Carole Radziwill Discusses Her Feelings About The #RHONY Reunion and Luann: “It’s Like Trying to Reason With a Toddler”

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How about that first reunion show?! On this week’s Bravo blog, Carole Radziwill talks about her thoughts going into filming the reunion show and how she’s no Einstein.

“Each year, I honestly say to myself…it will be different this time. Fine, I’m no Einstein. Why is it that I always seem to be on the couch opposite the wall of nonsensical sound? There is mumbling and deflecting and unnecessary screaming. There are non-sequiturs and lots of obfuscation and projection. A cacophony of deafening clamor.”

Hey y’all, did you know Carole is a writer? She uses big words like obfuscation and cacophony. Talk about nonsensical sound! Next, Carole dishes on Sonja and her comments about John-John.

“I believe that Sonja is a good person who honestly doesn’t mean to offend anyone. But sometimes she can’t see the forest through the trees. Yes, she may have known John, yes she may have even attended a party he was at. My point was that in the four years I’ve known Sonja not once, on or off camera, have we ever had a thoughtful or sensitive conversation about anyone in my late husband’s family, including John.”

Carole thinks there should be a protocol for people who have passed away. Call it girl code for the dead.

“Isn’t there an expectation that people who are not around to defend themselves are not fodder for drunken cocktail party gossip? Am I crazy, or is it simply insensitive? I hoped she (Sonja) would have recognized that and said, “I understand, and I’m sorry I said that.” Sadly, I’m not sure that happened here.”

Most viewers will agree with Carole on this one. John Kennedy was as close to American royalty (besides Princess Carole and Countess Luann) that we had and no one likes his name sullied. Carole then discusses the confrontation with Luann. Let’s just say, she be pissed.

“It is difficult to have an intelligent conversation with her, because she has no ability to self-reflect, and much of what I said seemed to go over her head.” Carole revealed, “The crazy thing is Luann doesn’t even deny it as she continues to say how inappropriate I am. And let’s not forget Jacques who she did have a relationship with and who was 10 years younger than her. Or her sleeping with Sonja’s ex-bf, Harry. She even wanted to be fixed up with a friend of Heather’s, a man who had also once dated her niece.”

Wow, the apple doesn’t fall far from the Countess tree. And what about that comment about not having children? Here’s what Carole said.

“I expected at least an apology about her maniacal comment about me not having any children. Good thing I didn’t hold my breath waiting, because I’d be dead. At a certain point it’s like trying to reason with a toddler.”

So why does Carole think Luann made such a big deal out of her dating Adam. The answer may surprise you.

“Of course, I’d be sorry if it caused her any grief, but I don’t think it did. It was a move by her (Luann) to get attention and be more relevant.”

What, if anything, has Carole learned from this experience?

“The thing I’ve learned is life moves on, and you have to move with it. So what is there left to say, except I wish everyone their own happiness. Especially Luann.”


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