VIDEO: The Queen Bee is Back! Quad Webb-Lunceford Makes a Grand Entrance with Mariah Huq

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Mariah Huq_Where_the_Hell_Have_You_Been_

The lovely ladies of Married to Medicine return tonight and tonight will be a BIG night for the Bravo series. Mariah Huq, the queen bee of the show makes her grand return tonight and the queen does not disappoint. 

Tonight’s episode is serving all kinds of drama! After months of hard work, Dr. Heavenly finally launches her dating app, “Piq.” During her release party, everyone in town stops by, including Atlanta socialite, Claudia Jordan. However, Dr. Heavenly’s husband doesn’t love the fact that her new venture will keep his wife busier than ever. 

Meanwhile, Jill throws a wild Prohibition Party but things get out of control when her husband is accused of disrespecting Dr. Heavenly. 

Also, Mariah shows up to reclaim her seat at the throne and the ladies muster up fake hello’s and hugs to welcome her back to the circle. Mariah is not impressed.

With all the drama surrounding the group, Dr. Simone decides a couples’ trip to the Bahamas will be the best way to put the fractured crew back together.


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