No Invite For You! Simone Tells Lisa Nicole She is Not Welcomed At Her Event

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Simone_Married to Medicine

Back from the drama of La-La land, Simone and the ladies unwind at an event. Simone uses the social gathering to announce that she’s hosting a basketball charity event. An excited Lisa Nicole jumps at the chance to volunteer herself to manage the cheerleading squad, when Simone informs her, she’s not invited. Ouch!

Lisa Nicole, feeling entitled, takes the news very personal and is highly offended. The other ladies aren’t pleased either and bark their opinions at Simone. Simone explains that Quad is invited and since Lisa and Quad can’t play nice in the sandbox together, it’s best they stay separated. I agree!

Heavenly calls out Simone’s actions as childish. Really Heavenly? Childish? Do you mean like last year when you and cool-in-the-gang the ladies excluded Mariah from your events?

Despite the women’s strong objections, Simone makes it clear that it’s HER party and SHE will do what she wants! Watch the drama unfold in an exclusive sneak peak of tonight’s episode below.

Also in this episode, Heavenly and daddy are at an impasse when he insists she’s spending too much time away from home.


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