RECAP: #BigBrother17 — How Big Brother Turns, Who Returned? Who Won HOH? [Episode 30]

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One houseguest evicted on Thursday. One juror returning. Who returned? Who won HOH?

We left off with the jurors and houseguests competing. The jurors were fighting for both re-entering the game and to win HOH. The current houseguests were fighting for HOH, and making sure a juror didn’t win HOH. Shelli explained how she could go from the jury house to running the BB house. Jackie says she’s back after being a casualty of the Double Eviction. She wants back in the house. Jackie also found it interesting how hard Vanessa was hanging on. She knows “for a fact” any juror who wins HOH would put her up. Vanessa it’s critical for her game to win HOH. (Or Liz and Julia) Vanessa recognizes she played a part in every jurors eviction. Steve just wants to do well. He doesn’t want Jackie to be the returning juror. Becky wants back in the house, and take out Vanessa. JMac is just happy he’s back to fight for re-entry after being evicted 10 minutes ago. Liz says even though they made a deal with JMac, she still doesn’t want him to win. Julia drops first. She says it’s humiliating, and now it’s up to Vanessa and Liz to pull out a win for “Austin’s Angels.”

Shelli wants to come back and target James. She wants vengeance because James put Clay and Shelli up, and separating them. (Really Shelli. Get over it.) Shelli describes how hard the comp is. She says it looks easy, but you spin a lot and have to hold on to the rope hard. Meg says they’ve been working with the twins for the past few weeks, but she’s not sure who she can trust. James says he doesn’t want Shelli to come back. She’ll be out for his head on a stick. Julia calls James a monkey. James says he’s top-heavy. Then he falls. He’s bummed, but he still has hope for JMac. Anyone but Vanessa and Shelli. It’s down to the 4 jurors, and Vanessa. She opens her eyes after trying not to throw up from the dizziness and realizes she has a real chance at this. She says they’ll have to pry her off. She’s staying strong even though her arms are burning and she’s dizzy. Liz is putting her faith in Vanessa. Shelli drops, and JMac earns his re-entry into the house. This isn’t a good thing for Austin and he knows it. JMac and Vanessa are the final 2. Vanessa tries to make a deal with JMac for safety. She wants a letter from her girlfriend. (She’s been HOH twice already.) JMac turns the deal down. Before the eviction, JMac and Vanessa made a deal. He can’t let the other houseguests figure out they made a deal. Liz says something like “Dr. Drill is back, and it can be dangerous.” Austin says it’s down to Vanessa and JMac. His heart is racing. He just sent JMac home. Vanessa continues to try and convince JMac to drop. JMac says he’s close to dropping. He wants HOH, but he knows either way he’s safe. He doesn’t care.  JMac finally drops, and Vanessa wins HOH. She’s elated. She wants to flip the house and re-draw lines. Liz thinks this is fantastic. The Aus-Twins and Vanessa made up. Steve is also excited because before the eviction Vanessa and Steve cleared the air about everything. James isn’t so excited. He’s unsure of where Vanessa’s head is at, and if she’ll target Meg or him.

When they go back into the house, Austin is heated about something JMac said. Something about doing what he has to do. Austin thinks it meant he’s coming after him and the twins. Liz says “she better put him up.” Liz knows JMac is coming after them. They say it makes her sick to her stomach thinking JMac could’ve won. Austin says he doesn’t even want to think about that. Julia is upset. She thinks JMac is seeking vengeance for no reason. Julia says they are terrified of JMac because they made and alliance with JMac and Steve. Then they put him on the block. They need him gone ASAP.

There’s a 2 minute segment about the twins. How they “hate” him. (JMac) One of them says she’s livid he’s back. They mock him for saying he has to do what he has to do. “Walk around awkward. Like you do all the time.” Then she stops herself and says “I’m not going to be mean.” (I think this was Liz.) Then she says thank God Vanessa won. She can’t deal with this. She says JMac hated Vanessa this entire game. Now you’re going to be so nice. “Like your done. Just don’t even unpack.”

