RECAP: Married to Medicine “Is Quad Pulling Simone’s Strings?” [Episode 9]

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All About the Tea_married-to-medicine-season-3

Tonight’s episode of “Married to Medicine” was successful in proving three things about Dr. Heavenly; she’s a hypocrite, she’s judgmental, and she’s funny. I’d like to see Heavenly and Bethenny Frankel go to the club together one night and have a one-liner smack down.

We begin with Lisa Nicole and her kids in the kitchen. Son DJ makes a chocolate and jelly sandwich instead of the traditional PB&J, and daughter Amira wants to start a doll line and sell them for $20 each. Lisa wants her daughter to sell them for $100 each. Always good to see the entrepreneurial spirit of kids destroyed encouraged by their mother’s.

All About the Tea_married-to-medicine-season-3

Dr. Heavenly and Dr. Simone are on their way to pick up Heavenly’s kids from school. Heavenly shares that Daddy Damon wants her to cut back her hours and spend more time with the family. Call an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor y’all, because that advice went in one ear and came out the other. Simone shares about the LA trip with Quad and Jill. Heavenly doesn’t understand why Jill was there, everyone knows she’s Toya’s friend. Simone starts hollering that they have all jacked themselves up when it comes to Quad. Heavenly says she is against pressing charges against black women with babies to feed. When the kids hop in the car, Simone mentions her basketball event where the kids will play against the ladies. Heavenly’s son begins plotting his mother’s take down on the court.

All About the Tea_married-to-medicine-season-3

Toya also has a cute cooking scene with her two boys as they make a birthday cake for their daddy, Eugene. Toya has an ulterior motive for the party she is throwing. She plans to get her friends good and liquored-up so they will need a vitamin infusion the following morning, so she can prove her worthiness at Nomad, so she can earn the Benjamin’s.

All About the Tea_married-to-medicine-season-3

Heavenly, or “Bitch, did you not Google me” and Toya, or “Doing her thang, learning people” are meeting with the dating app designer to get this app started. All day long women are coming up to Heavenly, asking how to find a man. She found one after all. You know that guy that’s been complaining she ain’t never around? Yeah, him. So anyway, the ladies are discussing how to make their app different. Heavenly doesn’t want to show the photos of the people searching. (Enter rude buzzer noise here.) The word “Peek” is mentioned as the possible app’s name, and after the correct definition and usage are figured out, the ladies like it. Though think of the fun they could have with the word: “Peak.” Are you feeling me? In case you were wondering, the app design is going to cost $30K and doesn’t include marketing.

All About the Tea_married-to-medicine-season-3

Dr. Jackie doesn’t have kids or dogs to film a cute cooking scene, so instead she’s doing what she does, and that’s visiting with her patients. Today’s patients are a lesbian couple who have newborn. Dr. Jackie asks if they have fears about explaining to people that their baby has two mommies. They do.

Over at Heavenly’s house, she is taking candy from her baby when Daddy Damon comes into the kitchen. At first he is excited about the new app, but as time goes on and he realizes his wife is going to be super busy, Damon sends daughter Aluara upstairs to finish her homework, so not to hear her mamma hollering when he lays down the law. Damon explains to Heavenly that she is already busy with work, her mentoring, and charity. What about the family? Heavenly tells Damon that he is being unreasonable and being a submissive wife was the stupidest thing she’s ever done. Damon retreats to his music room to make music for one. Heavenly is pissed off, but then her tears flow. She says they have a problem. He says they don’t. They hug it out, but nothing is resolved.

Married to Medicine_Heavenly_Taking_on_Too_Much_

Quad shows up at Toya’s house with a birthday gift for Eugene. She won’t be coming to the party tonight. No ma’am, she won’t. Toya throws shade at Quad about not inviting her to Los Angeles and Quad explains that it was Toya’s instant belief that Lisa’s reaction was justified. Toya reminds Quad of her threat to expose Lisa. Quad recalls only a politically correct version of that threat. Bottom line for Toya: Quad’s not coming to Eugene’s birthday party. Thanks for the champagne. Buh-bye.

All About the Tea_married-to-medicine-season-3

Heavenly and Daddy arrive at the sports bar for Eugene’s party. Heavenly thinks they are in the hood and is so thankful for her husband’s presence so that she doesn’t get mugged. Guess Heavenly’s back on-board with the submissive wife thing. Jill and her plastic surgeon husband, Dr. John, arrive and have a good laugh over the Christmas tree air freshener hanging from the rearview mirror of Heavenly’s Bentley. Way to bring the ghetto to the hood, Heavenly!

married-to-medicine-season-3_Heavenly and Jill with their husbands

Jill and Dr. John, according to Heavenly, don’t go together. In fact, they probably never would have hooked up on her new, yet to be seen, dating app. The two women begin to argue over everything. It starts with Jill not working with her husband, bless her heart, but for her husband. It’s his firm, according to Heavenly, and Jill’s only playing there. Then the argument spills onto strippers and how they always become prostitutes, according to Heavenly. Dr. John sums it up nicely when he says, “In medicine, never say never and never say always.” But of course, he’s in medicine and Heavenly’s in dentistry. Big difference. Through this entire confrontation of opposing views, Daddy Damon never speaks up. Eventually Heavenly declares she doesn’t like speaking to men and Dr. John is kicked out of the circle.

All About the Tea_married-to-medicine-season-3

Finally Toya and the birthday boy, Dr. Eugene, arrive at their party. The others show up as well including Dr. Gregory without his wife, Quad, and Lisa Nicole without her husband, Darren. Don’t you know there were some words flying at their house over that one. Cecil and Eugene are so happy their wives have made up and they can once again be peas and carrots. Of course that’s when the yelling begins with the ladies.

All About the Tea_married-to-medicine-season-3

Simone announces her basketball event. Lisa volunteers to be in charge of the cheerleaders, and that’s when Simone informs Lisa, although she was once invited, she is now dis-invited. But hey, don’t take it personally. How do you not take that personally? Simone is on Team Quad so therefore Lisa is benched. The other ladies don’t like it and Heavenly is the first to say how childish this is. Didn’t they learn a dayum thing last year? Apparently not. Jackie tries to intervene, but I’m sure she’s secretly hoping the hospital will call with an emergency. Simone calls out Lisa for not owning her shit. Because did you know, it’s not an apology if that apology is followed by a but. And not the kind of butt Dr. John gives surgically. The other but.

Married to  Medicine_Simone

Hearing their wives’ ratchetness escalate, the men begin to cry in their drinks, knowing their time to celebrate is about to come to an end. Tune in next week when Toya tries to infuse her friends and Dr. Darren is accused of sleeping with men.


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