Running Scared! Meghan Edmonds Too Embarrassed of Her Behavior To Blog This Week

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Jim and Meghan Edmonds made a rare appearance together on this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, and the newlywed togetherness did NOT go well. 

The couple came out of the gate bickering, and Jim appeared anything but excited to jump into a trashy night of reality drama with his new bride. Things went from bad to worse before the night was over, and Jim likely packed his St Louis tagged bags in record time, when the cameras stopped rolling. Jim heroically plunked Meghan soundly in a verbal time out, bringing blissful peace to us all. However, the evening was an epic romantic bust, and a four month old marriage was exposed as a love affair struggling for air. 

A pesky immature wife, paired with a weathered and struggling for patience husband, adds up to a partnership that appears to be fading fast. When Vicki spilled that Jim had dished to Brooks that his new marriage was challenging, more questions were raised, asking how a four month old union could appear so detached and passionless. Meghan blew their date-night big time, dragging in a partner already antsy upon arrival, into irrelevant reality theatrics. Meghan took to social media during the episode, tweeting,   

Her followers’ responses were mixed, some happy that Jim was hauled in to defend his melodramatic wife, but many were disgusted at the ongoing dog-with-a-bone argument, that Meghan forced another poor soul into.

Vicki posted her blog today, sharing her thoughts on the sex party gone wrong, leaving viewers waiting to read how Meghan would articulate her part in the tense fireworks. Sorry everyone…because Meghan is running scared on this one. 

Is Meghan just shirking away from explaining a portrayal of a stressed marriage, or is she truly intimidated by the OG of the OC?

Jim slipped, quipping, “hopefully” when the notion of a lifelong marriage with Meghan was mentioned on the way home from the sleazy event. The baseball star walked away from the tacky affair with his dignity and shirt buttons in tact, but could have revealed a glimpse of why he spends so much time out of town. I am closing with my favorite tweet…I wish I had thought if it!  What are your thoughts about the trouble in paradise tea spilled Monday night?


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