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RECAP: #BigBrother17 — The Dentist vs. The Trombonist [Episode 29]

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Eviction night is upon us once again. Johnny Mac vs. Steve. All the drama left decisions up in the air. Jurors battle it out for a chance to get back into the house, and we go home to wherever James is from and meet his “bar friends.”

Vanessa has been the target of the house for weeks. She’s not only survived, she’s controlled who goes home. Right after Veto Ceremony. JMac says the bad news is despite JMac telling Vanessa about the 5 person alliance, she doesn’t use the Veto on him. Good news. She’s pissed off at Steve. This gives him a little hope. Steve is upset Vanessa attacked him in front of the house. He feels like he needs to step away and get into a rational/calm state of mind. James and Austin agree. Awkward. James doesn’t care who goes this week. All he cares about is Meg and he are safe. “Dodged a bullet on that one!”

Austin sees Vanessa crying. (AGAIN!) Vanessa says hearing  about the 5 person alliance from JMac makes her think she may be lower on the totem pole with The Aus-twins. Vanessa wants to make sure they’re ok. So Austin, Liz and Vanessa head off to The Cabana Room and hash it out. Vanessa says she’s not mad at them. They had a reason to believe all the “lies” about her. She’s pissed off at Steve. Liz says she had all the power last week. She could’ve backdoored her. Actions speak louder than words. They should’ve come to her and asked her before believing all the “lies.” Liz says she’s trying to smooth things over with Vanessa. She could’ve been the backdoor target this week. “If it didn’t happen. It’s irrelevant right?” Vanessa is pissed she thinks Steve was her friend behind the scenes. His level of disloyalty and being phony pisses her off. Steve knocks and asks if she’s willing to talk. Vanessa rudely tells him (again) to leave her alone. Austin says if JMac thought telling Vanessa about this alliance would break up their relationship with her. Sorry man. You did nothing to help yourself.

Liz says she wants to talk to JMac. Liz wants to know why he did what he did. Austin asks what’s he thinking? He still has a chance to stay. Liz finds JMac in The Backyard. Liz says she’s heated about JMac telling Vanessa about the 5 person alliance. She has to think about the long run. He’s a jury vote, and if he stays she doesn’t want him coming after her. Liz asks JMac why he told Vanessa about the alliance. What’s he thinking? JMac says they went back on their deal when they put up JMac and Steve. Liz says she doesn’t understand why he’s saying that when he has a chance to stay. JMac says he doesn’t think he does. Everyone likes Steve. Liz says she likes JMac, but she feels like he’s going to blab his mouth everytime his back is against the wall. JMac says (DR) Hold the phone! It’s not like someone else put him on the block. Liz and Austin put him up. That’s not what a good alliance member does. As far as he’s concerned he can say whatever the hell he wants. JMac tells Liz when they put JMac and Steve on the block, it made him feel like they have a deal with James and Meg. He says it was a judgment call. Sorry. Liz (DR) says it sucks to suck JMac. You are still on the block. I’ll play nice, but I won’t forget.

JMac continues his campaigning to stay. He says if he has any chance at staying he has to get Vanessa’s vote. It takes 3 votes to stay this week. He finds her in the bedroom. Vanessa asks him what his strategy for campaigning will be? Try and get the twins votes or the other side. (James and Meg) JMac says he can go to James and Meg and say he’s mad at Vanessa and the other 3. If he wins HOH, guess who he’s going after. Vanessa says JMac thinks that she would vote with Meg and James. She’s not willing to vote against the twins. If he wants a shot at staying he needs to get the twins onboard.

Steve and Vanessa clear the air about their recent drama. Vanessa says Steve has done her so dirty in the past week. If he lies to her during this conversation, that’s it. Vanessa asks about the 5 person alliance. Steve says they talked about her. Vanessa says last week. Steve says nothing happened last week. It all went down during Austin’s HOH. Vanessa gets all up in Steve’s face about lying to her. If she finds out Steve’s still lying, he’s going home. Steve calls Vanessa an intimidating person. She’s putting him on the spot. His brain just freezes. He can’t remember things that happened 5 minutes ago. JMac comes in and Vanessa asks him when they did the 5 person alliance. JMac says last week. Steve says he’s wrong then. He’s putting pieces in his head together wrong. Vanessa says he’s being even more shady. JMac leaves to go brush his teeth. From what he can tell, Vanessa is blowing up Steve’s game right now. JMac says he’s onboard. It’s not him. Go for it! Vanessa starts crying about Steve being phony and her feelings are so hurt.

JMac heads to The Cabana Room where the twins are. Liz tells JMac they are voting with Vanessa. Liz says the twins and Vanessa have the power to send someone home. This is a huge decision. It can make or break their game. Liz asks JMac where his head is at. They want to make sure JMac isn’t coming after them. JMac says if he wins HOH, should he go after James, Meg, or a returning juror? He wants them to tell him. They think it’s better to take out the returning juror. He won’t put them (The Aus-Twins) up as pawns. JMac gets his hopes up. The twins are saying all the right things. He loves what he’s hearing. If he can get Vanessa on his side, he might stay. Liz says she has to be able to trust JMac. She’s not sure she can trust him.

