RECAP: Million Dollar Listing San Francisco — Justin and Roh Clash Over a Listing [Episode 7]

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We start back at the apartment owned by “The Big Baller Chinese Investor Mr. Wong.” Roh had found a seller for the apartment but because Mr. Wong needs more time to find a new property to buy, the fast close deal is in jeopardy.  However Roh thinks he can help Mr. Wong find a new property to buy AND sell his existing property. Roh is not short on determination! 

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The first property he looks at keeps being described as “sexy, sexy, sexy” which cheeses Roh out. ME TOO! 

Andrew is in Pleasanton, California – the third wealthiest mid-size city in America. (Quick find me a Sugar Daddy, so I can move there!) Phyllis is the seller’s representative of a 3,400 square foot “Spanish country villa” type property. Andrew pronounces it “ahhh-maaaayyyy-ZING!”  It is a gorgeous property but it’s basically right on the freeway.  The sellers wants $2 million when the comps are at $1.5 million.  The seller’s rep said this house would be $5 million in Palo Alto.  Yeah and it’d be $1 billion on Mars – but come on, Phyllis – let’s be realistic!  Andrew works his magic and Phyllis agrees to a lower listing price.

All About the Tea_million-dollar-listing-san-francisco

Justin and his wacky hair is continuing to work with Kevin – the Jam King and his dog, Kevyn Jr. – a girl.  Bravo needs to get these two their own spin-off. I’d never watch it, but I would enjoy knowing that it existed.  Justin invites Roh over to check out the listing. Can you say “uncomfortable?” After Justin originally met Roh, Roh blocked him from his social media. Maybe Roh didn’t want to see a bunch of pictures of Justin’s crazy hair – and frankly, can you blame him? Roh tells Justin he and his wife and baby daughter moved to Hayward. Justin makes a crack about Hayward. Evidently it’s not posh enough for Justin!  Roh thinks The King of Jam’s condo might be the type of property Mr. Wong is looking to purchase.

Andrew schedules several private showings of the Pleasanton property to families. Andrew tells the producers that he does not want kids, but he’d be OK “time-sharing one.” Andrew may be annoying but he’s wearing a super awesome white button down sweater that I desperately covet.  Andrew tries to distract potential buyers from the loud freeway noise.

All About the Tea_million-dollar-listing-san-francisco

If you wanted a slow motion montage of Roh in super tight biking spandex, this episode is your dream come true!  Mr. Wong wants to make an offer on the King of Jam’s property, but at below listing price.  Little does Roh know that the King of Jam wants full price or nothing.

Andrew shows the Pleasanton property to a junior realtor in training.  He doesn’t seem to be amused having to answer questions to a 10 year old.  Andrew needs to improve his kid-friendly skills. 

Justin then spends some time with a Great Dane – his roommate’s dog. Again another potential Bravo spin off.  The King of Jam is having some sort of work crisis and is traveling in Asia not responding to Mr. Wong’s offer.  There is a giant montage of Roh calling Justin trying to pursue the King of Jam. Roh gets angrier and angrier. Justin tells Roh that it’s not his problem.  Justin hangs up the phone and calls Roh a d*ck. Tsk, tsk, bad behavior Justin!

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It’s been five days since Roh’s seller put in an offer. Luckily the King of Jam is back in the US and is going to meet with Justin. Is it just me or is there a creepy feeling from the King of Jam? He wants a full price of $3 million.  Justin doesn’t think Roh’s seller will raise his price but Justin is going to try. Roh throws a hissy fit. Justin tells Roh to take it or leave it. Roh says the current asking price is best and final offer. The King of Jam tells Justin that he obviously can’t get the job done.  Hard to believe these two are friends.  Justin makes a plea that he’s gotten the King of Jam the best price possible.  Kevin tells Justin he’s going to go with another broker.  No commission or jam for Justin!

It is date night for Andrew and his fiancé. Once again the topic of whether Andrew’s gold star gay fiancé should have sex with a woman comes up again. What is up with this weird storyline?  Andrew offers to be Paul’s wingman to find him a woman.  Paul looks at the woman in the bar but he seems to be only focused on their fashion and accessories.  In the face of actually being with a woman, Paul folds – and says he loves Andrew and that all he wants is Andrew. Awwww… romance, Bravo TV style!

All About the Tea_million-dollar-listing-san-francisco

Roh is pissed as his deal for Mr. Wong is imploding.  He is back to square one.  The broker Heidi who yelled at Roh last week is back again to yell even more at Roh.  Someone needs to get this woman on a Real Housewives franchise because she can bring the pain!  This episode should be called “How many people can dump on Roh?” 

Andrew has a driver named Buddy who decides to take Andrew down the most crooked street in San Francisco – Lombard Street.  Hearing Andrew say “wheeeee!” is probably the best thing so far in this episode.  Which sadly isn’t a compliment!

There is a prospective buyer who seems to be playing a game of 3000 questions with Andrew. Another creepy factor to this episode! Roh meets with Mr. Wong’s attractive representative and delivers another full ask offer even though he knows Mr. Wong wants more money than the listing price. The seller’s rep comes back and says that he wants at least $50k more. Roh looks like he was punched in the stomach. The seller’s rep tells Roh that he can do it – that he is the best. Do I hear the Rocky soundtrack playing in the background or is that just in my head?  I may be having auditory hallucinations here!

All About the Tea_million-dollar-listing-san-francisco

Next a sad-faced Justin is sitting at the bar, drinking his sadness away. His sister Kyra comes to visit from New York. Evidently weird hair does not run in their family, because the sister has perfectly normal hair.  Justin and his hair both look sad.  He tells Kyra that he lost a listing by the King of Jam.  It stirs up childhood memories of his judgmental father being disappointed in him. Justin said that nothing is ever good enough for his father. 

All About the Tea_million-dollar-listing-san-francisco

Childhood angst runs deep. Kyra tells Justin he needs to let it go.  Easier said than done!  But true advice nevertheless!  Kyra tells Justin that he is very similar to his father. Good on Justin, he actually apologizes to Kyra. They hug it out.


Roh asked the prospective buyer’s agent for more money. Cut to an exasperated, sputtering broker. Roh and Ching, the seller’s rep, stare at each other anxiously. Roh knows his future business relationship with Mr. Wong hangs in the balance. But Roh does it again – he gets the extra money and the deal is DONE! Ching tells Roh they will be working together on many more projects. I think Roh is break-dancing in his head!

Andrew has two full price offers on the Pleasanton, CA property. Let the bidding war begin! Vikram, the questioning prospective buyer, offers $1000 more than full asking price.  Hardly a good offer to bring to Phyllis!  Andrew scoffs.  Vikram’s agent knows how to play hard ball and tells Andrew to run along and call his seller.  Andrew bluffs and says $100,000 over ask will get the deal done, even though his seller only wants $50,000 over ask.  The seller comes back with an offer $75,000 over ask.  Deal done!

This show is all about bluffing, greed and wacky hair!  What did you think of this week’s episode?


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