#BigBrother17 Spoiler Blog — Vanessa Fails Playing Big Brother Poker

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On Thursday we left off without an HOH. It was a Double Eviction. Shelli and Jackie are the first members of the jury.

After the show, Becky, the Goblins (Meg and James,) and Becky are scrambling after Jackie was evicted. Meg is VERY upset with Steve. She’s crying. She doesn’t understand his logic behind evicting Jackie. They think he was influenced. Johnny Mac apologizes for not using the veto. They make nice, and decide they need to stick together or they’ll be picked off one by one. James wonders if it was a mistake evicting Shelli.

The other side of the house is doing a little celebration. Liz and Vanessa mock Meg’s crying. Vanessa confirms Austin would target Becky if he wins HOH.

Liz wins HOH, and with HOH comes dirt. Unfortunately it was about Vanessa. One of her key allies. Becky fills them in on Vanessa’s real HOH plans. She planned for James to throw it, so she could backdoor Austin. The Aus-twins (Austin, Liz, and Julia) are blown away by this information. They have to rethink their strategy. They don’t want to put her up, but they may want to keep Becky around to get rid of Vanessa for them.

Steve is all over the house. He’s in “The Scamper Squad” with The Aus-twins and Vanessa, but he’s also very close to Johnny Mac. He also has a connection with Vanessa. Of course Liz told him he’s 100% safe this week. (Due to his fake break down after the double eviction) The Aus-Twins have to break it to Steve. Vanessa’s been lying and manipulating him. This makes him trust The Aus-twins more, and he promises not to tell Vanessa her allies know she’s been playing dirty.

Johnny Mac is another one all over the house. Before HOH, he was with Becky and The Goblins. After HOH he was all over The Aus-Twins. Of course The Aus-Twins told him he was a pawn this week, and he promised to throw the veto to them. He trusts them to keep noms the same, and evict Becky. Johnny Mac also has a close connection with Becky. He’s doing everything in his power to save both of them. His main loyalty right now is to The Aus-Twins.

Becky throws Vanessa under the bus (Vanessa’s HOH plan) in hopes she’s not the target. This isn’t the case. Vanessa works Liz into telling her Becky is her target. It’s agreed Becky wouldn’t go after them if they kept her. It’s just too risky for the twins. Keeping Johnny Mac in the game is more logical for them. Becky is sure she’s the target. The Aus-Twins try to make her believe she’s a pawn, but she’s not buying it. She tells Steve more than once she’s going home.

After finding out about Vanessa’s manipulative ways, The Aus-Twins are done with her. They don’t trust her at all, and start scheming. (They also want to know who outed the 8 person alliance.)  Maybe they can keep Becky because she will go after Vanessa for sure. Johnny Mac tells them he’s been after Vanessa for weeks. The target briefly was Johnny Mac, but the twins think Becky is better for their game. They get a little cocky about being in a good spot. Vanessa convinces the Aus-Twins they need they need to make an alliance with Meg, and James. Meg and James also wanted to align with them.

The Goblins are down another ally. Meg is upset, but they need to keep on going. Meg thinks aligning with The Aus-Twins is a great idea. Since The Aus-Twins and The Goblins want to work together ( and with advice from Vanessa) they combine and form “Brass Tacks” (Don’t know where that name came from) Austin still wants to ask James about throwing the BOB when Vanessa was HOH, but they decide to hold off.

After Becky and Johnny Mac were nominated the target switched back and forth. Austin made sure both nominees felt secure, and told them they’re just pawns. Johnny Mac totally trusted them. Becky not so much. The Aus-Twins in the end decided Becky was the better target. Austin continued to reassure both nominees right before Veto. After the Veto comp (that Johnny Mac threw) Becky was pissed according to Liz. They think she might be pissed enough to dish some dirt on Johnny Mac.

