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Andy Cohen on Teresa Giudice: “She Has Definitely Not Lost Her Sense of Humor”

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“Real Housewives” creator and host of “WWHL,” is sharing more of his thoughts about Teresa Giudice’s spirits while she’s behind bars, completing her 15-month fraud sentence.

“She seems like she is okay,” Andy told Entertainment Weekly. “She definitely has not lost her sense of humor which I really admire. She’s really funny in her emails.”

Picture this. In between her housewives stints, Teresa goes on the road with a stand-up comedy tour about her time in the clink. Maybe tour with Kathy Griffin. I’m sure they’d get along famously. (Roll eyes here.) Until then, is it possible Andy could pay Teresa a visit?

“I would be happy to go see her,” he revealed when asked if he’d pay a visit to Danbury. Andy explained the process. “There’s a special prison system. She has to request you,” he said. “You get a request saying, ‘There is a prisoner requesting that you join up to this system.’ Then you have to fill out all this stuff, your social security, all this information. Then you get approved by the system and then once you’re approved you have to log on and then you can email this person.”

Tell us what you think. Not sure it’s allowed (though Dr. Phil pulls them off) but do you think an in-prison interview between Andy and Teresa is in the works?


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