Caroline Manzo’s Kids Fuming Over Their Mother’s Obsession to Score Big Ratings for Her Bravo Reality Show

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Caroline Manzo and kids_RHONJ

Caroline Manzo has always been portrayed as the wise and loving matriarch on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and has kept the overprotective mothering cranking on her spinoff, Manzo’d With Children. 

The August 10th issue of Star Magazine is painting a different maternal picture with their new report which asserts that Caroline’s three children, Lauren, Christopher and Albert are privately fuming at their mother for morphing into a fame hungry beast, who will stop at nothing to haul in ratings for her reality show. 

A mole overheard Lauren ranting about her mom to friend at her Franklin Lakes, NJ, beauty bar, Cafface, shortly before her wedding. The tipster spills,

“I heard Lauren and her employees all talking about how awful Caroline has become,” reports the witness. 

The source adds that Lauren was near tears, describing how her mother was basically forcing her to film her wedding for Bravo’s Manzo’d With Children. 

“Caroline told her, ‘I don’t care if this ruins your wedding. The cameras are coming. It doesn’t matter what you want.’ Lauren looked really upset.”

Is Caroline Manzo putting her reality television career over the children she so passionately loves to smother? Sound off in the comments!


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