Vicki Gunvalson Dishes on #RHOC Drama and More: “Meghan Needs to Respect Her Elders”

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Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Vicki Gunvalson, star of The Real Housewives of Orange County, chatted it up in the clubhouse with host Andy Cohan, and did not back down on her critical remarks about Meghan Edmonds. 

When the first caller asked Vicki why she was so angry at Meghan for loving her step kids and wishing (even crying) that they were hers, Vicki set the record straight. “First of all, I wasn’t angry that she loves her family,” explained Vicki. Watch the rest below.

Coming out of her vagina? Thank you Bravo producers for editing that out. Also on the show alongside Vicki was, Jeff Lewis, star of Flipping Out. He put the matter into perspective with only two words, “There’s boundaries.”

Andy, the official pot-stirrer, said that fans feel Vicki is being hypocritical of Meghan and Jim’s marriage, yet doesn’t want others judging the relationship she has with Brooks. Vicki said,

“I wish their marriage well. I want everybody happy. At the end of the day, I want everyone loved and I want everyone happy. I am sorry if I offended any step parents. I just know the love that I have for my children.” 

On the subject of Vicki’s opinion that Meghan needs to get a job and stop spending her husband’s money, she explained why those opinions don’t extend to Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador, who do not work outside the home either. 

Shannon and Heather have been married more than 10 or 15 years,” Vicki explained. “Meghan had a career. She is 30 and quit her career when she married Jim. I just found that a little interesting.”

Toward the end of the show, Vicki dropped an interesting bombshell about the future of her  with Shannon by saying,

“I liked Shannon when she first came on.” Vicki clarified, “Shannon and I had issues towards the end of the year, which you will see, but I still love Shannon. I want the best for Shannon.” 

As for the future friendships between Vicki and Tamra, who was in the audience, Vicki said that she will be able to trust Tamra again 100%. “Friendships go through really icky rough times. Through eight years of filming together, living near each other, and having grand babies together, we’re just like family.”


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