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#BigBrother17 Spoilers: Misunderstandings and Broken Alliances

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bb17-aug 26

A LOT of drama has been going down on the feeds. If I wrote it out, it would be 20 pages. Here’s a summary.

Austin wins HOH. He’s power hungry and almost immediately has HOHitis. He tells Liz he could’ve bowed out of the HOH comp, but couldn’t take the risk with James. He was also afraid of what Vanessa would do. He gets everyone’s opinion, but he knows JMac will be his target. He hints at maybe backdooring Vanessa in the beginning because he finds out about all the stuff she’s been pulling, but the twins are against that. Vanessa in the game as a bigger target is better for their game. Liz and Austin try to comfort Steve by telling him they’re trying to protect him, and he’s their guy. They don’t want to lose him. Austin is also adamant he is not breaking his deal with James and Meg. He hasn’t broken any deals yet and he’s not going to start. 

Steve gets a minute alone with Austin. They comment on Vanessa being really good. Steve says she was set on him going up before she even entered the room. Steve thanks Austin for telling him about the 6 person alliance. Steve asks if he’s automatically going up as a pawn. Austin says not necessarily.  Austin says he’s not playing her game. Austin comments about Vanessa suddenly coming up with info when they’re in power. He tells Steve Vanessa told him Steve has a F2 with JMac. Steve of course denies this. Steve says she’s showing she’s more loyal to her other alliance right now. Austin says if that alliance was real. Austin wonders why James tried so hard when they are already in an alliance. It shouldn’t have mattered. Austin feels like he just wants to be Judas and throw up Vanessa, but it’s not a good idea.

He goes back and forth about who he’s putting up as a pawn against JMac. Vanessa thinks it should be Steve because Steve is closer to JMac. She initially volunteers to be a pawn, but backtracks and says it’s not a good idea at this point. So Austin tries to make the right decision for his game. Also he decides to stick with The Goblins this week instead of JMac and Steve. This doesn’t sit well with Steve at all. After all the back and forth who’s the pawn drama, Austin finally decides on nominating Steve and JMac. Steve tried to hash it out. He said he would go up as a pawn against anyone except the 5 of them, and not JMac. When he was asked about this, Steve said if he puts Steve up with JMac it shows he has more loyalty to the Goblins. They also need a backup plan in case Vanessa wins the veto. Steve just says 1000% one of them is going up. Austin worries if he puts up Steve he won’t trust them (The Aus-Twins) anymore, and won’t work with them. 

Austin is onto Vanessa’s shady deals and he wants to know the truth. He gets Vanessa alone then asks her about the whole deal with James throwing the BOB. Vanessa finally admits yes she did know about it. Austin also asks about the 8 person alliance problem. (Who outed the 6th sense alliance) Something about Vanessa running down to Shelli then JMac walked in. Vanessa denies the entire thing. 

The twins also try to convince Austin to nominate James. The twins think James is shady, and he’s not afraid to make big moves. They don’t understand why Austin is being so loyal to the Goblins because James will put them up. Austin asks Liz if she thinks James has something to hide. Liz says yes. Austin shuts that down for the moment, but he might be a good backdoor target.

Austin nominates JMac and Steve. Austin says Steve just needs to relax. Vanessa’s crying because she’s so happy Austin didn’t nominate her. Vanessa promises she’ll keep noms the same so Austin doesn’t have to get anymore blood on his hands. JMac is the target this week. They worry (a lot) about JMac winning the veto. Best case- Meg or James win. Worst case- Jmac wins. If Steve wins they can negotiate because they have the votes to get JMac out.

