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Feuding From The Pokey! Teresa Giudice Allegedly Bans Melissa Gorga From Visiting Her In Prison

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It’s been nearly eight months since Teresa Giudice, imprisoned Real Housewife of New Jersey, began her stint in the clink. During this time, sister-in-law Melissa Gorga has not been permitted to visit. Guess those warm and fuzzy feelings from last season weren’t as authentic as they appeared.

InTouch Magazine is reporting that Teresa doesn’t want Melissa to “profit from her time behind bars.” The source adding that, “Teresa doesn’t want Melissa using her name for fame.”

Tre’Huggers, worry not! Brother Joe Gorga has been allowed to visit his sister and has done so. No word yet if he plans on profiting from their visits. And though Melissa hasn’t visited Teresa, Melissa has commented before that she spends a lot of time with the four girls, sharing that, “the kids are doing very well, better than we all thought.”

As reported, camera crew sightings for RHONJ have been reported in and around Franklin Lakes and Joe Giudice is currently filming his reality show depicting life without Teresa. Shortly before Christmas, Teresa will be released (barring any incidents) and soon thereafter, Joe will begin his three year-plus sentence. Time will tell if Teresa will re-enter society as a new woman, and if that change will be short term or long. Tell us what you think.


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