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#Married2Med Drama! Jill Connors and Her Hubby Dr. John Get Into a FIGHT – Jill Stabbed & Arrested

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jillconnors and hubby_Married to Med

Is there a doctor in the house?  Married to Medicine star,  Jill Connors was at home with her husband and co-star, Dr. John Connors on August 13th, when John saw some text messages from another man on her phone. 

According to a police report, John confronted his wife and threatened to take the kids, if she was cheating on him. John claimed that the confrontation triggered his petite wife to fly off the handle, and and she began striking him in the face with a spoon, and ripping his shirt off, scratching his chest. 

John asserts that Jill then switched gears, grabbed a kitchen knife, and started cutting herself in the arm and chest, screaming, “He’s cutting me!”

John called 911, and when they arrived, Jill supposedly appeared contrite, admitting that she “hit him” and “started it.” However, she did stand firm in her accusation that John did inflict her knife wounds. The police evidently didn’t believe her, because she was arrested for domestic violence, and due to the children being present, cruelty to children.

Jill Connors was arrested and booked at the Alpharetta Jail on Aug. 14 and released on Aug. 15.

Jill filed for divorce a few days later, on August 19th.


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