EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Nicole Cloud’s Former Assistant Spills The Tea About Her Manipulative, Scheming Ways and Dr. Darren Naugles Gay Affair

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We all know about the explosive rumor that has ROCKED the Married to Medicine cast in recent episodes. Lisa Nicole’s husband, Dr. Darren Naugles, was exposed in a gay love triangle by his former lover, Damen WayneDamen, spoke EXCLUSIVELY to AllAboutTheTEA.com about the affair. Read all about it here.

In recent Married to Medicine episodes, Lisa Nicole accused her staff of spilling family secrets to blogs and ultimately fired her entire team. Lisa Nicole maintains she does not believe that Damen Wayne slept with her husband. Instead, the doctor’s wife claims that Damen, who outed her husband’s alleged down-low affair, has dated her former “disgruntle” employee; and the alleged disgruntle employee now works for Quad. The former employee in question has been identified as, Marveale C. Williams.

Marveale is finally speaking out and wanted AllAboutTheTEA.com to EXCLUSIVELY tell his side of the story. We all know there are two sides to every story and Marveale Williams’ side is juicy!

Marveale did not hold back and spilled all the tea. Read our candid interview below.

How long did you work for Lisa Nicole and in what capacity?

Marveale: “I began working for Lisa in June 2013. I started of working with the Lisa Nicole Collection as a Fashion Administrator, then the position quickly changed once she began filming the show.  I became her secondary assistant at that point.  I worked for her ‘off and on’ for one year.”

Lisa Nicole has been quoted as referring to you as a “disgruntle” employee. How did your employment with Lisa Nicole end? Tell me your side of that story.

Marveale: “HA! Lisa may be a bit vacuous at this moment so, let me help her out. I think she should know the definition of disgruntled. Disgruntled means to be displeased and/or discontented, to show a sign of anger or to be grouchy or testy. Sorry, that is one adjective that I didn’t make room for under my belt and she knows it. It was shocking to me to hear and see her even characterize me as that type of person. But, I’m not the first person that Lisa has bad-mouthed and I won’t be the last. I quit working for Lisa on multiple occasions, each time because she either refused to correctly compensate me or she was disrespectful. The first time I left her employment was December 2013. We had a disagreement about my compensation. Our original agreement was for her to pay me a specified amount plus holiday pay. On this occasion Lisa shorted me on my regular compensation AND refused to pay me Holiday pay. After she begged, apologized and lied to say she would correct her mistake I returned to her employment.”

“The next time I quit working for Lisa was June 2014, after the taping of the reunion show for Married to Medicine Season 2 in NYC.  Again for the same reason “NO PAY, NO DAMN EMPLOYEE.” Prior to traveling to NYC with Lisa she asked me to style her and agreed to pay me both my salary and a styling fee. When I work as a stylist I have a regular day rate. Once again, she begged, apologized and lied to say she would correct her mistake so, I returned.”

Marveale C. Williams_Married to MedicineMarveale Williams (peach shirt) pictured with Lisa Nicole and team in happier times

“The final time I terminated my employment with Lisa Nicole was in July 2014 during the Essence Festival. This time it was because I was so uncomfortable being in a state of mind where I hated going to work and I hated being around someone who I knew as manipulative, scheming, untrustworthy, disrespectful and down-grading to people whom she saw as beneath her.”

“Every time I quit, Lisa made promises and made offers hoping to keep me in her employment in some capacity. After I quit the last time, she asked if I would work for her part-time, if I would style her for Season 3 of Married to Medicine, if I would help her build her brand, help her to liven up her dead interviews, etc. I declined all these offers because after one year of working for Lisa I saw her true colors. I made the decision that it was time for me to move on. That was not the place for me. I wanted to find a career that would allow me to grow, become successful and enrich my life. I really thought that when I left everything was good, on both ends.”

“As a matter of fact I left with her still owing me money. I didn’t even want to argue with her about that anymore. I just wanted to be out of the situation and to wipe the slate clean. There was no need for me to be angry at this point. I look at life as an obstacle course and working with Lisa had run its course. “So, just to be clear, Marveale has never been a disgruntled employee but, it is clear that Lisa Nicole is a disgruntled employer.”

Lisa Nicole’s husband, Dr. Darren was recently outed by Damen Wayne on an episode of Married to Medicine, as having a gay affair with him. What was your reaction to watching that episode?

