RECAP: #BigBrother17 — Medieval Times Invasion [Episode 19]

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Medieval Times has taken over the BB house. We have Punishments, and catapults, and trips to Ireland. Confused? Keep up because I’m about to explain to you what the heck is going on.

We’re on day 44 in the Big Brother house. Also known as “Clelli’s” downfall. After nominations, James says he’s a heavy hitter! He’s not afraid to do what needs to be done. Clay starts going off on James until Shelli tells him to Stop. James says he’s not afraid because he was with prisoners for 3 years. (James was a prison guard. Not an inmate.) Shelli reminds him if he continues blowing up on James, it will make him a target next week. Clay says he feared the day he goes up against Shelli. Shelli is tearful about playing without Clay by her side. She knows when they get split up, they won’t be reunited until the end of the show. One of them will make jury. Clay didn’t think James would do this to them. (They had a deal. No nominations. No backdooring for Clay and Shelli. James went back on that deal)

Shelli walks right past Vanessa as she attempts to talk to her. Like she didn’t exist. This didn’t sit well with Vanessa. Vanessa complains to Meg, James, and Jackie about Shelli not taking responsibility for last week (evicting Jason.) It’s not fair. Shelli and Clay question why they are taking the blame for last week. She thinks Vanessa is putting Austin before them. Vanessa and Shelli have a semi-decent conversation. Shelli says she’s going to try and convince James to backdoor Austin. Vanessa says if she does that, it’ll hurt her game. Vanessa can’t handle the conversation anymore. She walks away in tears. Later on, Vanessa and Shelli talk again. Shelli says she was just being emotional. She needs Vanessa. She’s not going to betray their alliance. Shelli starts crying, and Vanessa comforts her. Shelli does the “why this week?” crap. (This is the last week before jury.) Austin walks by as Shelli is having a total meltdown over being separated from Clay. He’s happy about is he knows he’s going to jury with Liz.

Vanessa walks outside crying. James, Jackie, Meg, and a few other houseguests are hanging out. She says she is taking all the responsibility for last week. Shelli and Clay are pawning the blame off on her. James says that’s why “Clelli” is on the block. James says he didn’t just do it for himself. He knows ” Clelli” will choose each other over anyone else in the house. Some of them express support for James game move. Meanwhile, Shelli runs to Clay and says Vanessa is laughing with everyone in the backyard. (Does this really matter?) Shelli decides to break this little “I hate Clelli” support group, and walks out into the backyard. All game talk stops. Shelli asks to speak to James. James asks if Clay has calmed down. Shelli says he has.

Shelli and Clay start this conversation saying how much they’ve had James‘ back, and how loyal they are. James says he’s too smart for that. He’s been up on the block by Shelli more than once. They’ve had their hands in too many cookie jars, and they got caught. Shelli of course brings up the deal they had, but James is over it. He says what’s done is done. It’s all “spilt milk” now.

Power of Veto players are picked. They are James, Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Jackie, and Becky. Not really looking good for “Clelli.” Vanessa says playing veto for her is complicated. She can not win it, and maybe become a backdoor target. She can win it, take Shelli or Clay off the block, but piss off the house. James, and Jackie both say they’re in it to win it! Later on, Becky, Jackie, and James are in the HOH. Jackie tells James this veto comp will get ugly. They wonder about Vanessa, but they think she’ll keep noms the same and not risk another ally going on the block. Becky says (in her DR) she’s in a tough spot because she’s playing both sides of the house. James says it’s good to separate “Clelli” for anyone who wants to win 500k. 