Austin and Steve have a lot of random conversations. Steve thinks Vanessa worked some kind of magic on him because now he’s adamant to keep her safe. (He even told the twins if JMac/Steve/Meg or James are targeting her, they target those 4) Most of their conversations are about Austin reassuring Steve he’s good. He doesn’t have to worry. Vanessa is onboard with keeping him along with the twins. He even says he’s going to need help keeping the twins safe in the future. (Hinting he needs steve’s help) Austin rather Steve play veto for himself. Not JMac. (Because JMac’s his target)

The twins are SO over Steve. They had random conversations about Steve’s new attitude. They talked to Vanessa. That conversation was about Steve being “selfish” and “Immature” because Steve didn’t want to take one for the team. Liz had a conversation with Austin. She said he was getting too cocky, and he needs to take it down a notch. They also worry (Thanks to Vanessa) about Jmac and Steve working together.

Veto players get picked. Austin, Steve, Jmac, Meg, Vanessa, and Julia. After players are picked Austin sits up in the HOH room and wonders why no one has come up to talk to him. He says they can all still get backdoored. (Apparently kissing Austin’s ass is part of Judas week) Liz also asks if he wants to really wants to be in a 5 person alliance with Vanessa and Steve. They’ll lose. When Julia comes in they put on the pressure for her to win.

Feeds go down for Veto. (Zingbot/Morph) When they come back up- Vanessa won. Vanessa hangs out with the twins. They call Jmac fake and “wonder who should go.” Steve thinks they’re using the Veto and backdooring James. Meg is crying because she sucked at another comp. The twins say JMac. Liz tells Julia she talked to James and they’re cool now. Liz comes up a little later and asks who they want to go. The twins agree JMac needs to go.

Saturday night dramafest. Here’s a recap of the Saturday night drama with The Aus-Twins and Vanessa. (And a few others thrown in) Meg hangs out with the twins. They think JMac will go this week, and someone’s coming back. Meg talks about the next HOH. Steve will beast it. Liz says 1 million percent. Meg asks who Vanessa wants to go. The twins say JMac. Meg says it makes me want to vote Steve out. Meg tries to convince them what a huge threat Steve is. JMac and Steve have an alliance, so one of them has to go. Downstairs Austin talks to Vanessa. Vanessa wonders if she was the backdoor target. Austin says no he wanted the noms to stay the same. Vanessa wonders why Meg was crying when she won. (Veto) Austin says she probably thought James was getting backdoored. They wonder why Steve didn’t put James up during the double eviction. Something’s going on and maybe he’s playing both sides of the house. Vanessa wonders again. Was she the backdoor target? Austin says no. We put those issues to rest. No need to rehash them. Austin wants to get to the bottom of why Meg was crying. Austin brings up Becky saying Vanessa had deals with everyone in the house. Vanessa denies it. Jmac tells the twins Vanessa was crying because she thought Meg might be the backdoor plan. He said he told her no. She probably thought James was the backdoor plan. JMac leaves. The twins wonder if JMac will rat to Vanessa she was the backdoor plan even though it wasn’t. James comes up. They say again. Veto isn’t going to be used. They want Jmac gone.

Austin and Vanessa join the twins in HOH. Austin says she’s back with them 100%. James/Meg/JMac/Steve are working together. That’s why Meg was crying. She was upset you won because they were trying to flip the house. They were trying to drive a wedge between them to get Vanessa out. Liz says the other side of the house always says they want Vanessa out. Vanessa says they were trying to get Austin to put her up so they could vote her out not JMac. Austin says he went into the DR wanting her out, but changed his mind. They wonder who they should take out. Who’s the ringleader? Vanessa says they had a plan. They were going to convince Austin to put her up. They wre all going to lie and say they are keeping her. Then vote her out. Steve is working with Meg and James. (This is Vanessa’s story because Meg was crying.) Julia says she was upset she lost. Vanessa wasn’t buying it. Vanessa is convinced Steve is the ringleader and put it all together. He’s two-faced. They want to get JMac to squeal and prove to them Steve’s a liar. Austin says they still have to act cool with him even when they aren’t. They thinks they can get James and Steve to think each is squealing on eachother. Steve might be the one that needs to go. Vanessa asks about maybe getting rid of James or Steve instead? Austin says he’s going to talk to everyone and get some answers.

Vanessa tells JMac people were talking sh*t and she’s going to get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile Steve tells James Austin said he wanted to go to bed, but he was the only one who left (Vanessa, and Julia stayed) So, it looks like he’s leaving this week.

