Ramona Singer Takes Josh Taekman’s Side Following Ashley Madison Leak: “I Don’t Believe Josh Has Ever Cheated on Kristen”

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What do The Real Housewives of New York’s, Ramona and Mario, and the OC’s Vicki and Don have in common with Bruce and Kris, Gwen and Gavin, Heidi and Seal, Ashton and Demi, and Jon and Kate? A matrimonial curse, jinx, or kiss of death may come to mind.

Ramona Singer recently gave an interview for ET in the wake of Josh Taekman being caught and later admitting that he had an Ashley Madison subscription. The colorful Bravo star weighed in on the naughty discovery and spilled that Josh and Kristen had recently renewed their vows, with the footage landing on Bravo’s cutting room floor.

Ramona shares about the emotional ceremony, dishing,

“They cut the scene out, but they did the most gorgeous scene at Tavern on the Green, where they celebrated their wedding anniversary and she actually put on — and I get the chills — her wedding dress from when she was married to Josh,” the reality star revealed. “And you could see the love. He just looked at her with love. So, I believe they’re really in love and I believe he really is faithful to her.”

Um, ok.  Oh that Ramona…always the reminiscing romantic!  She spouts hopeful support for the couple, commenting,

“I don’t believe Josh has ever cheated on Kristen, I see them as a really loving couple. Every couple has problems — I don’t care who you are. And I think through the show they actually worked through a lot of them problems.”

Josh claimed that he signed up for the account “foolishly and ignorantly with a group of friends.” The energy drink entrepreneur paid for 62 transactions, posing as “Mr_Big_NYC.”    

“People do silly things,” Singer said in reaction to hearing Taekman’s statement for the first time. “I can believe that Josh did something really silly.”

Shady, shifty, slippery or scummy maybe…but silly? Ramona said that she had not reached out to her reality co-star, but is confident that she will stand strong as she weathers the scandal.

“I think Kristen will be OK,” she said. “You know what, she really is a strong woman — she’ll be OK. She knows I only wish her the best.”


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