Johnny Mac vs. Vanessa. This all started weeks ago. According to Johnny Mac Vanessa was responsible for the 8 person alliance. Vanessa denies, denies, denies even though Johnny Mac is totally onto her. Vanessa tries to lay the blame on Becky. Steve and Johnny Mac just agree with her. Johnny Mac knows she’s lying. Then Johnny Mac told Clay Vanessa was in Shelli’s ear, and everything blew up. So Vanessa tries to talk to Johnny Mac about that situation, and asks if he holds any animosity toward her. Johnny Mac says he felt bullied, and he didn’t like Vanessa screaming and crying at everyone. Vanessa takes this personal. Johnny Mac is onto Vanessa’s scheming ways. Vanessa tried to make a deal with him, and she tried to make a deal with Meg during the double eviction. Johnny Mac tries to drop the subject calling it irrelevant, but Vanessa wants to continue. She tells him it’s not cool to blame things on her when they aren’t true. She storms out.

Vanessa runs upto the HOH room after her conversation with Johnny Mac, and tells them she’s physically afraid of him. She says he holds residual anger toward her, and he’s irrational. Steve asks why Johnny Mac is so mad at her. She says she has no idea. It has nothing to do with nominations. She says if Johnny Mac keeps acting crazy, he has to go.

Johnny Mac joins The Aus-Twins in the HOH room after the Vanessa blow up. Austin says Vanessa has been doing a lot of crazy things lately. Johnny Mac tells them it was Vanessa who outed the 8 person alliance. Johnny Mac explains the whole blow up before Clay’s eviction. Johnny Mac says he’s been after Vanessa for awhile. Liz tells him they aren’t willing to take out Vanessa. Johnny Mac says he would nominate The Goblins and backdoor Vanessa. They also tell Johnny Mac Vanessa says he was physically threatening during their earlier blow up. He’s shocked. The Aus-Twins say they like Johnny Mac and want to keep him around awhile.

There was lots of talk before Veto players were announced. Who would they pick if they got hgs choice? Johnny Mac says he would pick Steve because he knows Steve would save him. Steve goes to Liz and asks if this is ok. Liz says no! She wants nominations to stay the same. Liz is scared she’ll have to put up a replacement nominee. Austin and Liz discuss possible pawns. Scheming about pawns, and targets, and Johnny Mac throwing the Veto all together. (Even though he’s on the block) Becky is scared Johnny Mac will win the Veto. Austin is concerned about Steve getting picked. It may get messy. Veto players are: Liz, Johnny Mac, Becky, Austin, Steve, and Meg. Austin thinks this is a great draw. He doesn’t think anyone except the nominees will use the Veto. Liz was upset Steve was picked as a player. Johnny Mac tells Meg he’s throwing the Veto. Liz confirms with Vanessa, noms stay the same.

Vanessa is being hunted by almost everyone in the house. The Goblins, Johnny Mac, even the twins. The Aus-Twins think Vanessa staying in the game is great because she’s such a big target. Vanessa’s allies are even done with her. They’re scheming to backdoor her next week if she doesn’t win HOH. Austin and Meg thinks she’ll throw it because she has too many deals. Meg and James want to make a side deal with Vanessa because the chances she’ll throw it are higher when she has all kinds of deals going on. Liz and Austin filled Steve in on Vanessa’s manipulation, but warned Steve not to tell Vanessa they know about all her deals, and all the stuff that happened during her HOH.

Veto is played. Liz wins the Veto. Austin calls her a little Janelle. (TOO cocky guys) It was Otev. After the feeds come back of course Vanessa continues her campaign to target Becky. She tells Liz Becky is more of a threat to her game. (The Aus-Twins are done doing Vanessa’s dirty work) Vanessa says all kinds of crap about Becky doing stuff during the comp. Vanessa tells The Aus-Twins Becky was trying to get the twins nominated during James HOH. Liz agrees Becky is a bigger threat to her game. Vanessa goes on an Anti-Becky rant. Things she’s said and done this past month. Austin says he wants Becky to leave on a good note in case she comes back. Austin wants to make Becky comfortable because she might have dirt to tell. They start discussing the comp. Vanessa can’t believe Johnny Mac went out first. Austin tells her Johnny Mac threw the comp because he’s working with them. After Vanessa leave, Liz and Austin see right through Vanessa’s antics. She’s scared she’s a backdoor target. Liz says Vanessa might target Austin next week, but it’s blown off because they don’t think she would. Vanessa will stick with The Scamper Squad. Austin wants to tell Vanessa noms will stay the same so she’ll relax.

