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Heather Thomson EXPOSED at #RHONY Reunion: What Did Luann de Lesseps See In Heather Thomson’s Room in St. Barts?

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The Real Housewives of New York is a wrap, but the three part reunion left questions hanging in the air, or perhaps kicked aside, on Bravo’s cutting room floor. 

Carole Radziwill claimed during a Watch What Happens Live appearance that Luann de Lesseps “got very ugly at the reunion…she lunged at me at one point.”  What happened to the dishy fireworks Bravo? Could this omission have anything to do with Luann spilling the dirty deets about Carole’s “word on the street” ghostwriter? A reunion insider earlier claimed that Radziwill pitched a hippy fit, demanding that the footage be edited out, after the dirt was dished. It appears that Carole won that one, for now. 

A new splash of tea was freshly spilled, when the naughty Turks and Caicos cast trip was hashed out. Luann and Carole were going at it, clashing over Carole and Heather dramatically raging unannounced into Luann’s room, after discovering a naked stranger in the room next door. The Season 5, “Johnny Depp” indiscretion was brought up, when Luann was caught on camera, fibbing about her St. Barts romp with a local “pirate.” 

Luann had enough, and WENT THERE, snapping back at Heather Thomson,

“Am I going to tell them what happened when we went inside your room?  Be quiet about the pirate, okay?”

There was a moment of stunned silence, with every camera flash revealing shocked cast expressions, with the exception of Carole, who didn’t seem to flinch. Heather responded, 

“I didn’t bring the guy home. I always live by the girl code.”

Heather and Carole were roomies on the St. Barts vacation, tucked away in a detached guest house. Carole’s overnight status was also vague during that trip, because she was spottily visiting her rocker boyfriend during the cast’s time on the island. 


So WHAT was Luann insinuating, and WHY was Carole so unfazed by the veiled accusation? Maybe we are not quite finished with these women of New York!


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