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EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom’s 2 Nathan Griffith FAKED Romance for Cameras: Jenelle Evans Runs Back to Ex-Boyfriend Gary Head

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Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith are officially kaput, with the cherry on the toxic sundae being Jenelle’s recent arrest for clunking Nathan’s new lady love on the noggin, with a water glass.

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Rewind a few months, and the couple sits in the spot that is being played out  now, on Teen Mom 2. We watched Jenelle have Nathan arrested for domestic violence, only to see her switch gears, and admit that NO ABUSE occurred. The couple is supposedly struggling towards a lovey reunion, and while Jenelle claims that the romance kicked back in, a source close to the couple has come forward to contradict her reported info, exclusively sharing the details with All About the Tea. 

The insider dishes that any claims of togetherness between Griffith and Evans have been a fake, and that Nathan was officially done with Jenelle when she threw him under the bogus injury bus. He kept up the romantic charade, supposedly to keep the fame train on the track.

“Nathan dumped Jenelle after she got him arrested for domestic assault in March.  Jenelle claimed they worked it out and got back together but Nathan only pretended to get back with her so he could still go to the reunion taping earlier this summer.”

Not only was Griffith finished with the reality diva, he began dating his current girlfriend, Jessica Henry, way back in May. The tipster also claims that Griffith has had his own apartment, since he was unfairly arrested in March. The messy scene occurred in front of the deafeningly silent MTV crew, who actually witnessed the non-incident,  according to Griffith. Last May, Jenelle scored her 15th mugshot, after drunkenly assaulting Nathan at this apartment, with Jessica looking on. The insider asserts that Nathan has never had any intention of marrying his former fiancee, commenting,

“Nathan hasn’t ever been faithful to Jenelle and even told his ex Bri that he was just playing his cards with Jenelle. He never had any intention of marrying her.”

Griffith continues to play both sides of the dramatic fence, blaming MTV for feeding the crazy drama, while at the same time, not writing off coming back for another season, loftily claiming that “his terms” would have to be in play. 

Meanwhile, Jenelle is appears to be moving on, and had to search no further than her past roster, to fill that always needy hole in her heart. One of her kicked around exes, Gary Head, tweeted on Friday,

Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom 2

Jenelle is in LA this weekend, to attend the VMAs.  She proudly posted her best Hollywood swag on her Instagram account. 

Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom 2

How long do you think it will be before Gary is snagged back into Jenelle’s chaotic web?  Stay tuned.


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