Steve bless his little heart is trying to build a bridge between Vanessa and Johnny Mac. Vanessa finds Steve in the have not room sleeping on the floor. After some small talk about the Veto, Vanessa asks if he’s spoken to Johnny Mac. Steve says he sympathizes with him. Vanessa says holding onto Clay and Shelli thing is so fu**ing old. Vanessa says they need to stick with The Scamper Squad. Steve gets annoyed with Vanessa. He says she’s playing games. Vanessa said she’s not. Vanessa asks about targets, but Steve says he doesn’t have one. Vanessa tells him noms will stay the same. Steve says ok and leaves. Steve says to the camera he’s highly skeptical of Vanessa, but as long as he plays the dumb minion they’ll keep him around.

Liz, Steve, Julia, and Austin start counting votes. They think Meg and James will vote to keep Becky. Austin says they might come over to the house majority. Julia comes in and says Johnny Mac and Becky are scheming in the comic book room. Steve says that’s expected because they’re on the block together. They talk about Becky stealing “Clay” during the Otev comp. Liz says for the millionth time her target is Becky. They wonder about Johnny Mac’s noms. They think he’ll put up a goblin with Vanessa. They talk about how ridiculous Vanessa was when she said Johnny Mac would physically hurt her. Steve tells them the real definition of the backdoor.

Steve does try to talk Johnny Mac out of his post Clelli funk. Steve tries to pump him up to win the next HOH. He tells Johnny Mac to stop sleeping so much and join the house. Johnny Mac is bummed about the plan to get Vanessa out backfiring. He has a few conversations like that.

Late night Chat with the HOH Crew. Meg says Becky is taking all of this pretty well. She asks who’s the target this week. Austin says he thinks Becky is a better target. Johnny Mac is willing to work with them. Becky won money already, and she’s going to jury. Austin tells Meg Johnny Mac threw the Veto. This is their chance to take Becky out. Liz is more insecure with Becky in the house Meg says she’s down with that. She has no opinion either way. Austin says he thinks Johnny Mac can be steered in a direction. Meg says they need to get Steve out. Austin shoots that idea down. Meg says he scares her. Austin says he’s good till final 4 or 5. He’s smart as f**k. Meg says Vanessa is a little less dangerous now that everyone is onto her. She lost the power to manipulate.

More late night scheming to take Vanessa out. Meg thinks she feels comfortable so she’ll throw the next HOH. Austin says he thinks Johnny Mac threw the POV to show a sign of faith that he would target Vanessa next week. (They all want Johnny Mac to win HOH and take out Vanessa) Austin tells them he told Steve Vanessa is throwing him under the bus left and right so don’t believe anything she tells you. Now he’s pissed. Austin says they’re all onto her. Meg says Vanessa has to go so only one of them (Shelli or Vanessa) will come back into the house. If Shelli comes back while Vanessa’s here it would be bad. Austin says next week put up Steve and Johnny Mac then backdoor Vanessa. They have to make Vanessa feel safe so she doesn’t win HOH. Meg says she didn’t vote for me last week. James asks if he should take any deals Vanessa offers. Austin says yes so they can use it against her. Show all the deals she’s made. Liz is afraid Becky is mad at her. Austin tries to reassure her by saying it’s a house vote that’s sending her home. Liz asks Meg about voting.

Austin cuddles with Liz and tells her Brenchel didn’t make it this far. We’re killing it. Liz is worried Vanessa will blow up their game. They talk about how awkward Vanessa has been lately.

James and Steve hang out in the backyard. James is certain Steve is safe. Liz doesn’t want anymore blood on her hands. Steve says he messaged Christine. (BB16) He thought she got more hate than she deserved. Christine said thank you, but she wanted to be careful because Steve was trying to get onto the show.

There was a brief 5am Steve show. Steve was outside talking to himself. He said people are so mad at Vanessa. He’s pretty sure he could beat Johnny Mac, and Vanessa. He needs to work on his relationship with Meg. He talks about ways he can bond with Meg because he’s sure she’s sticking around awhile.