Back up in the HOH. Austin says he’s not sure what’s true. He doesn’t know if Steve’s a rat or not. Tomorrow he’s going to get to the bottom of things. He still thinks JMac or Steve going is the best bet. Sending James out would be a betrayal. They now have Vanessa, and having her will ensure they stay together. Judas is taking over tomorrow. Steve is going to squeal on James or stay on the block. Liz is scared because they’ve been making so many deals. Liz asks how he feels. Austin says he’s ok with Vanessa now. He hopes James is on the up and up. He did it to Jace..He did it to Shelli/Clay. He’s not doing it to me. He’s talking to everyone tomorrow.

James tells Meg JMac and James think they’re going home. He thinks Steve cut a deal with Vanessa to use the veto. Vanessa told Austin about you crying, and Austin told Vanessa about the backdoor plan. Steve told him he’s ok. They’re trying to keep him for Vanessa to go after. A meat shield. James tells Meg just watch your back around them.

The next day, Vanessa talks to JMac. She asks him when he made that deal not to put her up, was he going to honor that deal. JMac said yes unless I heard something. Vanessa says she heard differently. Vanessa asks who he’s scared of. JMac says everyone. He has no one left. JMac asks about her conversation with Austin. She said she found out a lot of people were lying and throwing her under the bus. She has a hard time trusting his word. Vanessa hints at maybe using the veto. She talks about how frustrated she is with Steve. He lied to her. JMac says if all goes according to plan, he’s leaving. He has nothing left. They start hashing out past issues dating back to Audrey. Vanessa also discusses all her issues with Becky. JMac says he explained the whole Vanessa/Clay/Shelli/JMac fight. Vanessa says they never told her. Vanessa says she’s going to try and help him. She doesn’t want him to go home. Vanessa asks if Meg and James have ever thrown her under the bus. JMac says not to me. They discuss why The Aus-Twins are keeping both Meg and James. They think it’s fear. James can come right back. They have to act like they hate eachother. If asked they can say Meg put it all in their heads. They decide to work together secretly. Vanessa even gave him permission to talk sh*t about her.

Vanessa tells Austin JMac knows he’s done, and he’s been holding a grudge against her because of Audrey. Austin tells Vanessa he might throw it which it good for them. They talk about who can go up with the returning hg.

Austin works out with JMac and says he’s looking for loyal people to work with. JMac asks if he should trust James and Meg. Austin says he’s keeping James and Meg “as a numbers thing.” Austin asks if James has said or done anything. He’s fishing for sh*t today. They briefly talk about Steve and JMac. They decided to work together because of Shelli and Clay. Jmac says James said he’d throw it to him. Austin says James told him the same thing. Not the dirt Austin was looking for. Austin says he kept Vanessa as a meat shield. A good thing for them because if Shelli comes back there’s another layer of meat.

The twins talked to Vanessa. Now they’re majorly sketched out about Steve. They’re happy they got Vanessa back on their side and back on track. They regret trashing her in the DR. They agree Steve is coming after them. JMac isn’t. 

Sunday was a conquest to get dirt on James and Meg. The twins, Austin and Vanessa was seeking it out all day. Vanessa gets the twins onboard with Meg being an undercover genius. Vanessa continues fishing for information by making Steve swear on a Bible and tell all his secrets. Vanessa tries to convince the twins Meg is sneaky. She’s been trying to get her out. Vanessa asks Steve for dirt. Steve says he lied to Shelli on the wall. Vanessa asks if she’s the integrity police. Steve says yea you’ve been that way through the whole game. Vanessa’s quest for dirt continues.

