Joe Giudice Caught With Another Unknown Woman While Teresa Giudice Sits in The Slammer

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Joe Giudice_RHONJ

Busted again! Looks like Juicy Joe Giudice will not learn the lesson that anytime he goes out and is spotted with another woman, it’s going to get sold to the magazines. Alleged cheating husband of imprisoned “Real Housewife of New Jersey,” Teresa Giudice, who’s currently sitting in jail, and probably asking herself, who’s watching my girls? Obviously not Joe!

RadarOnline is reporting that Joe was spotted at Daddy O Hotel Restaurant & Bar on Long Beach Island in New Jersey, the night of August 6 with a brunette. An insider spotted Joe around 8 pm.

“He was downstairs standing at the bar, with his sunglasses on. He was trying to be incognito the entire time. Like he could hide!”

As time went on, Juicy Joe apparently became more relaxed and “didn’t seem to care who was watching as he cozied up” to the woman for drinks on the rooftop bar.

“It was him and a woman next to him, and another man and woman across from them.” The insider continued, “He looked like he was having fun. My friends were like, ‘He should be home crying about Teresa or watching his daughters!’ But he did not look like he was worried about anything at all. He was having a good time.”

At home crying? Joe? Those tears will most likely come when it’s his turn to embark on his 3 ½ year sojourn into federal custody, one month after Teresa’s release.

Joe has been photographed repeatedly out and about with other women since Teresa’s January incarceration. It has been reported that Teresa will stick it out with Joe ‘till death do they part. Tell us what you think. What does Teresa say to herself when she hears these stories? Is it immediate denial or do you think Teresa’s secretly planning something big?


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