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Kristen Taekman Reacts to Sonja Morgan’s Accusation: “I Have Never Been So Mad in My Life”

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Kristen Taekman, star of “The Real Housewives of New York,” is still reeling from the fallout of Ramona’s party. She took to her Bravo blog to unleash a floodgate of furious emotions. Kristen dishes on Ramona Singer’s “new beginnings” and clarifies her side of the argument with Sonja Morgan. She wrote,

“Sonja and Ramona recapping Sonja’s show was funny. I love how Ramona thinks that Bethenny is trying to pick a fight with her. Ramona, wake up! You told someone that Bethenny cheated on her first husband. HELLO. That is not something for someone to just sweep under the carpet! No, absolutely not.”

Kristen struggles with the new improved Ramona and is doubtful of her change,

“Ramona has been saying that she has changed and she is a work in progress for years, but really, how has Ramona changed? It’s the same old, same old with a quick apology after again and again. It’s been all about Ramona all the time for as long as she can remember. All I can say is good luck finding another man who will deal with that!”

Kristen sheds light on the toaster oven comment she made to the NY Post, squarely placing blame on the press.

“The last question was, ‘Do you think that Sonja will ever come out with her toaster oven?’ My comment “in quotes” was that I wish she would come out with that darn toaster oven since I use mine everyday and love toaster ovens! Since when is Sonja Morgan’s toaster oven such a huge taboo subject? Did I miss something? Send out a press release if you’re that sensitive about the topic. But wait, hmmm, Sonja talked about this toaster oven in seasons past.”

The nail polish big kahuna did not take the encounter lightly. She continues that the “horrible” accusation, left her “furious.” So much so, when she exited the event, she did not say goodbye.

“But now she has a clothing line and we aren’t suppose to comment on the toaster over? Is toaster oven Housewives code for something else? What is happening, and why is no one filling me in?! Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on! I don’t think I have ever been so mad in my life as I was at Ramona’s party, and I really mean that. There is nothing worse then being accused of something horrible. I left that night and didn’t say goodbye; I was furious and still am.”

Kristen closes her blog with a dig at Bethenny,

“I love how Bethenny is so quick to give her two cents but refuses to say anything to me when I ask her face to face. Why so dismissive of me again and again? Whatever, see you on the reunion couch.”


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