Battle for Beauty: LeAnn Rimes 40 Pill a Day Habit Revealed

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Leann Rimes

LeAnn Rimes is in a battle against aging, and is willing to do anything to stop the clock, in order to stay young and smokin’ hot.  Rimes gave a recent interview where she stated that she is on a 40 pill a day regimen to keep every part of her body in tip-top shape, and as Star Magazine reports, the seemingly obsessive commitment to the regimen, has her friends worried. 

“LeAnn is obsessed with taking pills,” an insider tells Star.  “She takes one for everything-skin, nails, hair, eyelashes, allergies, weight loss, brain function, energy, brain function, energy, vision, and more.  She really thinks that they will have some sort of positive effect on how her body ages.”

LeAnn claims that she is following the advice of an herbalist, but medical experts often fear that the extreme pill popping could be dangerous, if not deadly. 

“Herbal supplements can have significant potential for toxicity,”explains Lisa DeFazio, a registered dietitian and nutritionist. “If someone takes more than five supplements, it’s a red flag, because it’s possible that interactions complications may occur.”

LeAnn evidently doesn’t care about the risks, and has made it her mission to stay slim for husband, Eddie Cibrian.  A source close to the singer comments,

“LeAnn has never looked or felt this great in her life.  Eddie jokes that she she’s crazy for taking so many pills, but he loves what they’re doing to her figure and confidence.”

The story dishes that an entire section of her kitchen is devoted to bulk-size pill bottles, indicating that LeAnn has no plans to kick the risky habit. The insider spilled,

“She is obsessed with her body, and she will go to extremes in order to feel her sexiest.”


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