Lizzie Rovsek Calls Meghan Edmonds Out as a Fake! “Does Meghan Even Know Brooks?”

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Hello, kittens. Is it me, or are the “friends” of the Housewives often more appealing than some of the Housewives themselves? So it is with Lizzie Rovsek. After seeing her this year, I’m on a one-woman campaign to bring Lizzie back to The Real Housewives of Orange County full-time. Will I regret that decision next year, when she gets ridiculous in order to maintain a storyline? Probably. But for now, Viva la Lizzie!

She opens her blog with a sweet story about her boys. Lizzie seems like a real mom—even though she is a beauty queen, which I do not dismiss, but that title makes her a little difficult to relate to. After all, how many pageant winners do you know from your mommy coffee klatch? But when Lizzie talks about her kids, I feel her.

“I made a decision over the summer to give Preston a bonus year and enroll him in the TK program instead of sending him off to Kindergarten. He just turned five in July and I didn’t want  him to be the youngest boy in class.”

Aww! So sweet.

Now we get down to it. The party at Heather and Terry’s mansion—an unfinished monument dedicated to excess, built upon the frozen faces of former actresses and second wives desperate to hold back the hands of Father Time. Ouch, did it just get too real? Okay, let’s lighten up the mood.

Lizzie tromped through Heather’s house, hopeful that the dinner would be a fun wingding of an evening, filled with laughter, champs, and good friends. Oh Lizzie, how I cherish your naiveté. 

“The afternoon started out lovely. It was really fun touring the house that we’ve all heard so much about over the past year. Little did we know the lunch would end in fireworks?”

When have you ladies ever had a dinner that didn’t include fireworks? Come on, now.

“I’m starting to think that Meghan really likes to be in the center of drama.”

Nailed it! (Bring back Lizzie!)

Lizzie breaks down how disingenuous Meghan is, questioning Brooks’ cancer on the word of a psychic. I mean, there are so many other reasons to question Brooks’ truthfulness, the psychic shouldn’t even come into it. Am I right?

“We are arguing that a psychic said Brooks doesn’t have cancer? Is this for real? I do not think Meghan is genuinely concerned about Brooks‘ cancer… This argument seemed premeditated  to me.”

I agree with you, Lizzie, you adorable Housewife friend. She wraps up her blog by calling bullshit on Meghan and her motives.

“We can all learn from each other. I believe that when we give each other advice on certain things like raising children and relationships we can really help one another. However, this does not  seem beneficial at all.”

I love a girl who stays true to her pals. Even though Vicki and Lizzie got off to a very rocky start last year, she defended Vicki and her dumb beau, Brooks. I admire that kind of loyalty.

So, what do you think? Should Bravo dust Lizzie off and return to her the title of Housewife? Or should we simply remain good friends with our resident beauty queen? 


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