Bitch Stole My Life! Did Meghan Edmonds Rip Off Her Husband’s Second Wife’s Dreams?

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Meghan Edmonds has been working hard to carve out her niche in the world of reality TV. On the episode last night, Meghan hinted that her relationship with Jim’s ex-wife Allison, was less than friendly. While she claimed that she “loves” the mothers of her step-children, she also asserts that Allison [Allison Jayne Raski] is “a very unhappy person” and a “set of experiences” defines the icy non-relationship that they share today. 

A little digging revealed a startling pattern, that may explain the mentioned experiences, as well as why Allison could be characterized as “unhappy.” Is this a case of  “BITCH STOLE MY LIFE??”

As All About the Tea reported, there was a year long period during which Meghan was dating Jim Edmonds, as well as supposedly bonding with his young children, while he remained married to Allison.  id Meghan “steal” Allison’s husband?

Allison Jayne Raski_Jim Edmonds 2nd wife_RHOCAllison and Jim on the red carpet during their marriage

jim-edmonds_RHOCMeghan and Jim Edmonds on the red carpet

Reportedly Allison Edmonds was slated to star on a previous season of Real Housewives of Orange County. The divorce changed all of that, allowing newlywed Meghan, to slip into the reality spot she enjoys today. Was the timing of the Edmonds’ wedding determined by a reality show, and did Meghan indeed “steal” Allison’s reality spotlight?


Meghan shares her passionate devotion towards her young step-children constantly. She dreams of being their mother, strangely going as far as stating on camera that she wishes that she had physically given birth to them, “in a perfect world they would have come out of me,” Meghan boldly stated. She wishes that she could make major decisions for children that are not only NOT hers, but who have their own hands-on mother. Is Meghan overstepping, and trying to “steal” an overreaching position with Allison’s kids?

Heather Dubrow is, or was, a good friend of Allison Edmonds.  Heather became friends with Meghan simply because she is the woman  who relocated  to the OC with Jim Edmonds.  Did Meghan “steal” one of Allison’s besties?

Neghan Heather and Allson_RHOC

Last but not least, while it appears that Jim Edmonds certainly has a type, when he and Meghan got together, she was a brunette. The blond, trophy wife that we all see today, is evidently the new and improved Meghan. Did Meghan even “steal” Allison’s look?

Meghan_jim-edmonds_RHOCThe old Meghan

RHOC_Meghan_and_Jim_Try_to_Go_Furniture_ShoppingThe new Meghan

Who knows how systematically Meghan slipped into her position of wife #3, but it certainly appears that more was going on than innocent, true love. I guess love isn’t all you need! 


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