Exclusive Interview: #RHOC’s Shannon Beador Dishes on Her Marriage, Brooks’ Cancer and Her Beef with Meghan Edmonds!

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Shannon Beador_RHOC interview with All About the Tea

Feng shui queen Shannon Beador and star of The Real Housewives of Orange County, has shared some very intimate moments of her life with viewers this season. 

In an exclusive interview with All About the Tea, Shannon opens up about her husband, David Beador’s affair, rookie castmate Meghan Edmonds, why she told Vicki Gunvalson about the psychic at dinner and clarifies if Brooks Ayers visited the doctor she recommended.

There is major drama this season surrounding whether Brooks’ is being truthful about his cancer diagnosis. Read our exclusive interview below:

What was your reaction to your costars publicly admitting that they knew about David’s affair before you?

Shannon: To clarify, Vicki did know ahead of time…you will see this later in the season. She wasn’t keeping anything from me. The bottom line is, they [her costars] heard rumors and I wasn’t in a good place with Tamra and Heather for them to come forward with something they really didn’t know was fact or fiction. They weren’t going to do that and I understand. They heard a rumor…I have no hard feelings.

Did reality TV put a strain on your marriage?

Shannon: No, my husband’s affair started the day after I started filming. Prior to filming this season, the conversation was whether I was going to return for another season. My husband’s infidelity was a reality in my life and if I’m authentic and I’m going to be on this show, I will talk about it. But I’m not enjoying it because my husband and I are in a good place now and don’t like to relive certain things. We went back and forth, had quite a bit of counseling (with our church and relationship counselors) and we have an opportunity to show people that you don’t have to end a marriage after something as devastating as an 8-month affair.

Thank you for opening your life to viewers. I’m sure many couples can relate to your situation and have reached out to you.

Shannon: It’s amazing how many people say they are currently in that situation and my story has given them hope.

Have you and Meghan Edmonds moved past your initial falling out? Are you on speaking terms?

Shannon: You’ll see as the season progresses that we start to mend fences. Am I happy today with some of her commentary about me? I think it’s very below the belt and I have let her know that so I’m keeping my distance at this point.

What are your thoughts on the episode with Vicki and Brooks at his birthday dinner where the accusation about Brooks faking his Cancer was shared?

Shannon: I had no intent of telling Vicki anything that was said about Brooks at that dinner. I just wanted to inform her there was something negative that needed to be discussed at a later time. I did not want to ruin the dinner but she got upset by me saying anything at all. I know Vicki, I was basically put in a no-win situation…I either say nothing and then have her come back and say: I thought you were my friend, why didn’t you say anything. Then if I say something, I ruin the night so it was a catch 22. Any decision I made would have been the wrong decision.

Have you and Vicki mended fences since then?

Shannon: We’ve spoken…but we are not very close. She has a lot going on so I don’t talk to her often. She’s very busy.

How do you react to critics of your holistic remedies?

Shannon: First of all, I’m not saying they are all necessarily fool-proof remedies, what I’m saying is, if you have an issue, try to cure it with a natural holistic method. For those people that don’t agree with this…..that’s fine, it’s my opinion and my opinion is all that matters when it comes to managing me and my family lives.

Speaking of holistic, you recommended a doctor to Brooks, was that a traditional medicine doctor or holistic?

Shannon: She’s a traditional western medicine doctor. Not only does she treat other illnesses but she also has a cancer center. They administer chemotherapy there and enhance western medicine with the latest eastern & natural methods to both boost your immune system and help fight the cancer. Brooks never went to the doctor. My make-up artist has a friend that was diagnosed with cancer for the third time. The woman’s husband had an affair and left her so I went to visit with her. I was able to tour the cancer facility and it was amazing. There are a lot of things out there that are natural that can help you. If you can find a healthy balance between western and eastern medicine when you’re fighting for your life and trying to end something like cancer, you would try it at least.

How did you feel about Tamra’s back and forth gossiping with Heather and Meghan in Tahiti?

Shannon: I understand her intent. Last year was not the best year for her so she’s trying to put everything out on the table. I know some people may still consider that stirring the pot but she OWNS it when she stirs things up so I’m ok with it. Tamra and I are in a good place today so I wasn’t bothered.

Any parting words for your fans?

Shannon: I’ve been very grateful for the supportive people, then there are people who don’t understand my emotional state this season. I don’t like it either. I don’t like to see myself cry but the bottom line is an affair is almost as devastating as a death. I never knew the extent of the pain until it happened to me and I’m doing my best….I’m working through it. You’ll see as the season goes on that I do get less emotional. It’s been a rough road and it’s hard to watch it all over again. But I’m healing, my family is healing and we’re in a place today that I never thought possible with my husband and I. I didn’t think we were both capable of being as close as we are today. And if we had to go through all that pain to get there, so be it.


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