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Meghan Edmonds Disrespects The REAL Mothers of Her Stepkids: “I Wish I Was Their Mom!”

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Meghan Edmonds continued to cluelessly step in piles of blathering nonsense during last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. 

The rookie cast member took on the wisdom of five mothers, scoffing in the face of parental logic that can only be experientially learned, or intentionally absorbed by a person willing to accept their own inescapable ignorance. While chatting with the other women about their children, Meghan shared that moving to California has been difficult, because she has been unable to interact with her husband’s children 50% of the time…the months that they live with their own mother. 

When encouraged to have her own child, Meghan replied,

“Why? I am drinking, and anyways, I have four.”

She follows that less than genius statement, by scoffing at the perceived  lack of understanding of the others, for never experiencing such a uniquely profound love, as one feels for a step-child.

“Tamra and Vicki don’t get what it’s like to be a step-mom….what it’s like to have this amount of love in your heart for these children that aren’t yours.”

HUH?? Tamra and Vicki don’t get it? YOU don’t get it Meghan, because two years in the picture, and four months legal is indeed, parental child’s play.  After all, at the time of filming, Meghan had only dropped the “dad’s girlfriend” title four months before. Vicki and Tamra patiently tried to bust through Meghan’s thick head, but Meghan just wasn’t having it. The superstar stepmom brought the crazy on home by tearily declaring,

“I wish I was their mom.”

While the episode aired, Meghan added insult to injury when she tweeted, “I love my stepkids so much. I might have a complicated life but I have a happy life and I wouldn’t have it any other way ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎.”

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Tamra nailed it by bluntly responding, “But you’re not.”  Vicki astutely asserted that Meghan’s attitude was disrespectful to mothers, and that she needed to find her place. We also learned last night that Heather Dubrow is currently close friends with Jim’s ex-wife, throwing in some possibly shady, gal pal double-dealing, into the mix. 

The plot thickens, as we move through the season. What do you think of Meghan’s emotionally stubborn reaction when discussing her two year old bond to her step kids…and why the lack of urgency to have her own child?


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