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Nathan Griffith Catches Jenelle Evans and Kieffer Delp in Bed and a Fight Breaks Out; Nathan Changes His Facebook Status

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Teen Mom2_Jenelle Evans and Nathan break up

The irresistible charm of Jenelle Evans continues, as info continues to leak  about what went down last weekend, as the Teen Mom 2 star sought to mend her dark, broken heart, following the breakup with fiancee and baby daddy, Nathan Griffith.

We exclusively reported that last Friday night, Jenelle was seen in a local bar, with her ex partner in crime, Kieffer Delp. Photos of the pair circulated all over social media, creating a stir among fans who believed that Evans had indeed left associating with her past junkie criminal life, in the past. 

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It was also revealed that the young mother had also reached out to exes Gary Head, and Courtland Rogers, to accomplish her sneaky motive of making Nathan jealous, to trigger him back into her warm, sociopathic embrace. Kieffer was the greasy winner, and according to a snitch close to the drama, landed in Jenelle’s bed that night. Surely, Nathan wouldn’t fall for such an obvious scheme…would he?

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The story isn’t over, because although Nathan confirmed via Facebook, that he is indeed with another, we can exclusively report that he did initially take the “Kieffahh” bait, playing perfectly into Jenelle’s manipulative plot.

Nathan_Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom 2

According to our snitch, early Saturday morning, Nathan lost his cool, entered the home he once shared with Evans, and jumped Kieffer. According to our source, Nathan’s motive was not chivalrous reconciliation, which was confirmed by several posted photos, with his current squeeze, Jessica Henry.

Jenelle dished on what she thought of the matchup, and alleged that Nathan was still pursuing her, and that SHE wanted nothing to do with him.

Jenelle Evans tweets_Teen Mom2

Stay tuned, as the saga continues!


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