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#SisterWives Stars Kody Brown and His Four Wives Use Gay Ruling in Polygamy Case

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Sister Wives

Sister Wives is set to premiere in a couple of weeks, and the Browns haven’t backed down in their pursuit to convince America that polygamy is a healthy lifestyle choice.  The Brown lawyers have apparently remained poised and ready for any chance to push their agenda, because according to recently filed court documents, the Browns are jumping on to ride the “legalized union” wave. Kody Brown, his one legal wife, Robyn, and his three other “wives” contend that legalizing same-sex marriage shows that laws prohibiting consensual adult relationships, even when unpopular, are outdated. 

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The Browns argue in court documents that the family portrayal on their TLC reality show demonstrates that polygamous marriages can be just as healthy and monogamous ones. 

“The Browns were investigated and no crimes or harm was found in their plural family,” attorney Jonathan Turley wrote in court documents filed Wednesday in front of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals. He has said the family is prepared to take the legal fight to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.

The Browns are defending a legal victory they won, when a federal judge struck down key parts of Utah’s law banning polygamy, which removed the threat of arrest for groups such as the Browns.  The ruling has been appealed by Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes. The state argues that the  courts have long upheld anti-polygamy laws, because they prevent the abuse of women and children. The Browns are not seeking full legal recognition of polygamous marriages.

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Attorneys representing the Browns are evidently jumping on any vaguely pertinent argument in order to thwart a successful appeal by Reyes. It is interesting to note that fundamentalist Mormons consider homosexuality to be a sin, so for the Browns to align themselves with the same-sex marriage ruling, could be considered an epic slap on the belief system they supposedly stand on. So what gives here?  Sister Wives premieres on September 13th.

What are your thoughts about the latest legal maneuver by the Browns?


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