Vanessa talks to Steve about all the crap that’s being said about her. Steve admits he lied to her about not being his target. He didn’t know what to do. He was pissed about an alliance he was left out of. Vanessa denies there was an 8 person alliance. Vanessa wants 1 person to tell her 100% truth. She doesn’t know why he didn’t feel safe enough to go up. Steve said he was more worried about the twins. She wants to know why he didn’t want to go up with JMac. He was cool about going up with her. He says he trusted JMac more than her. He never would’ve voted her out. Vanessa fishes for information on Meg and James by bringing up the past weeks. She thinks they’re manipulative. Vanessa says in the beginning he rubbed people the wrong way. Vanessa asks Steve if Meg and James has said anything about her. Steve says they wanted to know if you had anything to do with Jackie’s eviction. Vanessa asks if he has a F2 with Johnny. Steve says yes. Vanessa comes clean about working with Austin prior to Austin falling in love with Liz. (She’s trying to prove she has his back)

Vanessa and Austin discuss taking Meg and James out. They’re scary to leave in the game. Austin says taking Meg out first would be better. They worry about Jackie coming back and teaming up with James and Meg again.

The twins think JMac needs to go. They think James or JMac need to go this week. They point out even if Becky comes back their relationship isn’t as close as Steve and JMac. (Vanessa’s still trying for Meg and James.) Liz says Steve has been a complete sh*thead. Julia flip flops between JMac and Steve. Julia thinks James should go this week. Meg would crack. Steve comes up and explains his deal with JMac. He says he doesn’t know what JMac would do if he won HOH. Vanessa can’t trust meg as far as she can throw her. They talk about Becky’s “lies” (according to Vanessa) They think James needs to go. Meg would be ineffective even if Jackie came back. Later: Vanessa says she’s fine with Steve going. Austin rather JMac. Julia says it’s not smart to go after James. They all go back and forth. Steve or JMac. Vanessa won’t use the veto unless Austin tells her to.

Meg and James wonder how far Vanessa will get. They regret sending Shelli home before Vanessa. Now Vanessa is impossible to get rid of.

Steve admits he had a deal to work with JMac. (Also with Shelli and Clay) Jmac wanted him Steve, Shelli and Clay as F4. Austin asks for dirt on James and Meg. He needs a reason. Steve gives Austin the same he gave Vanessa. Austin explains why he’s keeping Vanessa. She’s a lone wolf now. Steve asks what the best thing is next week. Austin says anyone but James winning HOH. They talk about sending one of the Goblins home this week. Vanessa using the Veto would put the attention on her. Austin is trying to do everything he can to protect the twins.

Vanessa thinks her work is done. She flipped the entire house against the goblins. So, she takes a nap.

The house flips back. Austin says Steve is bulls*tting them. He doesn’t want to lose JMac. Austin caught Steve in a lie. Steve and JMac are telling different stories about a F2. Unless he gets more evidence than Steve’s conspiracy theories, he’s not putting them up. Austin thinks Vanessa using the veto is a bad idea. She uses the veto, he puts the goblins up. Then guess who James goes after. Vanessa is doing his dirty work. Steve is desperate to keep JMac. Julia says Vanessa is assuming a lot of things based on Meg crying. Austin asks Liz what she thinks. She says keep noms the same unless they hear something about James and Meg. Noms staying the same now.

Vanessa asks JMac about his alliance with Shelli, Clay and Steve. Vanessa realizes now Shelli and Clay had alliances with everyone in the house. Vanessa tells JMac she won’t use the veto without The Aus-Twins blessing. JMac has come to terms with not making it to the end.

Vanessa asks Steve who his targets were during the Double eviction. James said he was throwing it. Vanessa asks about Meg. James said Jackie was the only one trying to win it. Vanessa says all she has is her integrity. Austin has the twins. James says they have a good group. (Meg, Vanessa, James, Julia, Liz, Austin) Vanessa wonders why Meg is after her. James doesn’t thinks she is. He tells Vanessa to talk to her.

Vanessa and Meg. Vanessa says Meg was upset over something about a deal during the double eviction. Meg says it didn’t bother her. She knows that’s how Vanessa plays the game. Vanessa says all she has is her integrity. Austin has the twins. Jmac has Steve and she has James. Meg says Vanessa wasn’t on her radar. Meg says she fought like hell to keep Vanessa over Shelli. Meg clears up the whole crying thing too. She was crying because she’s such a joke. Vanessa promises on the Bible she had no idea what Steve was going to do during the Double Eviction. Vanessa asks Steve or JMac. Meg says she doesn’t know. Vanessa rather JMac. JMac can team up with Becky if she comes back.

