Boring and Predictable! Bethenny Frankel’s Relationship Book Flops

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It looks like Bethenny Frankel’s latest book, “I Suck at Relationships So You Don’t Have To,” isn’t going to hit the best-seller list like her others. Reportedly, book sales are “a mere 6,000 copies” according to Book Scan, since it’s April release. Thank goodness Bethenny’s got the Skinny Girl corporation and Real Housewives gig to hold her over, otherwise we’ll have to start worrying about the richest homeless person.

The reviews on Amazon are misleading to these lackluster numbers. Over 51%  of reviewers gave Frankel’s latest book five stars, but 11% gave the book only one star. Who to trust? Here are some samples of the reviews:

5-Star  “Bethenny writes a helluva book! Now if she could only follow her own advice, she will be happy. She is spot on with her advice. Trust your gut, if there is no chemistry, there is no chemistry. Enjoy your independence. Make him chase you. We know what feels right but we always try to convince ourselves otherwise. What good is our intuition if we don’t use it?!”

3-Star  “Very predictable. A compilation of what she learned from her therapy sessions about men and about life and relationships. Most of it is common sense and trusting your gut. Nothing earth shattering, except I liked the therapist advice. Amazing how this woman makes money off stuff that we already know. She just puts it into print in a humorous way.”

1-Star  “I find Bethenny to be a straight shooter on TV so I was disappointed to find her book full of generic stereotypes backed up by non-descript stories. Some of the stories are one liners “I had a boyfriend once” or worse “I had a friend..” Bethenny could have done a lot better, been a lot more honest and then maybe this would not have wasted my time.”

Currently, reality television star turned best-selling author, Holly Madison, is the most successful author for her memoir Down the Rabbit Hole and is ranked number four on NY Times non-fiction list. Sixteen other ‘Real Housewives’ have published books (some whom I was shocked to learn had a book) plus Andy Cohen who has two best-sellers. So far, Bethenny collectively is the most successful, but no telling what kind of deal will be inked for Teresa Giudice, imprisoned star of RHONJ, when she releases a memoir depicting her real life behind bars.


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