Meghan Edmonds Exploits Husband’s Dead Ex-Wife’s Cancer to Hype Brooks Ayers’ Fake Cancer Storyline

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It’s cancer, cancer everywhere on The Real Housewives of Orange County, and as cast members compete for misery focused camera time, the plot is thickening. Sadly, LeAnn Edmonds is now gone, but during the time period being currently aired, her struggle was intensifying, as she slowly lost her battle, with the awful disease. Throw in Brooks Ayers and his trademark hard to shake ick factor, heightened by accusations that he is a big bald faker, and shadows of uncertain doom are covering every area of the OC. While Vicki Gunvalson remains steadfastly, and often obnoxiously herself, Meghan Edmonds is jumping all over the place, especially as the cryptic story of Brooks’ journey with his so-called illness rolls on.  

Could Meghan be simply vying for camera time any way she can grab it…or is she intentionally stepping up her game to hype the big “C” controversy? Mrs. Edmonds #3 jumped from tears to snarls in a hot Bravo second, providing a revealing glimpse into what may be REALLY going on.

Early in Monday night’s episode, during one of the first of the numerous  rehashing sessions discussing the fallout from the blurting psychic, Meghan comments, “I don’t know Brooks.”  and that “it is really weird that he is not taking standard medical protocol.”

Meghan goes on to speak graphically of LeAnn’s struggle and how difficult it is to watch someone suffer with cancer.  Fair enough.  Brooks dropping chemo “blows her mind.” OK. But somehow by the end of the show, Meghan has pumped up the tears, and the compassionate overstepping concern is though the roof, for someone that she DOES NOT KNOW.  WHY?

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Meghan keeps the cancer convo going non-stop in almost every aired cast exchange, beating the subject into the ground until she lit a powder keg of WOO-HOO and sent Vicki over the edge.  However, by the time the luncheon  went down at Heather’s resort, Meghan had undergone an emotional makeover, and had morphed into someone who passionately “cares about” Brooks.  However, the doting stepmom’s choosing to drag in her sorrow over LeAnn’s condition into the debate, seemed sketchy and misplaced.  Meghan’s melodramatic quotes included,

“I want him to survive! What if he dies?”

“I’m not allowed to be concerned about the LOVE of your life?”

“Don’t tell me I’m not feeling pain because LeAnn is dying.”

“I don’t think a partner would allow this to happen…and it KILLS me!”

“Do you realize that you’re upset with me for being concerned?”

Vicki predictably pushed Meghan to shut up, and drop the upsetting subject.  A flip was abruptly switched, and if you blinked you would have missed it.  Rewind, if you dare, and watch Meghan snap from sympathetic to venom-filled, in a split second.  Meghan snapped back,

“You’re just an old woman who is pissed off and bitter at the world, so you shut up!”

We are supposed to buy that Meghan relates with selfless compassion to a cancer suffering stranger, after spitting nails at the one who is supposedly suffering alongside him?  If we are to buy Meghan’s forced emotional scene, VICKI is the one who should have been receiving Meghan’s empathetic support. 

All About the Tea_Real Housewives of Orange County-season10

Could it be that LeAnn’s plight has been brought into the dialogue to keep the Brooks’ debate cranking in high gear?  Could all of the gushing worry over “the love of your (Vickie’s) life”  really be Meghan banking on her quasi cancer-cred to fuel the growing skepticism over the one her heart is supposedly breaking to save?   


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