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RECAP: #BigBrother17 — IT’S BAAAACK: The Return of Zingbot [Episode 28]

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The long awaited Zingbot has returned. Well, the new and improved Zingbot. It got an upgrade. So, let’s update you before I get “Zinged.”

Right after Austin’s extremely confusing nomination speech had some mixed reactions. Austin had to put up Steve and JMac because it was least risky for his game. He says Vanessa is still on his radar. If someone uses the Veto, she may have to go up. JMac says he’s not dumb. He doesn’t feel safe.  Austin promised Steve he wouldn’t put him up with his pal JMac. Right before the nominations, Steve saw Austin and Vanessa coming down from the HOH. Steve says must have worked some magic. As a superfan, he appreciates her gameplay. She’s good.

Steve and JMac talk about targets. JMac is convinced he’s a target. Steve says he doesn’t think he is. Steve says he’s almost too amazed at Vanessa’s gameplay to be upset. JMac asks if they told him who would be going up. Steve said he knew there were a certain number of choices and they were in that mix. JMac says they won’t use it. (Veto) Steve says then let’s go win Veto. It’s what we do best.

Vanessa says it’s no secret her relationship with The Aus-Twins is strained, but Austin not putting her up is a step in the right direction. Vanessa starts thanking them for not putting her up. She blabs on about integrity, and she won’t cross them. Austin says it’s not in his best interest to let her go this week. He keeps his word. Austin says he’s just telling Vanessa what she wants to hear right now. All options are on the table until the veto comp is played. Steve comes up and they promise him safety if the noms stay the same. Steve asks who the target is? Austin says if noms stay the same JMac has to go. He’s the last person they made an alliance with. After Vanessa “scampers” off to get some sleep, Steve asks Austin if he now has no desire to put her up. Austin says if the Veto is used…then he just looks around and says it’s tough.

So they did a cute little segment on James’ continuing pranks. He got into the closet of the room Julia, Vanessa and JMac were sleeping. He knocks on the closet door. It’s dark. Julia hears it first. JMac asks where James is. Then Vanessa hears the knocking. Then James jumps out of the closet. Julia and Vanessa jump out of bed.

Time to pick players for the Veto comp. Austin, Steve, JMac, Julia, Meg, and Vanessa are picked. Steve knows he has to play for himself regardless of who he picks. JMac wants to pick Meg or Julia because they’re bad a comps and they “don’t have a lot going on upstairs.” Both Julia and Meg are chosen. After players are picked, Steve hugs Vanessa. They were tight in the beginning. He wants to start being nice to her, and he wants to rebuild his relationship with her.

Liz worries about them playing all sides of the house. He says they’re kind of forced too, and he wonders where Vanessa plays into that. He’s going to have to make a huge decision. Liz pushes for Steve and JMac to stay on the block. They need to be separated. Liz wants JMac to go home. Austin says Vanessa could still be lying. She’s just done so much. Liz says Vanessa has always been on their side. Austin brings up the past when James was going to throw BOB and Vanessa was going to put them up. Liz says that was along time ago. Liz is onto Steve and JMac. Austin just seems confused. Liz says JMac is a better target. Austin not knowing who his target is, is concerning. Julia comes in and asks if she should win it. Austin says she should fight for it. Things could get ugly.

Now the segment everyone has been waiting for 65 plus days.! Zingbot returns. Zingbot says “What’s up losers?” Then Zingbot explains it’s newly “zingle” and got an upgrade. We aren’t looking at the Zingbot 3000. We’re looking at the Zingbot 9000. Everyone’s excited. Some of the zings were pretty good. James zing was Meg is taking him somewhere very very special after the show. The friendzone. “Liz suddenly you’re less attractive, less intelligent, and less charming. Oh wait. That’s just Julia.” Steve’s was “What’s less cool than a trombonist who cries for his mommy? Nothing!” Austin’s was “Would somebody please take out the trash. It stinks in here. Oh wait. That’s just Austin.” Meg’s “Meg your New York attitude is very Sex in the City. Too bad your gameplay is more sucks in the city.” JMac’s “5 out of 5 dentists agree. The only thing less attractive than your laugh is your back hair.” JMac says Zingbot is jealous because it can’t grow back hair. It’s a piece of metal, and it’s stupid. (Enjoying JMac’s Dr’s while we can.) Vanessa’s “Vanessa you have been playing a masterful game. Assuming that game is The Crying Game.” Liz’s cut deep. “Liz you’ve become such an important part of Austin’s life. Are you more excited to meet his mom, his dad, or his girlfriend?” Austin got pissed over that one.

Right before the veto comp, Liz decides to quiz Austin on his girlfriend. (Yes folks, he had a girlfriend when he entered the house.) Liz says she knew he had a girlfriend. How does she feel? It’s not her problem. She’s single. Liz asks if he’s really been going out with her for 2 years. Austin says yes 18 months. Liz says they’re probably pretty close then. Austin says that’s when he was trying to chase her. Liz thinks that’s so unattractive. Austin says it couldn’t have come at a worse time. He’s trying to prepare for a big Veto comp that he needs to win, and this is a distraction he doesn’t need. Liz says “You stinks and I’m hooking up with a guy who has a girlfriend. Whatever.”

