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Bethenny Frankel Wonders How Her Success Has Impacted Her Costars and Talks Luann/Carole Drama

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The Real Housewives of New York reunion was a spicy, hot dish of denial, accusations, and bare breasticles (I’m eyeballing you, Heather and Kristen), but Bethenny Frankel looked divine in her oh-so-casual skinny (girl) slacks and sleeveless blouse. And the queen of the cocktail was keeping it real, y’all.

“The reunion was nuts, as they all are. I actually enjoy them, because they are the moments when you need to be and hold others accountable for their actions on and off camera…I am accountable to you and keeping it 100 for as long as I’m on the show.”

As for the beef between Carole and Luann, Bethenny thinks The Countess’s trash talking stems from the slut shaming that took place in the Turks. Ladies, The Countess can drag home a stranger and boink him senseless. Just as long as he doesn’t overstay his welcome and demand eggs à la Francaise for breakfast, it’s all cool.

“Luann thought they were good friends and thought she was ambushed in her room and that was it for her and Carole. Luann was done. Luann did talk out of both sides of her mouth, and her story was not straight as a result.”

Despite everything, Bethenny was glad to be back on the show. (And I for one was happy to see her holding that apple once more.) “I am grateful to be back, and whether or not the girls wanted to take me down (this is very common on these shows), I nonetheless enjoyed the experience.”

But don’t get it twisted, the Princess of the Product Placement doesn’t play favorites. She has a unique relationship with each of the other housewives.

Heather: “I liked how Heather and I were heated but able to work through things.”

Carole: “Contrary to the party line, I’m not “besties” with Carole or anyone else. I don’t favor Carole over anyone.”

Ramona: “I relate to Ramona on her divorce.”

Luann: Luann and I are practically neighbors and have a history.”

Sonja: Sonja, as I said, seems to be a good person to me. She doesn’t own her stuff, but she is not alone in that on this cast.”

Kristen: *crickets* (That’s sort of my stance as well.)

Dorinda: I assume she’ll get to Dorinda next week. After all, Dorinda might be a newbie, but she’s not Kristen.

So, what do you think of Bethenny’s dressed down look? And do we really believe she doesn’t play favorites?


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