Caitlyn Jenner Wears Revealing Bathing Suit in ‘I Am Cait’

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Caitlyn Jenner continues to reveal her personal transformation journey on the E! reality series, I Am Cait, and as ratings continue to tank, the reported horror grows, among network execs and Jenner alike.  Will the latest, and most literally revealing episode, help or hurt the overexposed former Olympian, who is said to be crushed by the evident flop of the much hyped docuseries?

On the latest episode Jenner faces some body insecurities by wearing a woman’s bathing suit for the first time in front of a group, and ultimately, in front of America. 

“Putting on that bathing suit represents a lot to me,” Jenner comments. “Kind of scary, because, you know, you’re really exposing yourself. I’m about as nervous as can possibly be right now.” Jenner nervously adds,  “I can’t go to the beach or to a pool unless I wear one of these things anymore!”

Jenner chose a white, one shoulder one piece, over a black bikini, siting that Kim Kardashian’s style isn’t exactly in his wheelhouse. YIKES!


There was a prominent elephant in the room during this scene. When “Caitlyn” made the harrowing decision to sport a swimsuit in front of America, the deliberate choice was also made to draw the eyes of the viewer  to his obviously undisturbed male genitalia.  This bodysuit shot is quite a shift from his much touted Vanity Fair cover, where his private parts were deliberately minimized, via a careful pose, and likely utilized photo wizardry. 

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 5.13.32 PM

So what gives, with the deliberate junk display?  There has been no chatter detailing any plan for sex change surgery, for months now. Is this Jenner’s way of breaking it to America that he wants to stay jacked up on hormones, dress as a woman, but keep his man parts in tact?  While Jenner has occasionally alluded to his desire to be all woman, he has remained vague about any intention to go under the knife.  Has Jenner and the E! network just answered the million dollar question?


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