The next day Vanessa still pushes for Becky to go. She won money already. Julia thinks Meg doesn’t like Becky. Vanessa calls her a high school cliché. Liz says she’s not changing the noms. They talk about a jury member returning. The different possibilities. Becky comes in and they discuss BB16 being the worst season ever. 

James and Austin joke in the shower. James did play a joke on Julia. He hid candy in her bed. She got him back by writing “We Hate you” on his bed. Different random stuff. They made up a game called pot ball. Throw the foil ball into the different pots. The bonus round is called “The Glory Hole.” (They had a nice conversation about that.) The weekend wasn’t full of only game.

Julia gets mad because Austin gave Liz a hickey. She says “Is he in mother fu**ing highschool?” Julia gives Liz a stern lecture about having a hickey on national television. Liz admits to her sister she likes Austin. She thinks he’s a great guy. Julia says a great guy won’t potray you as a slut. Julia calls Austin over. Austin says it was an accident. Julia says he has no respect for her. Julia says no more! We’re on national TV. Julia says no more marking your territory. They agree no more hickies.

Sunday afternoon is full of pool, and photobooth fun. Everyone takes turns riding the blow up shark in the pool.

Liz and Austin talk about Becky. She thinks she’s a pawn when she’s the target. Austin wants the whole house to vote her out in case she comes back. Austin says keeping Steve is critical because he comes with Johnny Mac. Liz thinks the game has gotten to Vanessa. They worry about Steve spilling the beans to Meg and James. They think Vanessa is the only one who can’t let go and have fun. They agree Meg and James have become their favorite people. They’re so funny.

The Aus-Twins talk more crap about Vanessa. Julia calls her the most annoying bitch ever. They worry about keeping her in the game because she might try and take out Austin. They want to all talk to Vanessa and calm down her paranoia. Liz says she’s avoiding her. They thinks she’s been acting weird. (Downstairs Vanessa is crying in the hammock with Steve. She says she’s just sad and lonely) They think Vanessa has lost her marbles. Julia goes down to break up Steve and Vanessa.

Julia talks to Vanessa in the hammock. Vanessa says Austin never talks to her anymore and she’s lonely as sh*t. She says she hasn’t been sleeping well. Steve and Austin come over to comfort the crying looney tune. She says she wants to be able to create and she feels like she’s alone. She misses her girlfriend and her mother. They all invite her to hang out with them. Vanessa thinks she’s the odd man out. Austin says let’s have a fun conversation. This is our safest week ever. Vanessa wants to make sure they don’t think she started the 8 person alliance. Becky made it up.

Austin goes back up to HOH and tells The Twins she misses her girlfriend, and she’s lonely. Austin says he’s telling her anything she wants to hear. Liz is scared if she wins HOH. Julia thinks Vanessa going after Austin would be the stupidest move in Big Brother history. They talk about Vanessa really having nobody in this game. They think she’s just off her rocker at this point. They all have people at home they miss.

Steve and Johnny Mac hang out in the backyard. They talk about random stuff at home. Steve says the twins will take eachother to the F2. He wonders what Austin’s plan is. They know he’ll go to F3 with them. Johnny Mac asks about Austin having a F2 with Vanessa. Steve says he’s positive they don’t.

Liz starts stressing about the POV ceremony. Liz and Austin break down exactly what she’s going to say. (This is after they had a little play fight during a hammock date)

Austin assures Johnny Mac he has the votes and he’s 100% staying. Austin hopes next week they’re on the same page. Johnny Mac says oh yea you know what page I’m on. It’s not changing because the tears are falling. (He’s talking about Vanessa) Austin says he’s willing to throw it to Johnny Mac as long as he puts up 2 pawns and backdoors Vanessa. More talk about Vanessa. They talk about Vanessa already freaking out. They need her to feel secure so she doesn’t win HOH. They talk about pawns and backdoor plan. Austin says the problem is Vanessa is already freaking out. Johnny Mac says she’s freaking out because I caught her in a lie. Austin says Vanessa keeps asking him about Johnny Mac’s target is and Austin keeps telling her he’s on their side. Johnny Mac says after he confronted her about the 8 person alliance, she lost it. Austin says she just mopes around. She won’t even talk to them. Johnny Mac says she’s blowing up at people for no reason. Johnny Mac asks if he should make a deal with her. Austin says yes lie to her unless you have problems lying. Johnny Mac says not to her. Austin says he needs to take her out before she takes him out. Austin says she tries to get them to do her dirty work for her. She’s done so much sh*t.