Vanessa starts thinking game. She looks at the camera and says “I’m happy!” Then she explains how this HOH was critical for her game. Then she makes a poker reference. This gives her the opportunity to press reset, and redraw lines, so that they favor her.

James and Meg are stressing. Meg says she thinks they’re going to be ok. He doesn’t know where her heads at in the game and he doesn’t know how close she is with The Aus-Twins. James says Vanessa can switch targets. She won’t target JMac. She’ll go after Austin or one of the twins. She could come to them randomly. She’s not dumb. Meg is hoping Vanessa sees The Aus-Twins are a bigger threat. James says if they can get 1 more week, they’re doing good.

JMac and Steve are having their own little celebration. JMac says it feels awesome to be back. You evicted me, but I’m back. Sorry your plan didn’t work. You all messed up. JMac says he feels safe. Steve asks if he trusts Vanessa again. JMac says oh yeah. Steve says JMac is his friend, an ally, and he knows he can trust him. The problem is everyone now knows they’re working together. That puts a target on his back. Steve says they shouldn’t make any moves right now. JMac says he’s just going to be mopey. Steve and JMac agree to keep their distance. 

Vanessa goes to JMac and says she has to know if he really fell or did he throw it? JMac says he did fall. JMac explains earlier, Vanessa approached him with the idea of them working together if he comes back. Surprise! He’s back! Let’s do it! Let’s Go! Vanessa says she loves working with Austin and the twins, but she’d be a fool not to realize she’s at the bottom of the totem pole. She needs other options. Having both Steve and JMac in the house (and available) gives her the opportunity to make a side alliance. This gives her a greater umbrella of safety in the house. They agree to keep their feud going. Vanessa says everyone thinks she’s putting him up because he didn’t take her deal.

Austin tells Vanessa he can’t believe he came right back into the house. My worst possible scenario. Vanessa plays along and says she doesn’t know why he turned down her offer. Austin brings up how JMac took a shot at them during the HOH. Vanessa says she didn’t hear it, and it doesn’t matter. She needs to do what’s best for her game. Austin says “Whatever you want. What’s best for you is going to be best for us so..” Steve just happens to be in the bathroom as they’re talking. They do a little celebration of “The Scamper Squad.” The Detonators of this season. Steve explains before the eviction, they were able to talk everything out. They made amends. He feels good about their relationship despite all the crap they’ve gone through in the past few weeks. Vanessa says she’s going to want strategic input. Steve says ok. He doesn’t want to push her. Vanessa says they’re partners. Vanessa says The Aus-Twins want her to go after JMac because he’s coming after them. She doesn’t think that’s a good move for her game. What’s best is the 3 of them. (JMac, Vanessa, Steve) She thinks they can beat The Aus-Twins in any comp. Vanessa says his opinion matters the most. Steve says ok. Her target this week is James, but she wants to make sure Austin is being completely genuine with his intentions toward her. (Going to F5 and having her back)

They do a little segment on Meg. The call her grandma. Even though she’s a healthy 25-year-old. James calls it a very precious responsibility. James says she has her bad days. Her memory slips. Her temper gets a little heated at times. Makes you realize how fragile life is, and how fast it will pass you by. Meg says the good thing about being called grandma is you can’t hate your grandma. So you can’t vote out grandma Meg.

We go through a little “Who wants to see my HOH room segment.” Everyone falls all over her pictures. Vanessa says she feels reinvigorated, and now she can go to the end. She reads her letter, and cries.

Vanessa explains to Austin and Liz what she’s thinking. She says having JMac and Steve as a pair is a layer of protection. Vanessa explains to them why it’s better for her game to target James and Meg. She says it’s not good for her game to go after JMac. Based on a conversation she had with James and Meg before the eviction she doesn’t think it’ll be a tough sell to go after them. (Flashback before eviction) Meg says she has a bad feeling about Steve. Meg says he hasn’t come to them about voting. James says he’s not sure how they should vote. Meg says Steve doesn’t care about their vote because he has The Aus-Twins. She wants to make sure they aren’t keeping Steve because he’ll do what they want. James trails off with “I love them to death but..” Vanessa now has The Aus-Twins together. Vanessa says they were trying to read her to see if they could flip her. She couldn’t let them see how close she was to The Aus-Twins, so she told them she would think about it. After that, The Aus-Twins were convinced taking out “the biggest physical threats” (James) is good for their game. Liz says after Vanessa says this, she 1 million percent doesn’t trust Meg and James. They’ve been riding on their coattails for 2 weeks. She knows if they were in power, they would have taken them out in a heartbeat. She feels completely fooled by them, and she wants them out. Vanessa says this move gets them to F5.

