EXCLUSIVE: Corruption ROCKS Teresa Giudice’s Lawsuit Against Former Bankruptcy Attorney, James Kridel — Possible Criminal Charges Pending

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James Kridel and Teresa Giudice_RHONJ

The plot thickens in the revived lawsuit instigated by the jailed Real Housewives of New Jersey star, Teresa Giudice, against her former attorney, James Kridel Jr. The lawsuit alleges legal malpractice was committed by the Clifton bankruptcy attorney, during his handling of Giudices’s 2009 bankruptcy filing.  Giudcie blames his alleged mistakes for  her current stint in the slammer.

A ROCK solid source has come forward and spilled the tea, claiming that the behind the scenes process has been far from above board, falling perfectly in line with how the Giudice criminal couple does business.

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The insider reports that the serving process was handled corruptly, with the process server allegedly breaking the law to get the job done. The source goes on to say that an “office break in” occurred, and while the details are unclear,  ethics were reportedly breached, and according to our source, criminal conduct is believed to be in the mix. How poetically appropriate for a Giudice connected hire to gravitate and plunk into another SHADY incident. 

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Evidently, novice miscreants are attracted to the Giudice themed help -wanteds….because according to the insider, a “criminal charge” is being considered to nail the rogue server to the wall.

Stay tuned…because the slippery hits keep coming for Teresa Giudice, even from behind bars.    


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