During Liz/Austin’s hammock date (Before all the romantic stuff) Austin tells Liz Vanessa cleared things up with James. They showed James they’re trustworthy. Now he has to return the favor. Then the romance begins. Austin talks about clearing things up with his girlfriend back home.

The Goblins compare notes on the Vanessa interrogation. As long as you look her in the eye, she believes you aren’t bullsh*tting her. Meg tells James how Vanessa told her how smart he is. They start joking around about it.

Jmac talks to Austin and Liz. Jmac says Steve talks game differently to him than he does to them. JMac brings up someone eventually splitting The Aus-Twins up. Jmac starts talking scenarios on the future of The Aus-Twins. JMac says they’re hoping Jackie comes back. Jmac leaves. Austin says JMac has nothing bad to say about James. Austin thinks if Jackie comes back The Goblins will protect them from her. Austin says JMac told him if he comes back, he would go after them. Liz doesn’t get good vibes from JMac. They’re pissed about JMac splitting them up

Austin asks Steve when he started working with JMac. Steve doesn’t have exact time or date. Austin tells Steve he’s safe. Vanessa comes in and makes it clear she’s not using the veto without Austin’s permission. Austin says he has no hard evidence to go after The Goblins. Vanessa and Steve both want him to go after The Goblins. When Vanessa and Steve are alone they agree Austin won’t go after The Goblins.

James tells Austin and Liz about his conversation with Vanessa. They tell James she’s trying to get James nominated. They warn him about Steve. “There’s more than meets the eye.” When Meg joins them Austin says Steve and JMac are trying to get Vanessa to use the veto and get one of them nominated. Meg says JMac has been trying to get Vanessa on me. Of course they’re going to say things to get me on the block. Austin says she’s not going up. Austin wants Steve to stay, but he’s been doing a lot of talking for JMac. Meg calls him sneaky. Austin says they’re all good again. Just don’t cry it makes her think things. Austin brings up something about Steve threatening them about going up with JMac.  James blames it all on JMac. James says when he screwed Shelli and Clay over Steve said he did a good thing.

Steve runs to Vanessa and tells her they’re all talking. Vanessa asks who? Steve says James, Meg, Austin and Liz. Vanessa hugs him and tells him he’ll be ok. They talk about Steve coming up with a speech. Vanessa says she won’t use it without Austin’s blessing. Steve leaves. Julia says Austin said he needed to talk to Meg and James so she left. Vanessa asks if Julia trusts them. Julia asks do you? Yea for one week.They don’t believe the Goblins would go after Jackie if she came back. They talk about Vanessa using the veto. Austin would be pissed. Julia said Austin wanted to clear some stuff up with Meg and James. Julia is afraid of James doing what he did to Clelli. They talk about James leaving. It leaves more targets. Vanessa says she’s not using it without Austin saying so. James joins them pissed. Jmac lied. He told James he would throw HOH to him then told Austin James said he would throw it to him. Vanessa asks if it’s true. James said it’s not true.

Vanessa asks JMac about his deal with James. (again) JMac sticks with the he’s throwing it to me story. If they were F2 in HOH comp, James would throw it to JMac. Vanessa asks why would they have that understanding. JMac says everyone was frustrated with you and wanted you gone. Afterwords Vanessa goes back to James relaying what JMac just told her. James says I never said that. If I did, I would’ve told Meg. He doesn’t game talk with JMac. James decides to go right to the source. He confronts JMac on this “deal” they had. James asks him about it. JMac says you wanted to throw it to me because I would go after Vanessa. No one else wanted to. James says well then. I guess I said it. The Goblins check in about the entire mess. James tells Meg what happened with the whole throwing comps mess. James wonders if he should tell Vanessa Austin also planned on throwing it. Meg says Austin would never throw a comp.

