Plot Twist! Did Jenelle Evans Lure Ex-Fiance Nathan Griffith To The House To Bait An Arrest?

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Jenelle Evans 16th Mugshot

REAL NICE JenelleTeen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans is free at last, and stories are starting to fly around about what triggered the troubled drama queen’s arrest, last Thursday. 

Jenelle found herself in the slammer after injuring her ex fiancee’s new girlfriend, following an alleged verbal exchange with the ex in question, Nathan Griffith. Ironically, her past better half was featured on Teen Mom 2 later that evening, in the supporting role of reality fall guy. America watched a sobbing Griffith hauled away by police, while his accuser’s jail stint was going down, in real time. Those crazy MTV kids!

Supposedly, Jenelle was packing up the house she once shared with Griffith, preparing to make a move, to Wilmington, NC. Griffith was set to come by and pick up some belongings, and Evans claims that she put in a request that he keep his new girlfriend, Jessica Henry, out of her strike zone. However, it has been reported that Griffith believed that Jenelle was leaving the house, and would not be there. 

Nathan_Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom 2Nathan Griffith and new girlfriend, Jessica Henry

Anyhoo, either Nathan caved to his penchant for trashy risk-taking, or he was intentionally lured to drama by Jenelle (who knew he would be driving without a license), and brought his new squeeze along for the ride. Allegedly, Nathan pulled his car too close to Jenelle’s outdoor space, and as any viewer can imagine, a verbal battle began. As a side note, no cameras were rolling, mercifully sparing the ears of millions.  It was reported that Jessica began to get out of the vehicle, and Jenelle lost it and slung some ice water at her romantic replacement. 

Unfortunately, the water happened to be in a glass, which hit and injured Henry, according to the Horry County, SC Police Department. Jessica supposedly threw the cup back, but either her aim was off, or Jenelle’s ducking instincts kicked in, because there was no repercussion for the supposed hurl. Jenelle was charged with assault and battery in the third degree, providing a prime opportunity for an updated mug shot to add to her collection. Booking info below.

Jenelle's Booking info for 16th arrest

What was Jenelle’s first thought as she took in her first breath of freedom?  Evans tweeted,

Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom2

Just in case any of Jenelle’s followers needed a manipulative reminder of who the REAL abuser is, the reality star tweeted, 

Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom

There is also a rumor flying around that Jenelle already has a new guy in the mix. Wow…just wow. Stay tuned!


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