Vanessa and the twins sit down and decide who they should keep. They aren’t sure getting rid of JMac is smart. He’s a floater and a bad player. Liz says her gut tells her to get out JMac. Steve proved himself during the Double Eviction. Liz says Steve wasn’t going after Vanessa until he heard all the “lies” about her, JMac however was. Julia says if Jackie comes back, Steve will be her number 1 target. Vanessa says if you keep Steve until F2, everyone will vote for him. He’s been a fan of the game forever, and the jurors will pity him. Vanessa says her gut is very confused.

Another hometown visit. This time, we go to wherever James is from and meet his bar friends. They show a little clip of James and Meg doing a little role playing. (Meg/James meeting at a bar) We meet his friend Whitney who says there’s not a lot to do, so they go to the bar a lot. Then his roommate Jason explains why he got his nickname “The Hillbilly Asian.” Whitney says people think James is a quiet guy, he’s not. We see a clip of James pulling a prank on sleeping Steve. His friend Brett says you can’t fall asleep around James. They laugh at James scaring Julia and Steve. Jason says he doesn’t think Liz is getting her kitty hat back. We meet Gizmo. James’ child. (His Cat) He takes Gizmo fishing with them. James explains to Vanessa how Gizmo goes fishing with them, and he’s a good swimmer. Vanessa asks how you teach a cat to swim. James says “Just throw his ass in the water I guess.” Whitney says James loves to watch chickflicks with her. Jason says James is one of the girls. Whitney says James is a stand up guy. He’s big hearted. He’s a great guy to hang around. Jason says he thinks James has a crush on Meg because she’s really sweet, and really pretty. He’s really into blonde girls who are taller than him. Whitney says nothing’s going to come out of the Meg/James flirtmance. Jason says he should inform Meg about his taller, better looking roommate. They think James has the best social game in the house. Jason says to win James has to be smart, and align with someone stronger than Meg. James owes him $20 bucks, so he needs to win Big Brother.

In the moments leading up to the show, the hgs were still undecided on who they should evict. Time for the speeches. JMac: Steve and (JMac) him will always be the biggest nerds in the house, but in his mind he’ll (Steve) always have rockstar status. Steve knows a lot of things about Big Brother. He doesn’t. He does know about picking up his own dishes, and gas management. Steve goes next. He says thank you to his friends and family back home, and everyone who helped him get there. He appreciates them. When he walked into the house, as Zingbot pointed out, he was a nerdy trombonist who loved his mom. Since entering the house he’s experienced a lot of firsts. (He says he gave Meg the most awkward kiss ever) He thanks the hgs for making him feel more socially confident. He appreciates their votes. If he does walk out of the house, he’ll walk out with a five o’clock shadow, and a cool new haircut. He’ll be a Semester behind on his degree, and have an experience he’ll never forget. He got claps for that speech. Voting happened. It was unanimous. JMac was evicted from the house.

JMac got a very loud welcoming from the audience. (It didn’t go unnoticed by the hgs) He’s lovable. And a Dentist. Julie asks how he’s feeling. He says he knew it was coming. Julie says when Austin won HOH, he thought he was sitting pretty. He had an alliance with them. What happened? JMac says they’re good. They have alliances with the whole house. (Julie clarified “they” meaning The Aus-Twins) JMac says what they did was amazing. Julie says in the beginning he was a loner. As the game went on, he built relationships and alliances in the house. None of them seemed to stick. Why? He couldn’t win anything. He got labeled as someone who could win comps, but he couldn’t back it up. Julie mentions he knows how to throw a comp. Julie asks if being so vocal about trying to get Vanessa out was a mistake. JMac says it’s always good to have an enemy, so people don’t think you have alliances with the whole house. Julie says in the last days of his campaigning, he was building a relationship with Vanessa. If he stayed, would he have tried to work with her? JMac says yes. He watched goodbye messages. They were all positive. JMac called Steve adorable. Julie asked if he gets back into the house who would he go after? JMac says Meg. Until James and Meg are broken up, people will keep trying to align with them.

Quick Jury House segment. Shelli and Jackie say the vibe of the Jury House is relaxing. Nothing like the BB house. They guess on who they think the next juror will be. Jackie says she’d hate one of her alliance members to come. Becky comes in, and she shows them video of the comps/nom ceremony/Eviction from the week. They were surprised it was Liz. The jurors give their strategies if they re-enter the game.

Julie introduces all the jurors. They get to battle their way back into the game. The jurors enter the house. The hgs look excited. Lots of “OH MY GODS!” (So fake.)

HOH/Juror Comp. “Dizzyland.” They are on swings. They hit the hand, and they go spinning. The goal is to hang on. The last hg standing wins HOH. The last juror standing gets back into the game. If the last hg standing is also a juror, they win HOH and get to re-enter the game.

We find out who wins HOH, and which juror re-enters the house on Sunday. Next Thursday is another Live Double Eviction. Don’t forget the live unedited 24/7 feeds! 


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