Austin and Vanessa talk about nominations. They think it’s weird JMac and James both seem like they’re being truthful. They think JMac needs to go. Keep noms the same. Austin says they need to separate Steve and JMac now. Steve is smart and dangerous. They talk about hgs returning. Austin tells Steve he needs to sleep on it. (Using the veto) JMac and them aren’t on the same page.

Monday morning. James and Meg discuss the backdoor James/Meg talk. JMac goes up to the HOH. Austin says since he told James Austin would also throw HOH to you, he’s suspicious of me. Austin says Vanessa is suppose to come up and talk about possibly using the Veto. JMac says if she uses the Veto he would go after the remaining Goblin and the returning hg. Austin says JMac needs to talk to her about it. After JMac leaves Austin tells Liz if Steve leaves, they’re screwed. Steve’s more loyal. Meanwhile in the bathroom, JMac tells Vanessa there was a 5 person alliance last week to take her out. Vanessa asks why they flipped it. Is it because she won the veto? JMac says yes. JMac says he doesn’t have the votes to stay. Austin tells Vanessa he’s telling her anything and everything to get her to use the Veto. Vanessa asks the twins about the 5 person alliance. Liz initially denies it, but then says yes. It was all Steve’s idea. Vanessa asks how it benefits JMac to tell her this. Liz says he’s desperate. Vanessa asks Steve orchestrated it and brought JMac in? Liz says yes. Then they figured out it doesn’t benefit them. Liz is pissed JMac told her this information. Vanessa is pissed at Steve. She wants him gone now.  Liz runs upstairs and tells Austin about JMac telling Vanessa about the alliance, and she said it was Steve who orchestrated it. Liz says JMac is done! They worry about Vanessa telling The Goblins, but Austin says not to worry. They didn’t put the Goblins up. Liz and Julia are pissed. They want JMac gone now. He’s stupid for telling Vanessa. Vanessa isn’t a happy hamster. She pulls Steve into the HN room and asks him if he started a 5 person alliance. Steve denies it about 4 times, but Vanessa says he’s a liar. She tells him at least have the balls to admit it. Now she’s voting him out. Steve comes out of the HN room and asks Austin. Did I orchestrate it? Austin says yea kind of. You were eager to keep JMac and you safe. Austin tells him he’s coming at him all wrong. Steve apologizes for doing that. After Austin and Vanessa leave, Steve asks The Goblins (Who witnessed Steve ask Austin about the alliance) if he should apologize. They tell him yes. That’s exactly what you should do. Steve runs off to apologize. James says that’s what he shouldn’t do, but I’m not telling him that. Vanessa tells Liz and Austin she wants him gone. (Steve) He’s two-faced and she can’t stand it. Steve tries to apologize, but Vanessa asks him to leave her alone. Vanessa says she’s not mad at them. She’s mad at Steve. Steve asks Austin if he’s gone now. Austin says they’re trying to calm her down. She’s hurt right now. Austin says he tried to tell Vanessa it wasn’t Steve. Steve asks him if he really or is he just covering his ass. Austin says he really did. Feeds cut for Veto ceremony.