Veto Comp. Flashing back to Medieval Times! Austin of course brings up how he’s a Medieval Historian. Whatever that is. Anyways, the comp will be played in rounds. The player will use a catapult to fling their dart to a number. Whoever gets the lowest number, or doesn’t get a number at all is eliminated. The eliminated houseguest gets a crown with a prize! The next eliminated houseguest can trade with a houseguest eliminated before them, or they can keep their prize. One of the prizes is The Power of Veto. Jackie was eliminated first. She claims the 6th place prize which is The Power of Veto. Eliminated 5th is Shelli. Her prize is “The Knight and Shinning Armor.” For a week she’ll have to wear an “Armortard.” Instead of keeping that wonderful prize, she takes Jackie’s. Shelli currently has the POV. Eliminated 4th is Vanessa. Her prize is a trip to Ireland. She decided to keep her prize. Eliminated 3rd is Clay. He gets “The Knight and Shinning Armor.” For 24 hours he’s attached to Jackie (and her Armortard.) He has to polish her armor at all times. Clay says as much as he likes Jackie, he trades it in for the trip to Ireland. Becky is eliminated 2nd. Her prize is 5k. Of course she sticks with that. James is number one! He gets Regiment Guard Training. He has to complete 2400 sword regiment exercises in 24 hours. Predictably, James wasn’t down with that. He took Shelli’s prize. The Power of Veto! James does some celebrating. Meg gives defeated Shelli a hug and says she’s had someone fighting for her this entire game. She’s so jealous. (I think Meg drank some wine on the sidelines) Shelli throws another fit about being separated from Clay. Clay tells her it’s not over yet. Shelli thinks it’s torture being without Clay for 2 months.

Shelli gets called to the DR. Meg, and Clay are in the bathroom. Meg’s a little tipsy from the wine. She gives Clay big hugs. Clay asks Meg to do him a favor and vote him out. Meg refuses to do it. She gets emotional about Clay giving up. She starts crying. She says Clay needs to continue playing, and not give up. They get a little overly friendly, but it’s not horrible. As this conversation, and hugfest is going on, there’s a #BBScandal at the bottom of the screen. I personally didn’t see any “scandal.” Meg was a little drunk. Meg also tells Clay she can’t wait to get him drunk in NYC. I don’t know. There was a little debate. If Clay stays, will he eventually hook up with Meg?

It’s time for the costumes and craziness from the POV Comp to get started! Jackie puts on her armortard, and Vanessa puts on her little costume with a polishing brush. She’s attached to Jackie for 24 hours. She has to be actively polishing Jackie’s “armor.” Shelli has to start her Regiment Guard training. (2400 in 24 hours) It consists of Stabbing a punching bag, Stabbing a dart board, and doing something with a bar. Every 100 she does she has to run through the house with a bell announcing the kingdom is safe. Of course her real knight and shining armor Clay is outside the entire time keeping her company. She beasts through it, and completes 2400. Have to give her credit. She only took little breaks, and completed it. She was crowned “Knight of the BB Roundtable.” Shelli knows she still has a battle ahead. She’s going to try and convince James to use the POV.

As soon as they see James in the kitchen, “Clelli” hops up and all 3 of them head up to the HOH to chat. Shelli wants to give James some info she learned from the twins. She thinks it might save them. James says it better be good info for him to go along with this. Shelli tells James about Austin’s alter ego Judas. James looks at her crazy and asks “Are you on any narcotics…?” Shelli continues. She says “Judas” breaks his promises. He’s responsible for the vote to keep Audrey, and he also convinced Liz (when she was HOH) to put up James and Jackie. She says Austin makes promises, but Judas breaks promises and deals.

It’s time for the POV Ceremony. James asks Shelli and Clay to give him a reason to use the POV on them. Clay says whatever happens he can’t campaign against Shelli. Shelli basically says the same thing. She adds she doesn’t want to say anything bad about Clay. Clay says Shelli has a better shot at winning the 500k. (A little feeds info- For days Clay was walking around the house trying to convince everyone to vote him off over Shelli. He missed his family.) In the end, James did not use the veto.

This is the end of “Clelli.” Tune in Thursday to find out which one of them goes home. It’s also the night they crown a new HOH! With the house divided, it’s all up for grabs! Tune into the 24/7 unedited feeds to watch the houseguests lie, stab eachother in the back, and scheme.


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