Sneaky Housewife! Tamra Judge Masterminds and Fuels Brooks Ayers’ Cancer Controversy

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Tamra Judge and Meghan_RHOC

A deadly disease has taken over The Real Housewives of Orange County, and I am not talking about the big ‘C.’

Brooks Ayers’ battle with the cancer is currently under scrutiny, by the cast and the viewers alike. Meghan Edmonds has been thrashing it out with Vicki Gunvalson, a childish, blurting novice, vs a defensively protective girlfriend of a dying, at-the-time soulmate. Is the real disease darkening the OC actually being inflicted by sideline manipulator, unleashing havoc, while shrewdly fading into the background?

Anyone that watches any Housewives series knows that storylines are pre-determined, at least at the beginning. It is a no brainer that Bravo’s dirty mitts are at work here. In fact, questions were raised during the first episode by Vicki herself, when she spoke of her daughter Briana’s disbelief that Brooks was ill. However, Vicki followed that up by describing Brooks’ post chemo illness, informing us that she had indeed witnessed the difficult treatment fallouts. This is where I believe that Tamra Judge took her double-dealing torch, and ran with it. 

During the second episode, we watched Tamra receive a surprise boozy phone call from Vicki, and upon the mention of Brooks’ illness, Eddie contributes a sideline, “bulls**t!” sneeze.  Tamra smirkingly shushes him, and it is quite obvious that the couple has privately determined that Brooks is a rosy-cheeked faker. Vicki’s mother dies unexpectedly, which softens Tamra and the rest of the ladies, as Vicki works through her grief, and recoups her reality mojo.

Meanwhile Tamra is cozying up to Meghan Edmonds, dubbing her a “mini-me,” and basking in the stooge potential of an immature wannabe, who sports a fat mansion-hunting budget, to boot. Tamra sneakily plants seeds of resentment in Meghan every chance she gets, spilling key tidbits of newbie oriented convos, conveniently only mentioning the gossip sessions where Vicki was present. Enter Scott Cruz. 


Scott Cruz is Tamra’s “spiritual advisor,” who amazingly predicted that her son was having a girl, slamming that 50% shot. Meghan and Heather had supposedly requested a meeting with Scott, and due to Tamra’s super cozy virtual relationship with the psychic, she sets it up. TAMRA casually slips in a question about Brooks’ cancer, and Scott drops the wishy washy disease  bombshell. 

As a side note, Scott Cruz is now booked until May, and has since launched a recording artist career on ITunes. Meghan soaks up the tea like a clueless thirsty sponge, and Tamra righteously proclaims that such scrumptious news should not be discussed, while inwardly rubbing her hands together in glee. Jump to a booty session at Cut Fitness, where SURPRISE…Tamra has randomly arranged for a birthday surprise for her dear frenemy, Brooks. Vicki is shocked at her unselfish sweetness, and for good reason. TAMRA lovingly prods Brooks about his treatment plan, and we have to endure yet another detailed cancer discussion.


TAMRA also spearheads the accusation that Vicki has no real idea of what is going on. Vicki and Brooks leave, and TAMRA instigates another debate about Brooks’ illness. Meghan bites, and blabs to Shannon about Scott’s wishy washy vibe about Brooks. TAMRA pants to share a private text from Scott, who supposedly confirms that he indeed believes Brooks’ claim to be a lie. Tamra once again passionately insists that no one repeat the tea that she is brewing non-stop. Shannon’s anxiety takes over, and she spills to Vicki what Meghan is braying about her dying lover’s case. 

Meghan gets nailed for repeating the dirt, and the juvenile ninny stupidly makes it personal, by dragging in her husband’s dying ex-wife’s sad plight. Vicki lashes back, with Tamra gently boosting Meghan’s argument in the background. This is where we sit today, with the Vicki vs Meghan feud set to continue tonight, with Tamra sitting pretty, innocently reminding everyone that SHE never said anything. Vicki tweeted in her defense when challenged over her seemingly hypocritical opinion about psychics, when she had earlier hosted a psychic reading in her home.

Vicki's tweet_RHOC

Tamra got in trouble with Bravo last season, when she publicly dished about  the network manipulation.  Bravo and Tamra certainly appear to be a renewed match made in Heaven.  Tune in tonight, as the shady maneuvers will undoubtedly roll on, in the OC.


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