VIDEO: Caroline Manzo Talks Reconciliation With Dina Manzo on Manzo’d With Children

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The Bravo reality series, Manzo’d with Children makes their season 2 premier tonight and it’s a season of change for this Garden State clan.

Lauren and Vito prepare to tie the knot and Chris and Albie seek to develop separate identities. Also discussed in tonight’s season kick off is the feud between sisters Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo. The sisters family drama has played out publicly for years while the real reason behind the rift remained fuzzy. Fortunately, the sisters have made peace and reunited.

While discussing Lauren Manzo‘s bridal shower, Caroline and Jacqueline Laurita, discuss the very Bravo-heavy guest list. Melissa GorgaKathy Wakile and sister Rosie Pierri will all attend, and Caroline sent an invite to…Dina. Lexie, Dina’s daughter, was part of Lauren’s bridal party after the family came together for the holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, in 2014.

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Caroline reveals what happened between the two in the exclusive clip from Manzo’d With Children below.

During season 6 of the RHONJ reunion, Dina opened up about her longstanding feud with sister Caroline, brother Chris Laurita and sister-in-law Jacqueline Laurita. “I’m not going to lie…I would never do a show with family again,” she confessed.

Dina did, however, say she would consider doing a cooking show with Caroline. She even hinted that she would like to reconcile with the Manzo’d with Children matriarch.

“I love my brother,” she said. “I love my sister.” But as far as Jacqueline is concerned, she said, “There are certain people, I cannot have exchanges with…it’s healthier to love from a distance…I don’t want a relationship with Jacqueline…I don’t need the chaos.”

Host Andy Cohen also asked Dina about her nonexistent relationship with Chris and Jacqueline’s son, Nicholas Laurita, who struggles with autism. “I don’t know Nicholas at all,” the Project Ladybug founder admitted. “There’s nothing I can do to help Nicholas, but pray for him.”

“I would love for them all to show up and everything just go away,” she said of her siblings. “I tried to squash it a million times in the press, say everything was fine, hoping that they would go along with it and then just like see each other and everything goes back to normal. But it somehow doesn’t go away.”

Dina also revealed that she was not invited to the engagement party for Caroline’s daughter, Lauren Manzo. “Do you know how hurtful that was? I didn’t know it was like that,” she said of the family feud.

Manzo’d With Children premieres tonight (Sunday, August 16) at 10:30 pm ET on Bravo.


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