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Meghan Edmonds Blames the Deceased LeAnn Edmonds’ for Bad Parenting of Stepdaughter Hayley Edmonds!

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Real Housewives of Orange County star, Meghan Edmonds, kept the hits coming Monday night, publicly dissing the parenting that molded her stepdaughter, Hayley, into the delightfully problematic, part-time reprobate that she is today.  In a scene shot with her husband Jim Edmonds, Meghan hits low, commenting that seventeen years of Edmond parenting have resulted in an epic fail. Meghan admits to her part-time, constantly distant hubby that she actually agrees with Vicki Gunvalson’s assessment of the bleak predicament, commenting,

“I agree with you on all these things Vicki, she should have responsibility, and work for things, and have consequences.  But I can’t correct all of the parenting mistakes that were made in the last seventeen years.”

Meghan Edmonds continues, referring to Jim as lax parent. However, when Meghan Edmonds criticizes how Hayley had been raised, Jimmy slightly shakes his head, not appearing the least bit offended. Was this a slam on Hayley’s mother,  the recently deceased, LeAnn Edmonds?  This is an assumption, but not a stretch, considering the nuances of the conversation between the couple.

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Jim Edmonds goes on to comment that Hayley has little drive, and that Meghan’s efforts to push the teen to achieve, are likely futile. Jim Edmonds seemed more passionately involved with his burger, than with challenging his unmotivated daughter to succeed. Jim Edmonds is a superstar athlete, but strangely his pursuit of excellence appears isolated to the baseball field. 

Meghan Edmonds wants her mission to be to “correct” a a lifetime of misdirection for Hayley, so what is a four month old stepmother to do in the face of such a challenge? Not much, according to Jim, who implies that any effort will probably fail anyway. So WHY is Meghan in the OC again? The saga of an ignored wife, and a mouthy, floundering stepmom continues. 

Stay tuned, as the California cluelessness, rolls on.


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