Kim Richards Hospitalized on Psychiatric 5150 Hold — Family Desperate To Save Her

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Embattled former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Kim Richards, is finally receiving the help she needs via a psych ward.

According to a new report, Kim was placed on 5150 (involuntary) psychiatric hold at a Southern California hospital.

5150 refers to an involuntary evaluation. Section 5150 allows a qualified officer or clinician to involuntarily confine a person deemed to have a mental disorder that makes them a danger to him- or herself, and/or others and/or gravely disabled. 

An attorney for Richards’ confirmed the news to Radar Online.

“They were at the end of their rope trying to get her help and decided to force her to get it,” one insider said.

The hospitalization was short-lived, Richards was released after 72-hours following the 5150 Hold, but was placed in another facility to continue her treatment,

“Kim finally realized that she needed help and is truly committed to getting it,” said a source. “She voluntarily checked into an inpatient facility in Orange County. The family has been very supportive of this move.”

Another insider claimed, “They told her she had to do it or she was cut off from all of them financially. It is tough love.”
But now, sources close to Richards seem hopeful.

Kim’s troubles began shortly after the RHOBH season 7 reunion aired, she was arrested at the Beverly Hills Polo Lounge for a drunken rampage. Next stop, Dr. Phil. Three days later, the former reality star enters a Malibu substance abuse program, but doesn’t stay. She then went to her daughter’s second wedding in Los Cabos, causes a scene, fires sober coach, runs off with no contact to family or friends. A week later, Richards surfaces and returns to rehab, and eventually completing 30 days.

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Then on August 2, the recovering addict was arrested for shoplifting from a Target store, Van Nuys police said. The former RHOBH star was stopped by security and placed under citizen’s arrest until the police arrived. Richards was arrested and then booked at the Valley Jail in Van Nuys, California. She was later released on $5,000 bail on Monday afternoon. According to the police report, a Van Nuys Target security guard caught the former ‘Real Housewife’ stealing numerous items exceeding the value of $600.


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