Whoopsie! Teresa Giudice’s Latest Lawsuit Against Former Attorney Could Extend Her Prison Stay

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As Teresa Giudice completes her assigned chores on Cell Block D for the day, she is probably dreaming of December 23, her reported release date that is a mere two days before Christmas when the reality star will be reunited with her four daughters. But could her prison stay be extended if Teresa’s current law suit against former bankruptcy attorney, James Kridel, doesn’t go the way she wants.

We previously reported on this latest strategic legal move for the “Real Housewife of New Jersey” to sue her attorney, James Kridel, for his “negligence” and “missteps” during her bankruptcy trial, leading to her current incarceration. Kridel sees it differently and places the blame squarely on Teresa, saying, “She didn’t file taxes for 10 year. How can that possibly be my fault?”

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According to Kridel, there is also a chance that Teresa could incriminate herself further when she’s deposed. Kridel told InTouch Magazine that “it’s possible” Teresa could extend her stay behind bars and that “she may not like the line of questioning” from his attorneys. Tell us what you think. Will Teresa ever accept responsibility for her actions? Do you think Teresa’s prison sentence will be extended? Do you think it was mostly Joe’s negligence and missteps?


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