Marveale: “Well, I was in the midst of the foolishness when it all exploded like an atomic bomb because the company I work for coordinated the event and my own personal company did the decor. I wasn’t around when he brought the pitcher of Lipton to Quad, but a few close friends that attended the event ran to the back to get me to inform me what was going on. I was completely shocked that that story was even being spoken of, but wanted to stay clear because I know what would have been said next if I was engaged.”

Damen Wayne expressed that he confided in you about the affair with Dr. Darren. When you first found out whom Damen was sleeping with, what was your reaction?

Marveale: “Yes, he did confide in me but it all happened so fast. I had just finish giving Lisa her breakfast and blood thinner medicine when I called him to ask what he thought about the party and to let him know Lisa was considering bringing him onto the team. Damen informed me that he met a guy at the premiere party of Married to Medicine Season 2.  I really didn’t care, but being me to keep the conversation going I asked what did he look like. He disclosed his features. At that point I had to step outside to get an ear full of answers to the questions I was going to ask next. I followed up with asking, what was the guy’s name and that’s when he informed me it was Darren. I damn near died. I had to quickly send over a family portrait of Darren, Lisa, and the kids to let him know that was Lisa’s husband. At this point I had to make a decision:

A) Tell Lisa  B) Get to know Damen more and befriend him to get deeper information C) Stay out of that shit and keep my damn job

I chose “C.” I had to let Damen know that I thought he was cool and all, but I couldn’t hang with him and work for Lisa with knowing what was allegedly going on between him and her husband.  I chose to be loyal to Lisa and stop all communication with Damen.”

Marveale C. Williams_Married to MedicineMarveale and Damen Wayne attending an event

Did you tell Lisa Nicole (at that time) since she was your employer?

Marveale: “HELL NO, I am way smarter than a 5th grader. I was not going to put myself in the position to be a part of family drama. I felt like that was Darren’s damn business and when he was ready to let the pussy out the bag (well in this case the BUSSY) he would. That was not my issue to worry about. I have never been a fan of getting in between a situation with a husband and wife, I don’t believe in breaking up happy homes or unhappy homes, whatever the case may be; even if it’s a shack with 2 bedrooms and an out-house.”

Do you know of any (PRIOR to Damen) other extra martial affairs Dr. Darren or Lisa Nicole have engaged in?

Marveale: “No I do not, but even if I did. I would never put it out there.”

Why do you think Lisa Nicole ran the background check on Quad?

Marveale: “Lisa did a background check on Quad only to have ammunition for the reunion. She has repeatedly said this to many people before even filming this season.”

Why would she think Quad would come at her? 

Marveale: “I don’t know, but Quad was just one of the few that she ran background checks on. I actually didn’t know, she got one on Quad until Quad informed me of the BS, but I definitely knew about the other women. In Lisa’s world a friend isn’t anything but a disposable tissue…. you use it for its purpose and trash it in the end.”

Do you work for Quad now and if so, how did that come about?

Marveale: “No, I do not work for Quad. I currently work for the Wells Luxury Group, which is a concierge service which offers all these special perks to elite clients. I also own a company, Maison de Haute: Style and Design Group, which focuses toward event planning, interior design, and wardrobe consulting. Is there something wrong with helping out friends these days? For everyone that says I have worked for Quad, in the name of Whitney Houston, “SHOW ME THE RECEIPTS!” because this bitch has Lisa’d me and I ain’t got my damn money! On a serious note, I am a firm believer that friends shouldn’t work for friends because you never want that friendship to be ruined over a misunderstanding in business.”

Marveale C. Williams_Married to Medicine

Lisa Nicole has accused you and Quad as scheming with Damen to take her down with the gay affair scandal. HOW do you respond to that?

Marveale: “Lisa is so busy pointing the finger at everyone else, she is confused about the real issue at hand, “BOO BOO KITTY, the man has announced he f*%@’d your husband!” And to be honest, she should be upset with herself because she introduced “Darren is a cheater,” to the world. She wanted a storyline and got one!”

Why do you think Lisa is trying to pin this on you and Quad?

Marveale: “I don’t know why Lisa is trying to pin this on me and Quad. Several of Lisa’s cast members suspected that her husband was gay. As a matter of fact, two of them had made inquiries to me about it but they haven’t spoken up. But you never know what might come out at the reunion. I guess we will just have to wait and see.”

Marveale Williams is a bright, talented and kind guy. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.


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