Chad Tepper Discuss E!’s “Hollywood Cycle” with All About the Tea [Exclusive Interview]

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“Hollywood Cycle” is a fierce, fitness series chronicling the highly competitive world of indoor cycling at LA’s Cycle House. “Hollywood Cycle” follows the “ride or die” lives of high profile (and totally hot) staff whose strong, driven personalities often clash both in their professional and personal lives.

Cycle House, trainee instructor Chad Tepper, spoke to All About the Tea about filming a reality show, living the “Hollywood” life, and the season finale of”Hollywood Cycle” airing tonight. Check out our interview below:

What’s your biggest challenge as a trainer at Cycle House?

Chad: The early six am classes. I like to go out and party so early classes suck.

How did you adjust to becoming a reality star and having cameras follow you everywhere?

Chad: Before I did this show I did other shows on MTV- so I adjusted easily but it does give me anxiety sometimes.

In addition to spinning, what other exercises do you specialize in?

Chad: I am a x-professional skateboarder. I also go to the gym everyday.

What celeb would you like to take your class (who hasn’t already)?

Chad: Adam Sandler and mike the situation, and of course Justin Bieber.

Can you share weight loss tips?

Chad: Don’t eat Taco Bell. Lol just try to be raw and natural and stay away from preservatives.

What can viewers expect of the season finale airing, August 11?

Chad: It’s going to be crazy, lots of loops and turns with big revelations. It’s gonna be an unforgettable ride.

Any parting words for your fans?

Chad: Tune in this Tuesday thank you for all the love and support hopefully I’ll see you for season two!

Don’t miss Chad Tepper and the crew in action TONIGHT on the season finale of “Hollywood Cycle,” at 10|9c on E! and follow along on social media at @HollywoodCycle using #HollywoodCycle.


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