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TV Ratings: Caitlyn Jenner Loses Half of Her Audience in Week 2

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It’s tough being a girl!  In spite of the weeks of media hype selling the E Network’s groundbreaking series, I Am Cait, starring Caitlyn Jenner, the project has turned out to be a ratings stink bomb. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the second episode of the show brought a 50% drop from the premiere week, pulling in only 1.3 million viewers.

A solid 3.9 million viewers tuned into the premiere episode of the docu-series, when DVR playback was factored in.  Jenner hauled in a giant $5 million paycheck for the project, and he is reportedly disappointed in the crash and burn of his aired personal journey.  I believe I can see a happy smirk on Kris Jenner’s face, from here!

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Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer hauled in a whopping 17 million viewers, and The Keeping Up With The Kardashians “About Bruce” special, garnered 4.2 million viewers, back in May.

We recently reported that a panel of trans writers described the series as forced, inauthentic, and snobbish. I would argue that a supposed honestly pursued identity shift, linked with an escape from a background spot in a panting for fame sideshow, has come full circle.  A spotlighted and showy return to all Jenner claimed he wanted to be free from, most accurately describes the former Olympian’s very public personality chase. 

Bruce may be more comfy in the skin of Caitlyn, but America doesn’t want another Kardashian-esque spectacle, and the numbers are proving it. Has Jenner’s core motive really been to swipe center stage, and did he simply jump on this reality train to sell his shifting persona to the highest bidder? How very Kardashian of him, and what an epic fail for the E Network.


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