Meghan Edmonds Reacts to Her Explosive Argument with Vicki Gunvalson: “I Was Shocked at Vicki’s Response to Me”

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Hello kittens. Last night, during The Real Housewives of Orange County, shit went down, accusations were flung, and Heather’s unfinished house desperately needs its own show, or maybe its own zip code. However, all that happened in the last fifteen minutes and Bravo, like the sadistic, seductive little cock tease it is, left us with a mad case of blue balls, waiting for next week’s episode, and boy, does it look like a doozy.

But right now, we are focusing on Meghan Edmonds. Dear, delusional, psychic-believing Meghan. But before we get to the “does Brooks have cancer or is he a big fat lying liar who lies” question, first we must wade through the NASCAR portion of the evening. During the show, Meghan bragged about how being married to Jim Edmonds came with perks. In case it isn’t immediately obvious what those perks are, she spelled it out for us. Jim Edmonds (I wonder if she calls him by his full name during their sweet, sweet lovemaking) gets tickets to stuff—concerts, sporting events, and a ring side seat to every crappy OC party he has to attend with Meghan, per her contractual obligations.

But at NASCAR, we discovered Meghan is all about female empowerment. What, you didn’t know that? Do you think she sits around in that rental house all day, sponging off her husband, Jim Edmonds? Well, won’t you feel silly when she explains it to you.

“And I can’t believe I got to meet Danica Patrick! I was so nervous and star-struck! I’ve only felt like that one other time when I met Jackie Joyner-Kersee, I love a strong female athlete.”

See, straight from the horse’s mouth. Also popping out of Meghan’s mouth, an apology. If you can follow this convoluted explanation, give yourself a hearty pat on the back. If you can’t sort it out, here’s the CliffsNotes version: Meghan assumed Shannon squealed and she feels bad. Instead, it came out like this:

“…I didn’t know that she DIDN’T tell Vicki what I said, but instead Tamra told Vicki. Until I spoke to Tamra and Shannon, I was under the impression the whole time that Shannon told Vicki. I’m so glad she didn’t and that she (kind of) kept her word of not bringing up the psychic to Vicki at the birthday dinner. I felt bad when I watched myself say that about Shannon. It wasn’t nice and I regret it.”

Now, for our overachievers, diagram that paragraph. I dare you!

Then our little Meg-Meg went house hunting with Tamra. Since Jim Edmonds doesn’t know if he wants a condo or a 3 million dollar house, Tamra naturally takes Meghan to a 6 million dollar estate.

“I told Tamra that I was nervous to be looking at a house with her because I knew she would pick out an amazing house for me to see and I would fall in love with it – no matter the price or location!”

Let’s head back to reality. There is no way in hell Jim Edmonds is going to buy that estate for Meghan. No. Way. He won’t even let her purchase new furniture in order to banish the ghostly decorating taste of wife number 2. Meghan, honey, listen up—you’re going to be living in a two bedroom, 1.5 bath condo in Irvine. It’ll be nice, not your dream home, but nice. I hope you get custody of it in the divorce. Gretchen Rossi has a similar arrangement, and look at all she’s accomplished.

All righty, now we’re getting to it. *rubbing hands gleefully* It’s time for the “let’s celebrate Heather and her fourteen bathrooms” dinner. If I had a dime for every time I attended such a party…yawn. Anyway, Vicki called Meghan out immediately, taking her to task about the rumor. Meghan is stunned by this turn of events.

“I was shocked at Vicki’s response to me when I brought up the psychic and Brooks’ treatment. Vicki immediately went on the attack and I couldn’t get a word in edgewise.”

No! Not our calm, sensible Vicki. Seriously though, when you repeat gossip from a psychic, one that questions the truthfulness of Brooks (yeah, that Brooks) don’t be surprised with the OG of the OC snaps back.

“Watching this made me ask myself if her style of arguing by throwing jabs is simply a personality flaw and/or a defense mechanism to hide a deeper issue? …I’ve never experienced the kind of hatred that Vicki spews at me regarding a devastating illness.”

First, Meghan plays armchair psychiatrist, next, she’s doling out medical nuggets of wisdom.

“…when I heard about this alternative to chemo that Brooks was trying called “resveratrol” I researched it. If he is onto something that can cure cancer and I don’t know about it, I can damn well promise you I will be doing some thorough research. But guess what, resveratrol doesn’t cure cancer.”

Never leaving a stone unturned, I looked up Resveratrol. A couple of episodes ago, Brooks mentioned he planned on taking this. It’s basically massive doses of a compound found in the skin of red grapes. They’re testing it on cancer patients. There’s anecdotal evidence that it works, but several studies have been conducted with inconclusive results.

But Meghan poo-poos all this—what with her thorough research and all. “Add another strange tidbit to the pile of doubt surrounding Brooks‘ story…”

So what do you think? First of all, is Brooks faking as Meghan believes? And are we all in agreement that Bravo won’t torture us by bringing Meghan back next year or is that too much to hope for?


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