After Veto ceremony. Vanessa didn’t use the Veto. JMac or Steve go home on Thursday. Meg asks Austin what the hell happened earlier? Austin says JMac tried to throw them under the bus. An effort to stay. Liz confronts JMac in the backyard. She’s pissed. He blabbed his mouth when it was against the wall. JMac says when they didn’t put up The Goblins it made it seem like they’re more important. Liz says he’s not gone yet. JMac says he thinks he is. They’re closer to Steve. Liz points out Steve has done some shady stuff too. JMac asks what can he do? (Liz told him The twins are the swing vote) JMac apologizes for starting all the drama. Liz goes upstairs and tells Austin about her conversation with JMac. They argue about who’s leaving. Liz says Steve leaving is good for Vanessa’s game. Not ours. Austin isn’t sure where Steve stands. At least he knows where JMac stands. Liz says she doesn’t care what Vanessa wants, she wants JMac gone. Austin leaves to confront JMac. Austin walks outside mad. He tells JMac he didn’t put up The Goblins because he made a deal with them. It wasn’t some mastermind of Meg and James. If it was he would’ve let James win HOH. JMac tries to calm the situation down. Austin says he’s not mad. Vanessa using the Veto wasn’t his call. He’s pissed JMac started all that drama with Vanessa. JMac says he’ll go tell Vanessa it was his idea too. Austin says bad idea. Right now she’s after Steve unless you want to be a target again. Austin says if you calm the girls down they might flip. Austin says it’s nothing personal. JMac says he didn’t think it was. They made a lot of alliances, and he got the short end of the stick. JMac says just like you made a deal with James, I did what I had to do. Austin says I don’t think your fate is necessarily sealed.  Jmac says he hopes Austin understands JMac had to do what he had to do. Vanessa tells Julia she’s not mad at them for the 5 person alliance. She blames Steve. She told The Goblins she’s voting out Steve. Vanessa says if you guys want to vote out JMac, I’ll do what you want me to. She’s just hurt about the situation. Austin fills The Goblins in on his conversation with JMac. He tells The Goblins he thinks he could get JMac to throw the next HOH. Austin is pissed Steve threw him under the bus in front of everyone. Meg doesn’t understand why JMac won’t campaign against Steve. Austin says he needs to. Steve goes up to the HOH room. Not to game talk. Austin doesn’t understand why Vanessa is still pissed at Steve. Austin tells Steve she’s hurt because he’s phony and two-faced. They talk about JMac not knowing the game. Austin says right now Vanessa wants you gone, but the twins want you to stay. Steve asks if he should talk to her. Austin tells him to leave her alone. Vanessa comes up to the hoh. Austin starts to defend Steve, but Steve stops him and asks Vanessa if she wants to talk. Vanessa says later. Steve leaves. Austin says he told Steve to just wait till you cool down. Austin says Steve was being hesitant because of the info they provided him. (Which came from Becky last week.) Austin says after I told him we talked he was back onboard. When he hugged you after Veto pick, it was genuine. Austin says JMac is lost to them. He’s coming after them. (The Aus-Twins) Austin tells Vanessa about his conversation with JMac outside. Vanessa once again goes on a rant about Steve being fake. Austin says they need to get The Goblins onboard. Then decide. It’s better if JMac goes because he went rogue. When Liz comes up, they continue trying to convince Vanessa taking JMac out is a better choice. Austin says Steve isn’t coming after them. JMac can link up with a returning juror. Vanessa asks if she should go talk to Steve. Liz says let him marinate for awhile. The twins go on a rant about how much they hate JMac. They make fun of the way he talks, walks. Pretty much everything about JMac they hate. Then they rant about whomever splits them up loses 3 jury votes. The Goblins are downstairs hanging out. The Goblins think they can get JMac to throw the next HOH. James says if Shelli comes back he knows he’s going up. The Aus-Twins hang out in the backyard. Julia rants about how she can’t stand JMac. If he stays, he gets 2 more weeks. They talk about returning jury members targeting Meg and James. Keeping them is good for their game. Austin worries about Steve being good at comps now. Austin thinks they can convince JMac to throw the next HOH. They agree Vanessa plays the victim card all the time. Vanessa go after scenarios about HOH, and returning hgs. Vanessa is fine with JMac going, but she still wants Steve gone. The Goblins are thinking about taking The Aus-Twins out sooner than later. Otherwise they should just sign the check. They talk about who might win HOH and scenarios about returning hgs. They talk about who they want to go this week. JMac is good at physical comps, but Steve is a wild card. They aren’t sure who they want to take out. They talk sh*t right now because they’re safe. JMac and Vanessa kind of make an alliance. JMac admits to doing Vanessa dirty in the past. She’s “the devil he knows.” Vanessa agrees to be his #1 and if he betrays her, send him home. Vanessa agrees to share concerns with him. Vanessa FINALLY talks to Steve. She tells him her feelings were hurt when she found out he wanted to take her out. The Aus-Twins talk about who they want gone. They have a better relationship with Steve. Austin is leaning toward JMac. Vanessa joins them and says Steve is giving her more bs, and she’s done with it. Later Steve talks to Vanessa again. They clear the air about everything. Steve says he didn’t expect her to use the veto. He just knew how much of an ass he has been. On a human level. Vanessa has hurt feelings. Steve apologizes. JMac joins them and they confirm the alliance was formed last week. (I’m purposely skipping all of Vanessa’s drama. ) The Aus-Twins are still weighing the options on who to get rid of. Austin says they’ve been working with Steve longer than JMac. Liz is more worried about Steve winning HOH, but JMac has more jury connections. They’re still pissed about JMac’s backstabbing this morning. They all agree they need to win HOH next week. When Steve and Vanessa join them, they go around and around about the 5 person alliance. Vanessa and Steve continue to clear the air in the hammock. Steve admits he was douchey last week. Vanessa says she’s hurt blah blah. Vanessa asks if he wins who’s he putting up. Steve says James and Meg. More game talk with Steve and Vanessa goes on. The twins and Vanessa confirm they’re keeping Steve. Steve tells them he had an alliance with JMac called “The Rockstars.” It wasn’t a F2. More chit chat. Steve and Vanessa continue to clear the air about loyalty. Liz gets mad when Julia calls Steve sneaky. They talk about JMac and Steve working together. Austin talks about all the alliances Steve was in. Austin and Liz tell Julia she needs to prove herself and win the next HOH. Steve says selling out your friends is never fun.

