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#RHOC’s Meghan Edmonds Love ‘Affair’ with Husband Overlap Marriage to His 2nd Wife?

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Meghan Edmonds turned on the waterworks last night on The Real Housewives of Orange County. 

While wallowing in her devoted stepmother strife, Vicki asked why such emotional drama for a four-month long relationship, with children that aren’t hers. That is when the conversation became interesting, because Meghan convincingly explained that while the marriage is a scant four months old, she has actually been lovingly involved with Jim Edmonds’ children for two years. Excuse me? 

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Jim Edmonds married his second wife, Allison Jayne Raski, in July of 2008.  The couple have two children together, a son and a daughter. These young kids are the ones Meghan so passionately claims to long for, during their normal lives, at home with their mom Allison. The couple divorced in January of 2014. Jim and Meghan got married in October of 2014, approximately four months before the taping of RHOC, Season 10. Allison is also supposedly good friends with Heather Dubrow. A few seasons ago, it was rumored that Allison and Jim were going to be invited to join RHOC, but deal fell through. A now-deleted Facebook photo from 2011 showed Allison hanging with a group of OC ladies that included none other than Heather Dubrow.

Meghan claims to have been “in the lives” of Jim’s kids for two years, which would make their initial bonding period somewhere in the ballpark of the winter of 2013.  That is a full one year before Jim and Allison’s divorce became final. 


The obvious question asks, was this two years during a long separation within the brief six year marriage…or did Meghan slip and admit a less than above board affair, with a married man? Did Jim pull off getting married, having two children, an honorable 2+ year separation, and an induction of a passionately bonded youthful stepmom, all in the course of six years? It appears that baseball isn’t Jim Edmonds’ only talent, and his newest wife Meghan, may have just dropped the ball. 


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