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Sonja Morgan Dishes on Her #RHONY Frenenemy Ramona Singer “She Gets Away With Murder”

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Sonja Morgan appeared on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live last night to dish with Andy Cohen about The Real Housewives of New York, and to answer viewer questions. A viewer phoned in to ask Sonja how cast mate and bestie, Ramona Singer, gets away with her  crazy teenage antics, over and over again. 

Sonja shared her thoughts about how she stays patiently buckled into that careening ride, known as the ramonacoaster. Morgan commented,

“What does Ramona say? It’s like water off a duck’s a**?  You just have to let it roll with her. Buckle up and just … that’s just the way she is, I’ve known her for a long time, you can’t fight it.”

Sonja and Ramona have a long-term friendship, and Bravo’s rendering of ‘Lucy and Ethel’ will likely live on, as the reality hijinks continue! However, Sonja may have stepped in it, when comparing her gal pal to an aggressive canine, as she quipped,

“It’s like that Labrador that jumps up and rips the pocket of your suede jacket — what do you do?” the blonde beauty joked. “I love Ramona and she gets away with murder … you can’t be mad at her after she rips your jacket!”

How about when she steals your dresses? That’s another story! The New York franchise wraps it’s regular season next week with it’s season finale. Then it’s reunion time!


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