RECAP: #BigBrother17 — Get Ready For The Judas Take Over! [Episode 27]

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Paranoia is running rampant. The Aus-Twins have alliances with everyone and their mom at this point, Vanessa is driving everyone to pure insanity, and Johnny Mac keeps us entertained with his DR’s. Wahoo #BigBrother17 is staying spicy.

They are battling for the next HOH. Austin says the comp is endurance, physical, and mental. Who’s going to win this? Let’s start off with something pretty cool, the words that aren’t “ready, set, go.” If I’m remembering correctly this is how the HOH comp is played. They are at a starting line pressing 3 buttons. The screen has to say “Ready, Set, Go” When they see “go” they run as fast as they can to hit a buzzer. The person who rings in last loses. Also anyone who lets go of the 3 buttons at the starting line is eliminated. The kicker to this comp is they have to pay attention to the words on the screen because not all of the words will be “ready, set, go.” There will be words that sound like it and apparently there are sentences that mock them. One of them said something about missing Jace. Austin saw the word “bro” and said hey does anyone remember Jace? What’s up Jace?

Anyways, Meg is eliminated first. No surprise there. Austin says everyone is after Vanessa, but she’s one of his allies. It may not be in his best interest to win. James says Meg is eliminated first. That’s ok. I know she’s tired from running through my mind all day. James wants to win his 3rd HOH, so he can send Vanessa out the door. After Vanessa gets eliminated, James is relieved. JMac isn’t amused by the TV screen mocking them. The word “yo” comes up, and JMac says Yo what’s up? Don’t play your stupid mind games with me stupid TV. Austin can bow out because he has alliances with everyone and their grandma, but he wants to win to guarantee The Twins, and his safety. (He also wants another week of late night HOH smooching.) James was teasing them. Steve says there’s no way he’s going to win against James (ex-military) and Austin (professional wrestler.) The only way he’ll win is if one of them let’s go of a button at the starting line. Liz is scared James is going to win and put up her and her sister, so she promises Austin “a smooch” if he wins.

Finally, Austin wins HOH. JMac says hopefully Austin won’t recognize getting rid of Vanessa isn’t good for his (Austin’s) game, but it is good for JMac’s game. Vanessa thinks Austin winning is the best case scenario because Austin is her ally. JMac and Steve feel good because they have an alliance with him. Right away the twins get together and wonder who Austin is going to put up. (Their combined whiny voices are like nails on a chalkboard.) Liz says Austin’s win is bittersweet because they’re still in power, but it means they have to get more blood on their hands. Steve says it’s a win/win for him. Austin sits down with Liz and says he could’ve thrown it to James, but he didn’t trust it. When Liz asks him who he’s putting up he says not Meg or James. So it has to be JMac, Steve or Vanessa. In Austin’s DR, he goes through all the alliances he has in the house. He now has to decide which alliance he’ll fracture.

James congratulates Austin on his win. Austin tells James they’re safe. (James and Meg.) He says he’s going to tell people he just made a deal with them. The Aus-Twins won’t go after the Goblins and  vice versa. Austin says he’s putting his trust in Meg and James for 2 reasons. An insurance policy. James can win HOH next week. Also they just love hanging out with The Goblins. James quickly tells Meg the plan.

Steve and Johnny Mac quickly check in. They think they’re good this week. They have an alliance with The Aus-Twins. They agree there are bigger targets left.

Vanessa checks in with Austin. She tells him she has ideas for his HOH. Moves he can make to further their game. Austin says Vanessa I know you have plans this week. You have plans for every week. Newsflash you aren’t running my HOH. Vanessa tells him her ideas anyway. She says putting up JMac right away might be bad. He has a chance of winning POV, but if you convince him he’s safe he might throw POV. Then backdoor him. She does worry about Steve winning it for JMac, but Austin says Steve won’t do it. He won’t go against the numbers. Vanessa tries to convince them JMac and Steve are closer than they let on. She reveals “new information”  to Austin. She says before Clay and Shelli left they told her JMac and Steve have a F2 deal. Austin takes it with a grain of salt. Either she’s lying or she’s not telling him everything she’s doing in the house.

Later on in the HOH room, Austin talks to The Goblins. He wants to do what’s best to get them to F5 without rocking the boat too much, and getting the least amount of blood on his hands. He also wants to take out someone who wouldn’t be bitter if they came back. Automatically he thinks of JMac.  Austin also thinks taking out The Goblins is bad because they’re a duo. Take 1 out and it leaves them more exposed as the last threesome (for lack of a better term) left. Meg and James talk to them about Vanessa. Meg says she’s all over the place. Every week people have done what she wanted. They talk about other things Vanessa related. Austin is torn. He has a gut feeling Vanessa is still working with him more than anything. Taking her out would be taking out a number for them. He also brings up how Vanessa is still in the position where she has to work with them. Austin says so far JMac is his target, but after hearing everything about Vanessa he’s having second thoughts. He says here’s the thing: He can initially put Steve and JMac up, but leave the backdooring Vanessa option on the table. He can also try to convince Vanessa to go up as a pawn, but that would lead to the biggest meltdown ever.

