EXCLUSIVE: Inside Jenelle Evans’ Plot to Make Nathan Griffith Jealous By Hooking Up with ALL Her Druggie Exes

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All About the Tea_Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom 2 and her ex boyfriends

Any regular viewer of MTV’s #TeenMom2 knows three things. Jenelle Evans HATES to be alone, Jenelle Evans HATES being powerless, and Jenelle Evans ALWAYS wants to call the shots.  When fiancee and baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, finally ended their toxic love affair, the blow likely triggered a frantic battle against loneliness, and a desperate grab for control. 

As we reported, Jenelle was seen in a local South Carolina watering hole Friday night, in the company of the ex-beau that was her partner-in-crime during the lowest point in her young life.  Arrests, heroin addiction, and abuse marked her relationship with Kieffer Delp, with much of the dark drama caught on camera, and blasted out to America.

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An insider close to the situation has come forward, and spilled that Kieffer was actually Jenelle’s later choice, in a scheme that was actually a bit more complex than a cheap hookup. Jenelle was interviewed on North Carolina’s, ‘Jared and Katie in the Morning show,’ on August 3, and claimed that she and Griffith were “working on things,” only to discover via a next day internet interview, that Nathan had officially dumped her, and was with another woman. 

Jenelle Evans_Teen Mom 2

According to the snitch, the heave-ho triggered Jenelle to proposition past victims boyfriends, in order to make Nathan jealous. Jenelle evidently had to settle for the dregs of boyfriends past to pull off her maneuver, after reaching out to ex, Gary Head, who passed on the tempting offer. 

Jenelle Evans text to Gary on the hunt for peen_Teen Mom 2

Jenelle’s social media was dead silent for hours on Saturday (August 8). Could the deafening crickets be an indication that getting publicly busted, hanging with a past junkie, criminal loser may not have been the best move for a mother  supposedly committed to regaining custody of a child? Whoopsie! 

Courtland Rogers was also contacted, allegedly to participate in Jenelle’s head games. On August 3, Courtland tweeted his trepidation about Jenelle’s intentions. Apparently, Jenelle was casting a wide net, hoping to drag in a warm body, to get the job done.

Courtlands tweets to jenelle Aug 2015

Courtland checked Jenelle on Saturday, clearly onto her manipulation.

Courtland Rogers tweet to Jenelle Evans Aug 2015

What would Babs have to say about this? Are Nathan and Jenelle indeed done for good, and what will the troubled drama queen’s next strategic move be? Stay tuned! 


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