Tuesday is picture day. Austin gives shout out to people at home. JMac asks Vanessa how it went with Steve last night. Vanessa says they’re good. He’s saying all the right things because he’s on the block. JMac jokes about saying all the wrong things. They talk about jury votes. JMac says he’s been screwed by everyone in the house. He says 3 people did this to him. They agree Steve is closer to them than they think. Vanessa tells Steve they need to continue to hate eachother. (Fake) Then Vanessa says it’s better if she acts like she forgives him. Steve says he was under the impression that’s what was going on. Vanessa says she really hurt him. (Add curse words) Steve apologizes. Vanessa says JMac is campaigning. He doesn’t realize I’m voting with the girls. Vanessa wonders if JMac is trying to bait her against Steve. Steve says he’s a Dr. He doesn’t know BB. Steve asks if she will tell him what JMac is saying. Vanessa says no. Vanessa wonders what she’ll tell people. Steve says he doesn’t know what JMac is saying. Vanessa says she’ll probably keep it to herself. JMac comes up with some masterplan. He wants to tell those 3 (Aus-twins) he’s going to put them up. Last min move against Meg and James. Vanessa says he lost his clout with Meg and James. The plan was for JMac to take her out. James and Austin were suppose to throw it. With JMac exposed they no longer trust eachother. If James doesn’t win HOH he’s f*cked. Meg doesn’t win anything. James wins hoh, the next week he can’t. Vanessa asks why they didn’t trust her. He says it probably had to do with what Becky and he were saying about playing multiple sides. JMac says the plan was for them to use the Veto. Vanessa says it was up to Austin. If he wanted her to use the Veto she would. JMac says he was trying to put it all on you. They have random conversations about the returning hg comp. Last year, Nicole won. Steve says it was luck. They think Shelli is missing Clay, so she doesn’t want to come back. Liz and Julia complain about how messy Austin is. Liz asks Austin if Vanessa is onboard with getting JMac out. Austin says she was after she made up with Steve. They talk about returning hgs scenarios. Vanessa tells Liz and Austin about JMac scheming. Liz says Becky and JMac were trying hard to get Vanessa up. Vanessa says apparently I’m his enemy. They agree the story for JMac’s eviction is all his ties in the house. They’re done working with JMac. Julia and Liz call Dentists med school drop outs. They talk about who might be the returning hg. As of Tuesday evening- JMac is a gonner.


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