The Aus-Twins, Steve, and Vanessa are all up in the HOH room trying to discuss pawn strategies. Austin says he’s just trying to talk to everyone and come up with the best move to make. He wants the least amount of blood on his hands. Austin tells Vanessa (and Steve) he made a deal with The Goblins. Austin says he’s telling Vanessa he just made a deal with The Goblins, but he really made that deal last week. Austin says he’s telling Vanessa his target is JMac. It’s a half truth. Vanessa starts going on and on about Steve being a pawn. He’s closest to JMac, and he’s a vote for him. Steve says he doesn’t want to do it. Steve’s DR- I’m not comfortable being a pawn. Pawns go home. Stop trying to get me to do it.

Steve is frustrated. Austin asks if they need some alone time. Steve says “could we?” Everyone leaves them. Austin says “She’s good.” Steve says she knew before she walked in I was going up as a pawn. Austin says he’s not playing her game. Austin brings up how Vanessa conveniently comes up with information when it helps her. Austin tells Steve Vanessa said he has a F2 with JMac. Steve denies it. Is he working with JMac? Yes. Do they have a F2 deal? No. Austin says it’s hard because he’s aligned with everyone in the house. (RED FLAG STEVE!) Part of him wants to put on his top hat as Judas and throw Vanessa up. (hahahaaha!) It’s just not smart. Right now Austin knows JMac is going up. He has no idea who the person next to JMac will be. Steve tells him to do what’s best for his game and the twins.

Vanessa comes back in and asks about progress. Austin says Steve doesn’t want to be a pawn. Vanessa says everyone should be willing to be a pawn right now or what’s the point in being in an alliance. Austin says Vanessa doesn’t want to be a pawn either. He’s just watching Vanessa unload on Steve. Vanessa tells Austin she did a lot for him. The week he was suppose to be backdoored, she had sleepless nights trying to figure out how to keep him. Austin asks about the whole James throwing BOB again. Vanessa says she had no idea. She didn’t ask James to do it. Austin says he knows Vanessa is lying. Now he can’t trust her. Vanessa asks for 3 minutes alone with Austin. Austin says he’s done for the night. He just wants to kick back with Liz. Vanessa says goodnight and leaves.

As soon as Vanessa leaves, Austin jumps up and calls her a liar. He says she has the audacity to claim Austin owes her for saving him. Steve brings up how she was going to backdoor him. Austin is rethinking his strategy. It might be Vanessa’s time to go. Now he has to put on his top hat and do what he has to do. “Welcome to the Imaginarium”

They do a little segment on the progress of the Austin/Liz showmance. Liz is hanging out in the hammock with Austin. She’s telling him all the things she likes about him. Liz whines- At first she didn’t like him, but now she likes him.

Steve and Austin talk in the HOH room. Steve asks if Austin needs anything from him. Austin says he doesn’t know. He’s going back and forth between Steve and Vanessa. (As pawns) He talks it out a little more. Steve says if you’re going to use me don’t put me up with JMac. Liz asks why. Steve says because it tells him they have more loyalty to the Goblins. Austin says he trusts them more than The Goblins. Austin says in his DR- Will you please just do this for me Steve? I’m dying.

The Twins and Vanessa talk in the have not room. Liz says Steve is pissing her off. It’s alarming Steve doesn’t want to go up with JMac. Vanessa says the twins trust her and she trusts them. She’s had their back the entire game. Vanessa is now worried the twins are telling her she might go up as a pawn. She has to go talk it out with Austin.

Austin tells Vanessa that Steve won’t play ball. Vanessa says if you can’t rely on Steve maybe he should go. Especially if he said he doesn’t want to go up with JMac. That shows who he’s really loyal to. She doesn’t think it’s smart to put her up at this point. She will go up as a pawn in the future. Austin again straight up asks Vanessa if she asked James to throw BOB. Vanessa says yes. She thought he lied. She found out she was wrong, and felt bad. Vanessa promises her loyalty from now on. Austin wonders if this might be a game move. He’s still not sure he can trust her.

Nomination Ceremony. Austin puts on his top hat and becomes Judas. He gathers everyone then reveals his 2 nominees. He nominates Steve and JMac. Austin (Judas) gave this speech about being conflicted, and life being meaningless. He talks about almost being backdoored, and it was Liz who saved him. Now he has to do what’s best for her and him. He calls Steve and JMac victims. I have no clue about his speech other than it was bat sh*t crazy! James says after 60 something days in the house he’s lost it. Steve says he’s in awe Vanessa didn’t go up. Vanessa says at the end of the day, Austin has her back. Austin says he’s not sure this week is the right time for Vanessa to go. 

That’s all folks! Weds is the return of Zingbot. (You can follow him on @zingbotofficial) Who will win the POV, and will it save either nominee? Tune in. Don’t forget the 24/7 unedited feeds!


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