Time for veto comp called “Newly Zingle.” Zingbot has been spending it’s time on “Zinder.” On go the hgs have to ring the buzzer. It’s their job to tell Zingbot which 3 houseguests his potential lover resembles. When you think you know think you know, light up the 3 names. Then hit their buzzer. If they’re right the next image will appear on the screen. Whoever can get through it in the fastest time wins veto. Julia got 4:45. The only person to beat that time with 2:51 was Vanessa. Vanessa won the Veto. JMac says he’s in trouble. He has to find a way out of this. Right now, it’s looking like JMac is going to jury. Austin says Vanessa won the Veto, so there’s no backdooring her this week. He hopes he can work with her, and she doesn’t make her own decision on what to do with the Veto. It would force him to do what he doesn’t want to do. 

Vanessa and JMac hang out in the backyard. They make a little small talk. Vanessa asks him if he’s over the thing with Becky. JMac says he’s over it. Is he over the thing with Clay? Jmac repeats he’s over it. JMac says he’s alone in this game. He’s lost friend after friend. Everyone wants to keep Steve. He’s probably going home. He feels completely alone. Vanessa says she understands. She’s been alone for along time in this game. It’s not fun. JMac says they might be the biggest enemies in the house. Vanessa says in her mind, he’s never been her enemy. Vanessa says it’s ridiculous for them to keep going at eachother. Others building numbers while their dwindles. JMac says he’s dead in the water. He could use anyone, and is open to making a deal with the devil. Even if she’s not trustworthy. JMac says if they want to work together, he’s open to it. Vanessa says she doesn’t want him to go. She’ll try and get The Aus-Twins onboard. JMac agrees.

Vanessa discusses with Austin what he wants to do with the Veto. Possibilities. Vanessa brings up backdooring Meg or James. She thinks they’re dumbasses if they keep Meg and James as a duo when they can have JMac in their back pocket. Vanessa says target Meg before James. Austin says James feels for Meg like he feels for Liz. Vanessa says she doesn’t even like him. Austin says he knows how he feels. He’ll be irrational. If Jackie comes back, they’ll team up. James and Jackie together is scary. Austin says Vanessa that’s just a selfish move. Putting up Meg or James would be a disaster. Austin’s finally working close with them. If they do this now, and one of them goes then comes back from jury. They will target The Aus-Twins. Everything falls apart. Austin tells Vanessa he didn’t want to go after Meg or James this week. Vanessa backs off and says they don’t have to if he doesn’t want to.

JMac and Vanessa talk after she talks to Austin. Vanessa says her hands are tied. She breaks it to JMac: Austin asked her not to use it. If she uses it The Aus-Twins will go after her. It’s too risky for her game. Vanessa says she’s at the bottom of the totem pole. JMac says she’s at the bottom. Doesn’t matter if he goes or not. JMac tells Vanessa there was a 5 person alliance to take her out. Vanessa asks Austin, the twins, you and Steve? Jmac says yeah. JMac says his backs up against the wall. It’s not looking good. He’s trying anything he can to get the Veto used on him. He was looking for an alliance. They knew JMac was targeting her. Vanessa doesn’t understand why they flipped the script on her.

Vanessa asks Liz about the alliance. Vanessa says JMac told her there was a 5 person alliance to get her out. She asks if it’s true. Liz says no. Vanessa says it’s a total lie? Liz finally says yeah. It was Steve’s idea. He wanted to bring JMac into it. Since JMac was targeting her, bring him in and let him take her out. Vanessa says it was Steve’s idea? He orchestrated it? Liz says yes. They didn’t want to go along with it. Vanessa asks how that benefits Steve? Liz says Steve and JMac are close. They’re working together.

Vanessa says she was looking out for Steve. She realizes how fake a lot of it was. Steve sits in the bathroom where Vanessa is curling her hair. He’s banging his feet on something. Vanessa calls it annoying. Steve asks if she’s ok? Vanessa snaps and says “I’m great Steve. I’m really fu*king great.” Steve says he’s leaving her alone. Vanessa says good idea. Vanessa later pulls Steve into the HN room and asks him if he orchestrated the 5 person alliance to get her out. Steve denies it. Vanessa asks him again. Steve says no. Vanessa doesn’t believe him. She says everyone is saying he started it to take her out. He can at least have the balls to admit it. He’s now lost her vote.

Finally, Veto Ceremony time. Steve is nervous. Vanessa’s really mad. He’s worried he’s no longer a pawn. Vanessa says the only reason she’s still around is because she won the Veto. She asks Steve gives JMac and Steve to convince her why she should use the Veto on them. Steve is congratulates her. He says he’ll respect whatever she decides. JMac just gives another epically weird speech. Asking her to use the veto would be like a gazelle and tiger to hang out and not eat eachother. Don’t use the Veto on him. Vanessa says both nominees were part of a plan to take her out last week. Right after she was picked to play in the veto Steve came and gave her a hug. He told her just how happy he is she got picked to play in the Veto Comp. I bet he was more happy when she won it. She decided not to use the Veto. JMac says he’ll do whatever he can to stay in the game. If Steve has to go, he doesn’t care. Steve’s confused about what’s going on. He needs Vanessa’s vote to stay this week. If he doesn’t have her vote, he could be in a lot of trouble. Vanessa says it’s a terrible feeling to know everyone was targeting you. It’s a good feeling to play and win Veto. Then have the last laugh.

Who will go during the eviction? Steve or JMac? The 3 jurors will battle it out for a chance to get back into the game! Don’t forget the live 24/7 unedited feeds.


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