#RHOC Blog Wars! Meghan Edmonds and Vicki Gunvalson Face Off

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Meghan Edmonds and Vicki Gunvalson_RHOC

Serious questions, opinions and accusations are rocking The Real Housewives of Orange County, and tension is building within the cast.  A psychic was brought on board to spill the tea, resulting in questions arising, challenging the truth of Brooks Ayers’ cancer claim. Thickening the plot is the abrupt split between he and franchise star, Vicki Gunvalson.  

Meghan King Edmonds was in the thick of the drama, faithfully adding a juvenile view to the mix. Vicki and Meghan used their Bravo blogs to tell their stories, providing a fun opportunity for a Housewife Face-Off.  Let the games begin!

Meghan shares her thoughts on her experience with Scott the psychic, during a lunch that was conveniently minus the OG of the OC.

“Onto the psychic…I was shocked to hear some of the things he had to say, especially regarding Brooks’ cancer. Up until now I had no idea that skepticism had surrounded Brooks’ cancer and treatments, but from watching the show I began to learn that the psychic wasn’t the first time that the cancer situation had truly arisen.”

Vicki spills how she handled Scott’s revelation, and what was going on behind the scenes, as the upset unfolded.

“I think it’s important to explain to you what happened previously to the day when we did the workout at Cut Fitness. Brooks felt like he was on a witness stand being asked questions about his treatment and his cancer – which was very odd.”

“Tamra, Heather and Meghan saw ‘psychic Scott’ prior to the workout and this is why they were questioning Brooks’ treatment. I still can’t figure out if they really think he doesn’t have cancer, or if they just needed some controversy to film. Knowing what we know now, Brooks felt “set up” by being asked to come for birthday cake, when really all they just wanted to do was ask him questions about his health after seeing the psychic.” 

Meghan dishes on how she happened to spill what Scott said, to Shannon.

“As far as telling Shannon at CUT Fitness, I think I had bad timing. I honestly forgot at the moment I told her that she was going to dinner with Vicki (because I did know) but I was caught up in the conversation of doubt and piling together our own experiences of half-truths regarding Brooks that I told her, “the psychic said Brooks doesn’t have cancer. Our (Vicki) relationship has quickly deteriorated as she had shunned my questions regarding his cancer, responded to his cancer with vague statements and “it’s his choice” broken record”

Vicki explains how Meghan’s “bad timing” triggered the drama, at Brooks’ birthday dinner.

“I just wanted a nice dinner, and I asked her (Shannon) to tell me privately on the phone the next day but she said she needed to tell me then. I knew right away that it was something that would upset either him or I and I was not ok with it.”

“When I found out it was about Brooks’ cancer, I was extremely upset. I thought her timing stunk! I don’t think EVERYTHING needs to be filmed and I wish things were handled differently by both of us.”

Vicki froze out Meghan for the most part, as she penned her thoughts. Off camera was a different story, according to Edmonds. Meghan comments,

“I got a NASTY text message from Vicki after this dinner. And guess what, it was regarding cancer!”

Vicki spills that she recently had her own chat with Scott, who supposedly clarified his position.

“I called and talked to Scott the ‘psychic’ just a few weeks ago. He said to me he felt like he wanted to take a bath after filming with the ladies, because it was so disturbing how they were questioning him about Brooks. He said he was upset on how it “all went down” and said he was sorry for anything that was taken out of context and that he’s not a doctor.”

You don’t need to be a psychic to predict that this cancer chaos is far from over!  What do you think is going on?


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