly Osbourne.  Osbourne pompously turned on E, and called foul on an innocuous jab made by cast mate, Giuliana Rancic, when commenting about a contrived fashion miscue executed about a bitter cast wannabe, Zendaya.  Cho also hysterically compared host Miley Cyrus’ minimalist Versace number to what “hookers on Venus look like.” 

Leakes pulled off the perfect balance between celebrity worship, and in-your-face common sense critique, while zeroing those eyes straight at the camera.  As the self-professed “rich bitch” always says, I don’t have to be the skinniest girl in the room, but I definitely have to be the most confident.”

Rivers played the subtle wingman, and Brad Goreski did his best, but Leakes and Cho STOLE the show. I think Rivers staying in the background was a genius, dimension-adding production move, and provided a quiet background reinvention of a show that desperately needed a revamp.  The beaten up Rancic was timid, but will likely improve, as she navigates her role minus the most annoying, British purple-head ever.  Nene Leakes gets my vote for a permanent spot on the Fashion Police Force! BLOOP!


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