James tells Meg he thinks they have a strong team. (Brass Tacks) Meg worries about Vanessa winning HOH. James says not if she feels safe. Vanessa might think she doesn’t need to make a deal with them because they’re going up next. They want to force Vanessa into a deal. They talk about future plans. James thinks Austin and Liz have a f2 deal, but of course Liz will take her sister. James doesn’t want to put up the twins because they’ve been so loyal. Meg says someone has to take them out eventually. Not next week. James says they go with the flow. Take Becky out then hope Vanessa doesn’t win HOH. Then down the road take a shot at the twins. Meg asks about Steve and Johnny Mac. James thinks Steve should go first because he’s really smart. Meg asks what they plan on telling Becky. James says they can’t go against the house.

Becky is asking Johnny Mac what she did wrong. Becky says Johnny Mac is the one person who would vote for her, so he needs to sit next to her and look pretty. Becky comments about Vanessa losing her power now that everyone knows her game. Becky says her defeated look is her poker face. (meaning it’s all fake) Johnny Mac comments about having to win comps or he’s in danger. Total lie. Steve joins them. They start talking about random stuff.

Meg tells the HOH Crew and James how Becky is freaking out. Ever since they told her she has a chance to come back she’s sure she’s going. Liz says Becky knows she’s not using the veto. Meg says she knows Vanessa is voting against her then Julia and Austin do. Liz says she doesn’t know what else to say.

After Steve leaves The Aus-Twins and Meg talk. Austin says he’s more worried about Vanessa moping around the house. She’s acting like Audrey. Austin wonders if they should bring her up and make her feel comfortable for next week. Meg says it would be perfect if Johnny Mac did it. Austin says he kind of wants to do it. He wants to take her out this week, but they don’t have a reason. Austin says it’s going to be a landslide. (Voting out Becky) Meg says if Vanessa throws a pity vote to Becky, she’s going to blame her. Austin says Vanessa has to keep winning veto. She’s the scariest hg. Austin says Johnny Mac will be going after Austin, so they didn’t need to keep Becky. If Becky comes back, she has to go out the next week. After Meg leaves Austin wonders if keeping Becky in the game to go after Vanessa is smart. He’s scared of Vanessa. Liz says  Becky is threatened by him because he has a great social game. Austin says up against anyone he would stay.

After waking up, Liz practices her speech with Julia. She says she’s going to say it’s purely strategic. You both are great competitors. I firmly believe one of you will be back from jury so I’ve decided not to use the veto. (This isn’t a quote. It’s a summary. To get exact words flashback to Mon around 11:10am) Julia says later they can pull Becky up to HOH and get the truth out of her. Liz continues to practice. Veto ceremony starts at 11:20am.

Feeds come back at 11:55. Austin says Becky accidentally said in her speech she’s coming after Liz if she doesn’t save her. Liz says she’s not scared of Becky. A short time later Julia and Vanessa join them. They continue to complain about Becky’s speech. Julia called it ridiculous. Her speech doesn’t make you want to save her. Vanessa says her best shot was a threat.

Outside Becky and Johnny are hanging out. Becky asks if her speech was good. Becky says she’s not scared of Austin. He’s the head of the snake. She tried to get them to target Vanessa. Johnny Mac says if he won HOH he would’ve gotten it done. He would’ve nominated Julia and Meg then backdoored Vanessa. Becky goes inside. Meg and Vanessa join Johnny Mac outside. Vanessa apologizes Johnny Mac is still on the block. She asks how Johnny Mac makes his speeches epic.

Later, Becky regrets her speech. She says it probably wasn’t a good idea. Meg says she had lots of good points but I don’t know if it helped you. Becky says she has no beef with them. She would still target Vanessa and vice versa.

So, as of right now Becky is going home. A lot can change over a few days. Unless Becky really schemes she’s the next hg off to the jury. Don’t forget my recaps Sundays, Weds, and live eviction Thursdays!


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