Liz and Austin segment. (gag me) Austin says he genuinely wants to build a relationship with Liz outside the house. They have a little HOH date. Austin says things are progressing and it’s appropriate to ask you something. Liz asks what do you want to ask me? Austin asks if she’ll be his girlfriend. Liz says that’s very respectful, and yes. Liz says she’s on cloud 9 being Austin’s official girlfriend. They get along great. Austin says she had doubts, but now he’s asked her to be his official girlfriend. He can’t have 2 girlfriends, so he better break up with his other girlfriend when he gets out. Liz says hashtag Liztin. They give eachother hugs and kisses. (I’m currently barfing)

Julia says she’s been the victim of James scares. She says it’s hard to get James, so she wants to do the next best thing. Scare Austin. She wants to hear him scream like a girl. Liz and Julia set it up. Liz and Austin get in bed. They start making out. Then Julia knocks and Austin jumps. He asks what that was. Julia pounces out of the closet and jumps on the bed. Scaring Austin is way too easy. Julia says James should sleep with 1 eye open. She’s coming after him.

Meg and James go up to HOH. Vanessa says she wants to trust Austin, but she has this doubt he hasn’t been straight forward with her. If James and Meg have info on Austin not having her back, she’s open minded to hear it out right now. Maybe she’ll change her targets. Vanessa says she wants to make big moves. She asks James and Meg if they have any information that is good for her game. They’re quiet. Vanessa changes gears. Vanessa says she was the target this past week. Meg says she didn’t know that. Meg says she knows Vanessa is trying to get info from her, but anything she tells Vanessa can come back and bite her. She’s being very careful with what she says. So, Meg plays dumb. Vanessa says they aren’t giving her any info about Austin not being truthful, so she keeps up the charade. Her target is JMac, and she’s now looking for a pawn. Vanessa tells them about JMac being a target. Asks if they’re open to being a pawn. Meg says no. James starts to say he’s ok. Then Meg shuts him down. Meg then starts to cry. Meg says put her up before James. Vanessa says James saying he’ll go up in front of Meg, and Meg is saying she’ll go up in front of James is giving her more of a reason to break them up. James offers her safety. Vanessa says he’ll have to put up one of The Aus-Twins. James says he has no problem with that. Vanessa says James told her he would put up The Aus-Twins, but he didn’t give her any info on why she should target Austin and the twins. Without that, they are her targets this week. Vanessa says the I’m doing what’s best for my game thing. They leave HOH. James says he feels good after their talk with Vanessa. There are bigger targets in the house. Right now they’re hoping they don’t go up. They think they got to Vanessa. James thinks she isn’t as close to The Aus-Twins as they think. He volunteered to do Vanessa’s dirty work. They think they’re ok.

James gets an idea. He tells Meg when he was HOH she made a deal with him. If she wins HOH before F7, he’s safe and he can give one other person safety. They aren’t sure they should bring this to her if they aren’t targets. She might put up Steve and JMac. It might piss her off. If they go up, they’ll bring the info to her.

Nomination time. Meg says she’s feeling pretty good after talking to Vanessa. There’s a possibility they can go up as pawns, but there are bigger targets in the house. She puts up Meg and James. She says in Chess she’s not afraid to go after the King, and the King is nothing without his Queen. It’s not personal. Meg is feeling played. James is the only person she can trust. She’s either going home or staying in the house without James. Austin says they are getting what they deserve. He thought he could trust them. Vanessa says she’s re-drawing the lines in her favor by making a side alliance with JMac and Steve.

Wednesday is the Veto Comp. Will James or Meg win it? More importantly, will Vanessa finally lose her last strand of sanity? Don’t forget the live 24/7 feeds!


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